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Symphony in G minor - Heward remastered (again!)  Andrew Rose
 Jul 31, 2009 04:53 PDT 

To all those who were lucky enough to attend the Proms concert, a big
hello! Alas time and money prevented me making what would have been a
very expensive trip over from here in France, though of course I was
watching on TV and have the programme captured on DVD!

The performance inspired me to go back to the old Leslie Heward 78s one
more time, and see what the advances in remastered technology I and
others have made in the last 3 years might bring to the première
recording (you can read more about these advances in a feature article
in The New Yorker next week).

Anyway, I know Moeran fans have probably shelled out on this at least
once, if not more often, so I felt if I was going to do it all over
again it would have to really make major improvements in the sound of
the recording if it was to be released again.

You can judge for yourself with this high quality MP3 of the third


The full recording is available in a number of format from the Pristine
Classical website:


To explain - we offer 320kbps MP3, lossless FLAC in 16-bit or 24-bit
format, and CD-R.

We also offer a format called "Ambient Stereo" as either CD or 16-bit
FLAC, which has proved to be our most popular download format. This uses
a newly devised process to extract just the reverberation and ambience
from a recording, spread it across the stereo field in a subtle and
realistic recreation of the recording hall or room, and mix it back into
the mono sound of the orchestra or performers.

The sample MP3 is encoded in this format - but if you have a mono switch
on your amplifier (or the appropriate software) you can use this file to
listen to the mono version, as summing the left and right channels leads
to complete cancellation of the stereo effect without in any way
altering the direct musical content of the recording.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have over the last week. The whole
sound has been opened out and the frequency range significantly
extended, albeit at the expense of slightly raised background hiss
levels during the quieter sections (think non-Dolby cassette) - but for
much of the recording we have something that sounds at times like it
might have originated in the 1950s or even 1960s rather than the early
1940s, with a real sense of openness, clarity and space.

Finally, as I'm making a rare appearance here, those in the UK might
like to watch tonight's Channel Four programme "The Great Piano Scam" at
7.35pm - amidst a host of real experts in a well-put-together
documentary on the pianist Joyce Hatto, you'll spot a couple of
appearances by yours truly...

very best regards


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