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RE: wind turbine noise and plant growth...  ev
 Nov 15, 2004 06:13 PST 


I haven't seen information about noise, but here
is another article of concern about local temperature
changes. I grew up on a cherry farm near Lake
Michigan and am familiar with the special climate
microcosm that allows fruit to be raised in that
region. If blossoms open too early as could be
encouraged by unseasonably warm temperatures, and a cold
snap occurs, the crop can be severely damaged. The
temperature balance for a fruit crop is quite delicate.
From the article cited below, temperature changes, at least
to the local region, should be of concern when locating wind
turbines in the fruit-growing belt along Lake Michigan.

In case you cannot open the article from the address below
without registering, perhaps you can go to globeandmail.com
and look for the article. It was published in this Toronto
paper on Tuesday, November 9, 2004 and was called "Wind Power not
all Pleasant Breezes" by Stepen Strauss. This article talks
about a shift in local, and possibly worldwide, temperatures
from construction of wind turbines.

The Globe article reports on a study by a group of Canadian and
U.S. Scientists that reported "that computer simulations show
that a large-scale use of wind farms to generatie electrical
power could create a significant temperature change over Earth's
land masses." The lead author of the report which appeared in the
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences is David Keith, a
professor of energy and the environment at the University of
Calgary. It is interesting to note that the Globe article
cites that "these findings mirror an actual but previously
ignored temperature rise that U.S. government meteorologist
Neil Kelly observed at an actual wind farm in California in 1990.


Evelyn Bergaila

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From: Daniel Alberts [mailto:galactic-@nethere.com]
Sent: Thursday, November 11, 2004 10:01 PM
To: Michigan Wind Working Group
Subject: [Delphi] wind turbine noise and plant growth...


I'm reading a book titled, "Noise Pollution" by Clifford Bragdon. The book
mentions a study where tobacco plants exposed to continuous noise levels of
100 dB exhibit a 40% decrease in growth compared to similar plants not
exposed to the noise.

Since turbine noise can range from 102-107 dB at the source, this might be
relevant to our audience.

Unfortunately, The book says the source of this information is from 1969.
("Effect of Random Noise on Plant Growth" Journal of Acoustical Society of
America, 46:8) and I can't seem to find anything more recent.

Can anyone follow up with this and find me some more recent information?



Daniel Alberts
Project Leader
Lawrence Tech's Wind Delphi Project
home: (586) 939-4325
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