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Moeran Radio Play and Composer of the Week  Ian Maxwell
 Nov 30, 2010 01:11 PST 
Enthusiasts of Moeran's music will undoubtedly be aware that Moeran is
presently featured as Composer of the Week on BBC Radio 3. They may also
have heard the radio play "Moeran's Last Symphony" on BBC Radio 4 last
Friday afternoon.

Regular subscribers to this mailing list and readers of the EJ Moeran
Message Board will also be aware that the original research into the
supposed head injury (shrapnel, metal plate etc.,) suffered by Moeran during
the First World War was carried out by me and NOT by Barry Marsh. Mr Marsh
has claimed credit for this research - both the radio play and the CotW
mention his name in this connection. Mr Marsh and all readers of this
mailing should be aware that this constitutes plagiarism.

I have published a full account of the head injury story in the recently
available volume of the journal British Music and I have alluded to the
story in a number of other publications over the past 2 years. My original
expose is contained in a posting on the EJMoeran Message Board dated 28 July
2007. That Mr Marsh was unaware of the truth at this point can be gleaned
from his response the following day.

I require a full public apology from Mr Marsh and appropriate credit for the
research. I require Mr Marsh to make it clear to the BBC that the source of
"his" research was mine and that my discoveries were first.

Ian Maxwell

Music Department

University of Durham

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