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re: wind turbine noise  Steve Schnell
 Jan 24, 2005 07:10 PST 

I would invite anyone who would like to make up their own minds about
wind turbines to visit them on a windy day. I'm not guaranteeing you
will like or dislike the turbines. It is your decision how you feel
about them. They will most likely be an important part of the energy
production system as our petroleum reserves become more scarce. If you
are a decision maker (and everyone is) then you should make up your mind
for yourself. Visit these turbines, visit a nuclear plant, visit a coal
plant. Judge their location, their sound, their imprint on the

About "turbines" being heard a mile away: there is a gas-fired turbine
(not associated with the wind turbine operation) which is owned by
Consumer's Energy just west of the wind turbines (the same general
direction as the wind turbines from St. Anthony's church that Joan Kalso
refers to). It has been here for years, sounds like a jet plane's
turbine engine, and you can hear it from MORE than one mile away. That
is called a peaker plant which produces extra energy for the grid when
we are reaching peak power demand. So, yes, you can hear a "turbine"
start up from St. Anthony's church, and it could wake you up in the
morning from that far away.

The police have told me about calls they used to get about the noise
from the gas-fired turbine when it fired up and about the very
noticeable gas smell from it. They don't get calls much about it any
more as people have learned to accept it.

Steve Schnell, AICP
Community Development Director
Village of Mackinaw City
102 S. Huron, PO BOX 580
Mackinaw City, MI 49701
231-436-4166 (fax)
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