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Delphi: Follow up question  Daniel J. Alberts
 Oct 03, 2005 20:47 PDT 
Hey folks,

I'm conducting an additional post-project analysis on the Delphi Inquiries
we conducted last [school] year. This is not part of the Delphi; I need this
information for a paper I'm writing on public participation in policy

If you wouldn't mind, please answer the following question for each Delphi
in which you participated:

Ignoring the the way the State used our recommendations, and just
considering the fact that the State of Michigan asked us to conduct to
Delphi and provide a forum for public participation, which of the following
best describes how the Delphi process affected your trust of Michigan's
Energy Office?

A. The process of participating helped build trust or maintain a high level
of trust.

B. The process of participating improved your trust in the state only

C. The process did NOT improve trust in the state at all.

Please indicate which Delphi inquiries you participated in (noise, wildlife
and/or shadow flicker) and how each affected your trust in Michigan's Energy
Office according to the scale above.

It doesn't matter if you completed the final survey for an inquiry, if you
participated at all, I'd like your answer to this question. Please send me
your answer privately, i.e., not through the mailing list.

Thanks for your help.

Daniel Alberts
Lawrence Tech's Wind Energy Delphi
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