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(no subject)  MUMIA ABU-JAMAL
 Jun 11, 2002 21:18 PDT 
[Col. Writ. 6/1/02] Copyright 2002 Mumia Abu-Jamal

It is an amazing thing to see and hear an American
President abroad, waxing forth on the wonders of
American 'democracy.'

When the writer hears such things, he wonders,
almost immediately, who elected the CIA? For, if there
is one American agency, that has done more than
any other, to project the will of the American ruling
class abroad, it has been the US CIA, a body which
has become an unseen army in virtually every country
in the world, to undermine and debilitate governments
of the world, so that the world's wealth will continue
to flow to American coffers.

When most, ill-informed Americans think of the CIA,
it is perhaps in some lofty, noble vision, inspired by
the cinematic antics of the staple of British espionage,
Bond -- James Bond. Perhaps the more mature reader
thinks of banks of clerks, reading tons of material,
doing the scutwork of what has come to be called,

To be sure, there is undoubtedly some of that.

But, there is another side, one carefully sanitized
from the American gaze, of the CIA that would chill
the marrow of an Alaskan elk. The work of the CIA,
historically, is not the gathering of international
intelligence for US policy-makers to read, analyze,
or interpret. Their job is to act.

What historians have learned in later years of
CIA exploits abroad, reads like a rogue's gallery
that the Mafia might wish to keep secret. In 1990
it was learned that a "secret military army" was
organized in postwar Italy, to insure that the
Italian public did not vote in ways the politicians in
Washington, DC didn't like. The CIA hid massive
stockpiles of weapons and explosives throughout
Italy. They amassed an army of 15,000 troops
in something called Operation Gladio (gladius
is Latin for sword) to strike vital targets and
overthrow the elected Italian government if they
dared to vote against Washington's will.

Similar secret armies were formed in other
European nations, like France, The Netherlands,
West Germany, and the like -- the latter staffed
by former SS officers, working at the behest of
their American allies.

Let us speak of the Nazis. Historians now report
that one of the most important and influential elements
that went into the very foundations of the US CIA
was something called the Gehlen Organization,
chief staff and agents of Hitler's former security and
intelligence head, General Reinhard Gehlen.

When General Gehlen surrendered to the Americans,
he told them of his hidden cache of secret dossiers.
They made a deal, a "gentlemen's agreement" between
Nazi intelligence and the Americans, and the Gehlen Org
began to work for, and be funded by, the Americans.
Gehlen convinced the Americans that the Soviets were
poised to attack them.

According to Mark Zepezauer, author of
The CIA's Greatest Hits (Odinian Press, 1994):

Gehlen even made sure he got approval for his
arrangement from Hitler's appointed successor,
Admiral Doenitz, who was in a cushy prisoner-
of-war camp for Nazi VIPs in Weisbaden,
Germany. For almost ten years, the Gehlen
Org was eventually the CIA's only source of
intelligence on Eastern Europe. Then, in 1955,
it evolved into the BND (the German equivalent
of the CIA) which, of course, continued to
cooperate with the CIA. [p. 7]

With such roots in Europe, how could it be otherwise
in the Americas? In Africa? In Asia?

The Americans did not care one whit for democracy.
They overturned governments they did not like, bought off
both politicians and political parties, and when this didn't
work, they simply did away with leaders they opposed.

And this isn't isolated to the '50s or '60s. Do you not
hear today the calls for the overthrow of Iraq's Saddam
Hussein? The US has been forced to mitigate that call
because of the alarm expressed by their European allies,
yet isn't it clear that this remains their goal?

What we are seeing is the imperial democracy of the
US rulers, which determines which leader shall reign in
what country, irrespective of what the people of that
country may wish.

What's "democratic" about that?

It is the democracy of hypocrisy.

Copyright '02 MAJ

From: icff-@aol.com

On July 4th there will be a LIBERATION DEMO FOR

On July 4th Secretary of State Colin Powell is being awarded the
liberty medal. Last September Powell was scheduled to speak at
the UN sponsored World Conference Against Racism. But the
US decided not to send Powell, saying they didn't want to legitimize
this world gathering by having him attend. They decided to send a
low-level delegation to join the European and Israeli delegations.
Then on Sept. 4th, after the conference had barely started the US
delegation walked out, saying it could not tolerate discussion where
Israel's intensifying brutality against the Palestinian people was
being condemned.There was another reason for the walkout. The
US knew there would be discussion of racism in the US - racial
profiling, the death penalty, roundups of black and latino kids for
prisons, the systematic mistreatment of the Native American
peoples. They decided to leave before their long criminal record of
past slavery and modern national oppression could be paraded
before the world.So now Powell is getting a liberty medal? Not in
our name! Let's walk into the future with Mumia -- not the US
flunkies of the world!

Next meeting is Thursday June 13th at the Friends Center 1501
CherrySt., Philadelphia.

July 4th demo - at 10 am we will meet at Philly City Hall (W.
Side)From there we will march and have a demonstration at noon.
Phone number for contact-215-476-5416.

We need people! We need banners! We need you!

The Power of Truth is Final -- Free Mumia in 2002!


International Concerned Family & Friends of MAJ
P.O. Box 19709
Philadelphia, PA 19143
Phone - 215-476-8812/ Fax - 215-476-6180/ E-mail - icff-@aol.com

Send our brotha some LOVE and LIGHT at:
Mumia Abu-Jamal
AM 8335
175 Progress Drive
Waynesburg, PA 15370

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