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Huron Ave Car-Ped Crash  xxx xxx
 Dec 15, 1999 08:14 PST 
It looks like massbike just got converted from a majordomo list to some
weird list run by this heinous topica.com place.

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Subject: RE: Huron Ave Car-Ped Crash
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 11:01:18 -0500
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The issue I meant to raise is whether striping a second lane on a roadway
whether a general-purpose lane or a bike lane - makes unsignalized
crosswalks more dangerous. In particular, this case makes me worry that
bike lanes big enough to tempt cars can create hazards unanticipated by
planners only worrying about bike-car interactions when they put in a bike

(note that the effect of the stripe will be most pronounced when the
is of the right width to have an ambiguous number of lanes. If it's too
wide, then people will behave as if it's 2 lanes, regardless of paint; if
it's too narrow, they will use only one lane even after you stripe it.)

Also, I'm not trying to say that the blame lies with Cambridge for
the lane, rather than with the driver who broke several laws and (I
was never cited. I'm merely trying to point out an unintended
When I was on the technical subcommittee of the Cambridge Bike Committee,
reviewing lane striping plans, I certainly never thought of this

Peter Desnoyers pj-@infolibria.com
Infolibria, Inc. (781) 392-2216

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Subject: Huron Ave Car-Ped Crash


From your description of the crash, I would say it has to do with
 behavior at unsignalized crosswalks, rather than anything to do with

However, one disadvantage of bike lanes is it makes the other lanes on
 road suddenly become "auto lanes," even among bicycle advocated such as

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