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Re: Thoughts  Gerald Schleining Jr.
 Jun 25, 2001 21:24 PDT 
I would not call it "Bashing" that implies that there intent to hurt. I
would call it being expressive in opinion. While I think that if it is
taken over the top it becomes unprofessional, but I also subscribe to the
mind set that as NCOs we should have a little thicker skin than most.
I do not mind a banter and hard talk, but when it becomes unprofessional the
user needs to look at the ROE and check him/her self.
I think we can all agree to that.


1SG Schleining
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Thanks for the only site in the world where we as NCO's can ask a question
and have a hope of getting correct advice. But for all of you out there
that want a bashing free zone, I'm sorry, I don't think it will happen.
Why? because when we ask a question, we are asking for opinions, and as
 all know, we all have our own. I personally don't like bashing and
 others for personal gratification or self-promotion, but I do understand
that it will happen. Especially on tough subjects.

These are my thoughts only,


SSG J. Carney

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