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List Name Mice/Mouse Helpers - SOS - Mice All Mice- All Types - Fancy - Wild - Hybrid (Mice HelpForMice)
Purpose: If you have no mice but like them, join and chat, I also welcome anyone who has a mouse or mice as pets or likes mice, has a secret mouse, a story to tell about their experience with mice. Subscribers needing help or wanting to help with pet mice, whether they are fancy, wild, exotic or hybrid. "If I can't help I will find someone who can", that's my catch cry. I love mice and have twenty-eight including a house mouse and a hybrid fancy/house mouse cross. Help don't judge, if someone needs help, they will get it quickly, even when their actions may have caused the problem, accidents happen, asking for help is praised. The sick or injured mouse is waiting for someone to save it. Help first, then advise to prevent problems is much better.
Cheers, and I welcome you!
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Created: Oct 29, 2000
Owner: Shona Steele
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Categories: Environment & Nature  |  Animals & Pets  |  Rodents

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