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 Jan 23, 2004 19:42 PST 

Volume 7 Number 1
January 23, 2004

Hey what's up to everyone out there! I hope that everyone had a happy and
safe New Year's! I know it's been a long time since you've seen one of these
in your mailbox, my apologies. I know you've probably been wondering what
has been going on with your favorite crew as of late, well they've been
hard at work cooking up a bunch of new things for the new year! It looks
like 2004 may be a Legendary year!

I recently chopped it up with Luckyiam.PSC about what's new for 2004 so keep
on reading to find out!



We will be going on a mini tour with LA Symphony and the Procussions starting
on January 23-28. More info at www.llcrew.com/events

January 23 - Petaluma, CA

January 24 - Bend, OR

January 25 - Eugene, OR

January 26 - Portland, OR

January 27 - Seattle, WA

January 28 - Eureka, CA

January 29 - Ashland, OR


One of the new things people will be seeing is the re-design of the
website. This is going to be handled by Cory Shaw/BUILDESTROY. Access will
still manage the website; Cory Shaw is doing the visual design. It should
be real tight though - we're going to have some flash in there too so we're
moving into the 21st century! HAHA


The album is done and it will be getting mastered this week! It's slated to be
released on 4.6.04. Murs' new album; 3:16, The 9th Edition will drop first
(3.23.04) and we want to give that enough time to be out and do it's thing.
The artwork is all done and it's hilarious. As far as the album, it's
different but it's real tight. The way it's set up is that everyone has a
solo song and then there are some crew songs, there is a new 3MG song, a
new CMA song and some other combinations within the crew. We almost post-
poned it but then we were thinking that we had better put it out because we
went on tour for it like a year ago so people were getting antsy. We're going
to start performing a lot of things off of the album real soon and we're only
going to do our old songs off of request.

The album is going to be a double CD, with a bonus CD called Legends 101
which is going to be like a Legends Greatest Hit's CD, a full 80 minutes
long. We're going to sell it for less than our regular CDs so it's 2 for 1!


From February 2-22 we're all going to go over to Hawaii (Maui specifically)
to live in a house and work on a totally brand new album which will be done
with everybody living together. We chose Hawaii because it's an island and
people can't leave as easily, plus it's beautiful out there, and the times
we have been out there before we've had a really good time. I think that the
whole vibe out there might help us come up with some really, really dope
shit. It's going to be cool also because we'll be working with some
outside producers, which we haven't really done in the past. Madlib is
going to
be doing some things and some other people so it should turn out really dope.
It'll be similar to the Outhouse days because there will always be music being
made and everything ... we'll see what happens, we haven't lived together
1998 so hopefully we won't tear each others' heads off!

Also it's just going to be the eight of us, Arata is currently on hiatus in
Japan. He's out in Osaka working on some things and he's been having some
problems with his immigration right now. He's still a Living Legend, he's
just inactive right now.


We have a new operations manager now, Todd Mumford. He was the tour manager
for the My Way and The Highway Tour and the Cali-Comm Tour (G&E) and he's also
the producer known as Mum's the Word, so he's running our shit now and


Living Legends/Legendary Music will be having our own night at this year's
SXSW (South By South West)! Which will be Friday, March 19th in Austin, Texas.
It should be tight, I know that a couple of nights before our night there is
going to be a Rhymesayers night and then a Biz3 night, which is like EL-P and
Aesop Rock and whoever works with Biz3 Publicity.

Plus we'll probably be performing at the Winter Music Conference in Miami
later in the year.

And we'll also be performing at this year's Coachella Festival which is
May 1st & 2nd, but I'm not sure on which day we will be performing yet. That
should be tight - there's going to be a gang of people performing there as

Murs will also probably be on the nationwide Definitive Jux tour this coming
spring as well.


As of now, Up Above Records is going to be doing all of our singles and vinyls
for us now, so we should be having a lot more vinyl coming your way!

There'll be three new singles coming out: the first (early March) will be a
G&E single with "No More Greener Grasses" b/w a new song called "Picture
produced by J-Rocc of the World Famous Beat Junkies.

After that we will be releasing the lead single from Creative Differences,
with a crew song entitled "Damn it Feels Good" on the A side, and "Whatizit?"
with Grouch & Bicasso on side B.

A few months after that, the third single will have on the A-side a new Aesop
song and the B-side will be "Fill My Drink Up".


Be on the lookout for a whole new line of Living Legends t-Shirts coming very

Eamon Mulligan
Living Legends Crew

call 310-920-1229



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