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FW: Delphi Inquiry  Daniel J. Alberts
 May 23, 2005 20:44 PDT 

 From: "ev" <e-@mishoreline.com>
Date: Mon, 23 May 2005 09:29:00 -0400
To: <dja1-@nethere.com>, "Joan Kalso (E-mail)" <starga-@earthlink.net>
Subject: Delphi Inquiry

Dear Dan,

I am responding to your request concerning the
Delphi Inquiry into Wind Turbine Impacts on Wildlife.

Concerning Question #1 - setbacks to either a bird sanctuary
or bat hibernaculum: I do not have a great deal of information
on how to make this decision. If I were to make a decision now,
I would try to make a conservative setback to protect both bats
and birds. After all, that is what a "sanctuary" is for. However,
I would rather have more information from experts. Is there any

Concerning Question #2 - third Delphi survey: I do believe a
third survey would be good. Setback for birds/bats is a really
important topic which is already being decided at the local
level. I attended a public hearing last week in Pere Marquette
Township in Mason County. The very broad estuary of the Pere
Marquette River as well as miles of Lake Michigan Shoreline
are located in Pere Marquette Township. The township Planning
Commissioners wrote in their ordinance the following requirement:

"The applicant shall provide certification, from the Michigan
Department of Natural Resources of no adverse affect during
construction and with on-going operation of the large wind
energy collection systems, or with the approved lighting plan.
The applicant will have met certification for the purposes of this
ordinance, should no response from the DNR be received within
90 days from the date of the applicant's written request to the DNR."

In other words, in an area where eagles have just returned, where
heavy fog exists, and where birds use the Pere Marquette River and
Lake Michigan shoreline as a flyway, an absence or omission of
response would mean approval. During the hearing, the township
building/zoning inspector, Terry Wahr, said he believes the clause
was worded in that way because the DNR did not want to commit
itself to make the determination. I do not see this to be an
acceptable policy. What comes out of your survey could help
provide guidance for making these policies. I see Pere Marquette
Township's policy to be basically a "no policy" with regard to
avian protection issues.

I am sending this response to both you and Joan Kalso in case
it does not get through to you. If yours returns to me, I will have her
forward it on to you.

Thank you for all your work on the surveys.


Evelyn Bergaila
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