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 Jul 26, 2009 15:08 PDT 

Hi Mike & Moeranites,

I forwarded your email to Arthur Butterworth who sent a very interesting
reply below. As many of you will know, Arthur is a fine symphonist himself
and has produced a 5th and 6th in recent years.
Best wishes,
Jim Cooke

------ Forwarded Message

Yes, I took part in that Hallé performance at the Free Trade Hall,
Manchester in 1958.
Laurance Turner had retired from the orchestra some little time beforehand,
Martin Milner became leader in his place, but Turner was invited back as
soloist in the Moeran Concerto.   It had always been my regret that we never
played the Moeran Symphony in those years. I had known it since one of its
early performances in 1938. It had been the subject of a long article in
"Musical Times" in that year. Sometime later it was recorded with British
Council support, on four old-fashioned discs, which at one time I possessed,
conducted, I think, by Leslie Heward.   I also heard a performance of the
Symphony in Germany in 1945 (as far as I remember by the Hamburg Radio
Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Trevor Harvey) The British Military
Government at that time did a lot to get German activities going again, and
one of them was by playing British music with the HRSO - under Captain
Trevor Harvey, at that time an officer in a British infantry regiment and
responsible for arts and culture generally. The Violin Concerto, however,
was not known, and it was some years later before I got to know it. The
Concerto suited Laurance Turner's violin-playing style excellently.   Turner
had the right temperament for Moeran - they did know each other in earlier
years. But at that time - around 1958 - Moeran, Bax, and other English
romantics were not welcomed at the BBC, where we were plagued by the
insidious, lethal virus of the avant garde, brought about by William Glock
and his bloody obsession with Boulez and all that rot.. So it is good that
the virus of the late 1950s and 1960s is beginning to be sterilised at last;
but like Chernobyl it will take years for the art of music to recover from
this lethal influence.we all (real composers, that is) suffered.
                       Arthur Butterworth

------ End Forwarded Message
 Dear Moeranites,

                                  I would be grateful if you could let me
have any available details of performances of the Violin Concerto by
Laurance Turner with the Halle Orchestra. Laurence was leader of The
from the war years to circa 1958 and was my violin teacher for 2 years

I remember him championing the work and playing it at a Halle concert,
although I could not get to hear it. He had a very "English" sound which
one can hear on his orchestral solos from the Halle recordings in the
with Barbirolli, and which would suit the piece.

I have the Campoli recording which is terrific as he was a super
but one could never mistake his Bel-Canto tone as anything but Campoli.

Any details would be gratefully received.

Best Wishes,

Mike Jones
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