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Smile - its newsletter time! 199  John Finley
 Apr 26, 2010 22:46 PDT 

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John Finley's Learn English newsletter      
Tuesday 27 April 2010     2010    Issue No. 199



1.   Welcome
2.   Test
3.   Idiom
4.   Jokes
5.   Test Answers
6.   Subscribe/Unsubscribe information
7.   That's all folks

1. Welcome


Well, the warmer, sunnier weather is finally here
in Vienna and I can start wearing short-sleeved shirts

And the next issue is the 200th, so I'll maybe put a
few extra jokes (or a longer test!) in next time.

Now, on with the show



2. Test

Each of the five sentences below contains one
mistake. Try to find the mistake and then correct
the sentence. Check your answers at the end of
the newsletter. Good luck!

1. Oh no, it rains again!

2. My office is on the end of the corridor.

3. I played football when I broke my leg.

4. Mary has been to China last year.

5. Robbie Williams sings very good.

3. Idiom

#-# to run out of something #-#

Yes, it's true - I've run out of idioms!

There are thousands of English idioms but I only
put in the newsletter those which are really
used by native speakers - and there are far fewer
of those.

Many books for English learners contain lots of
very rarely used idioms, and often some which I've
never heard at all. So, I won't be using any of those.

Don't worry though, I'll get hold of some more for
you. Even better, if you know a good idiom, feel free
to send it to me ;-)


By the way, 'to run out of something' is an idiom,
as is 'to get hold of something', so this week you
actually get two idioms!

4. Jokes

A rich man was trying to find his daughter a gift
for her birthday when he saw a poor man with a
beautiful white horse.

He told the man that he would give him $500 for
the horse.

The poor man replied, "I don't know mister, it don't
look so good," and walked away.

The next day the rich man came back and offered
the poor man $1000 for the horse.

The poor man again said, "I don't know mister, it
don't look so good."

On the third day the rich man offered the poor man
$2000 for the horse, and said he wouldn't take no
for an answer. The poor man agreed, and the rich
man took the horse home.

The rich man's daughter loved her present. She
climbed onto the horse, then it galloped right into
a tree.

The rich man discovered that the horse was almost
blind and so he rushed back to the poor man's house,
and demanded his money back.

The poor man was confused and replied, "But I told you,
the horse don't look so good - but you still bought it."

#-#-# http://www.angelfire.com/on/topfen #-#-#

When it started snowing heavily at a university an
announcement came over the intercom: "Will the
students who are parked on University Drive please
move their cars so that we can begin ploughing."

Twenty minutes later there was another announcement:
"Will the six hundred students who went to move 26
cars please return to class."

#-#-# http://www.angelfire.com/on/topfen #-#-#

A husband and wife, both aged 60, are celebrating
their 35th wedding anniversary. During the celebration,
an angel appears and says that because they have been
such a loving couple all those years he will give
them one wish each.

The wife says she wants to travel around the world.

The angel clicks his fingers...WHOOSH...the woman
has a dozen airline tickets in her hand.

Next, it is the husband's turn. He pauses for a moment,
then says, "Well, I'd like to have a wife 30 years
younger than me."

The angel clicks his fingers and...WHOOSH...the man is 90!

5. Test answers

1. Oh no, it is raining again!

2. My office is at the end of the corridor.

3. I was playing football when I broke my leg.

4. Mary went to China last year.

5. Robbie Williams sings very well.

6. Subscribe/Unsubscribe details

To subscribe (for example, if a friend wants to get
the newsletter, or if you would like to get it from
a different email address), send a blank email to:
<a href ="mailto: learnenglis-@topica.com">

To unsubscribe, send a blank email to:
<a href ="mailto: learnenglish-@topica.com">

7. That's all folks!

That's all for a couple of weeks - or maybe months!


<a href="mailto:topfe-@yahoo.com">

You can read all previous issues of the newsletter at:
<A HREF="http://www.topica.com/lists/learnenglish/read">

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