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Thank you Everyone  Daniel A.
 Dec 04, 2004 13:25 PST 

Thank you Everyone,

We had a great turnout. Dr. Pedell, Dr. Fletcher and myself were all very
pleased. We were especially pleased that you asked us to change some of the
survey questions. This demonstrated a since interest in the process and in
seeing a positive outcome.

Please remember, this is just the beginning of the process. If you know
people participated but have not yet joined the discussion list, please
remind them to do so. The link is:



My apologies to everyone for the bad URLs in Thursday night's message. For
Friday, the links should have been.


Fortunately, we taped the entire conference and made it available as
streaming video. Anyone who with an internet connection and RealOne Player
may view the conference on their computer. We will make the video available
for at least the next month, possibly longer. Here are the instructions for
accessing the video.

        Procedure On How To Access
The Delphi Inquiry Wind Turbine Noise Issues 12/03/04
                Session Streaming Video

(All Buttons that you need to click on are on the left
side of the screen)

1.    Via the Internet, go to www.ltuvitrc.com
2.    Click on Faculty / Students Streaming Videos
3.    If you do not have Real Player loaded on your PC,
          click on the Free Real Player download link on
          this page

4.    If you have Real Player or after you download it,
          click on Students
5.    Click on All Students
6.    Scroll down until you see Session # 17 , Delphi
7.    Double click on the number 17 (blue highlighted)
8.    In a few minutes, your stream will start playing.
The handout can still be downloaded from:


The downloadable handout has all the slides, but doesn't have the questions
we changed during the conference. (I won't have time to update the pdf file
before Christmas.)

Because of Finals week and the Holidays, the results won't be available
until the first or second week of January. This provides an opportunity for
anyone who missed the conference to watch the video and mail back their

We'd especially like to see a few more people from the Huron County area
become involved. But it is VERY important that anyone wishing to mail in a
survey watch the ENTIRE video. Otherwise, they won't know how we changed the
survey questions.


Daniel Alberts
Project Leader
Lawrence Tech's Wind Delphi Project
home: (586) 939-4325
office: (313)235-5826
cell: (586) 719-0217
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