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Re: question about wind turbine tower design  James Edward Mantey
 Mar 30, 2005 09:19 PST 

Dan Haas (Noble) indicated in a public meeting, last night that there is no
way a lattice tower could support the new 1.5 mW nacelles!!! A "definitive
engineering constraint".     But! Do the tube towers attract coyotes???

Stanton, Thomas S (DLEG) writes:

 Daniel and all:

My understanding is that lattice towers have been abandoned by utility-scale wind generator developers for a variety of reasons, including the potential attraction of birds to nest on the lattice structure. I doubt that's because of any definitive engineering constraint (i.e., whether a lattice tower can be made capable of supporting the weight of a large nacelle), but it does seem to be fait accompli. Lattice towers still might be employed for small-scale wind generators, though. I'll copy John Dunlop and Larry Flowers, and we'll see what those experts have to say.   

--Tom Stanton

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Subject: [Delphi] question about wind turbine tower design

Hey folks,

I have been reviewing the responses to the Wildlife first survey and the
participants brought up several interesting questions which I will include
in the next round.

Naturally, one of the questions asked was, "Should we prohibit lattice
towers?" But before I add this question to the second round, I want to
verify something I think I heard in the Wind Working Group.

Is it true that lattice towers can NOT support the weight of 1.5 MW or
larger turbines?


Daniel Alberts
Lawrence Tech's Wind Energy Delphi
home: (586) 939-4325

Jim Mantey
Huron Ag Ext. Educator
989 553-3355
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