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RE: Wind Noise Impact Delphi  Stanton, Thomas S (DLEG)
 Dec 16, 2004 12:04 PST 

Dan -- Comments were filed in Case No. U-13843 by the American Bird Conservancy. Perhaps you can bring in questions for your Wildlife assessment based on that information, and/or contact the ABC for more information prior to your Wildlife assessment. Take a look at document 0181 at this web page: http://efile.mpsc.cis.state.mi.us/cgi-bin/efile/viewcase.pl?casenum=13843.

--Tom Stanton

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From: Daniel Alberts [mailto:galactic-@nethere.com]
Sent: Thursday, December 16, 2004 2:45 PM
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Cc: Brian Pedell
Subject: [Delphi] Wind Noise Impact Delphi

Hello everyone,

Again, I want to thank you for joining us for our Delphi Inquiry into Wind
Turbine Noise Impacts.

We've received the surveys from the Copper Country and Grand Traverse Bay
areas; still waiting for the surveys from Huron County and the people viewed
the webcast.

One preliminary result: Roughly 30% of you indicated you didn't understand
the weighting scales in questions 1-5. This was not entirely surprising.
During the teleconference, you let me know that I went over this topic far
too quickly. As soon as everyone joins the email discussion list, I will
write and post a more detailed explanation.

Speaking of the email discussion list: The listserv we use is 'invite only.'
This means I cannot add people without their permission. I can only invite
them to join. (This prevents spammers from abusing the system.) I sent
invites to all the participants who provided their emails. If you received
an invite, responding to it will add you to the list. If not, you can join
by visiting


If you haven't already joined, please to so as quickly as possible so we can
proceed to the next phase of our project.

In the mean time, I hope everyone enjoys whatever holiday or vacation you're


Daniel Alberts
Project Leader
Lawrence Tech's Wind Delphi Project
home: (586) 939-4325

P.S. We'd like to host the wildlife teleconference in mid Feb. I'll keep you
informed as this develops.
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