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List Name Maddog's Dust and Bones (Maddog)
Purpose: mr toads wacky ride / if you have to ask then your not worthy / what a strange world said alice as she fell into the looking glass / there are to many words and to little space / big thoughts in a little head makes my brain hurt / I can kill bugs but I don't like it / I imagine that I'm real, really / wisp of jesters and jokers spiral in the galaxy that has become my head so i am going to install a towel holder just so i can hold on to my sanity / whale echo past nine inch nails razor sharp / boyscout turned gothic / subject to all laws and restrictions / void where prohibited by law / a work in progress but sunspots keep causing a delay in the reception / get on or get off - thats my final offer / peace chow baby

you figure it out ..
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Created: Jan 18, 2000
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