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Barry Marsh  Ian Maxwell
 Nov 30, 2010 10:50 PST 
For the attention of Barry Marsh,

Apparently the Email address you posted a while ago no longer works. As this
mailing list is the only channel I have for communicating with you, I post
the email I sent to you below:

Dear Mr Marsh

Please provide me with copy of the emails or scanned copies of the letters
or notes you submitted to the BBC or the play production company in
connection with the radio play Moeran's Last Symphony and Composer of the
Week - EJ Moeran in which you credit my research as the source of your
information about the so-called war wound.

Please also communicate both to the BBC and radio play production company
that you used my research for this information you provided to them. I
require proof that you have done this.

Please respond to my posting on the moe-@topica.com stating that you fully
acknowledge my prior claim and that you are grateful for my assistance in
providing you with my research findings.

As you are fully aware, the revelations about Moeran's non-existent metal
plate etc. were made by me in July 2007. At the time you challenged the
truth of this and only became convinced after I had directed you to the
appropriate material at the National Archive. I even provided you with the
reference numbers of the relevant documents. I have all the emails and
messageboard postings that cover this and I can readily prove my prior

I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt - that you omitted
crediting me inadvertently - PROVIDED you comply with my requests above. I
want an acknowledgement of my research and that will be the end of the

If you have read any of the pieces I have published during the course of
this year, you will note that I have credited you where it has been
appropriate to do so.

Please do not ignore this email


Ian Maxwell

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