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RE: Delphi - Next steps  Sarver, John H (DLEG)
 Aug 19, 2004 10:00 PDT 

Dan....You may want to look at the Permitting of Wind Energy Facilities at http://www.nationalwind.org/pubs/permit/permitting2002.pdf. It covers the various issues in a concise format. Thank you for the NY suggestions......John

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From: Daniel a. [mailto:galactic-@nethere.com]
Sent: Thursday, August 19, 2004 12:22 PM
To: mw-@topica.com
Subject: RE: LTU Wind Delphi: Delphi - Next steps

RE: Lawrence Tech's Wind Energy Siting Delphi

I know Dr. Fletcher gave a presentation on shadow flicker, and I've
heard that he gave one on sound pressure levels. (although I haven't
seen it yet) So I think those two topics are covered.

Then National Wind Coordinating Committee, Safe Wind.info, and the US
Fish and Wildlife service have published considerable literature on the
impact to wildlife. There is so much that I will probably need some help
determining how much is relevant to MI.

By the way, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority
has published several very informative documents. Two in particular
caught my eye. "Wind Energy Development Guide for Local for Local
Authorities in NY" and the "Small Wind Consumer's Guide". I think I
might be able to 'borrow' some information from these documents for our

Norm thought you and Tom would also find this document very useful:
"Using Wind Power to Hedge Volatile Electricity Prices for Commercial
and Industrial Customers in New York"

They are all available for download from:

-Daniel Alberts
LTU Wind Delphi Project

Sarver, John H (DLEG) wrote:
Hi Dan.....I came up with a list of five......John

1. Set backs from property lines, houses, and/or roads
2. Sound pressure levels
4. Design & appearance of wind turbines and towers
5. Impact on wildlife & ecosystems
6. Shadow flicker

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From: Daniel a. [mailto:galactic-@nethere.com]
Sent: Wednesday, August 18, 2004 2:13 PM
To: Michigan Wind Working Group
Subject: MiWWG: Delphi - Next steps

Thank you everyone for joining my discussion list. We have 39 people
participating in this discussion list, hopefully that will give us
different perspectives.

A few people's spam filters may have blocked the invites. If you know
who might want to participate, but didn't receive an invite, let them
they can still join by visiting


People can also access the message archives from that page. To post a
message to the group, send email to mw-@topica.com.

The next step:

The next step for the project is to develop a 'wish list' of tutorials.
Since the success of the survey depends on participants being as
informed as
possible on all aspects of the issues. I'd like to be able to provide
articles/tutorials on 8-10 topics.

I'd appreciate it if everyone would let me know what they think would be
most important topics to cover.


P.S. I use galactic-@nethere.com for all the mailing lists in
which I
participate, dja1-@nethere.com for one-on-one correspondence.

Daniel Alberts
Lawrence Tech's Wind Delphi Project
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