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Re: Re: ENO Bonn 1998 videos / Outside out-takes  Bernd Kretzschmar
 Sep 06, 2004 07:10 PDT 


let me thank you for these very extensive and useful information.!!!

Best regards, Bernd

 these two events live from Bonn/Germany were broadcast live realvideo
in th=3D e internet. Has anybody captured this (and might share this
with me please?)
You can view these from this page... (first one is auf Deutsch, the
second one is in English, as indicated by the extra e):
If you have a PC and want to capture them (40+Mb) to watch again and
again at your leisure, rather than having sit at your computer watching
streamed video in real time, right-click on the link on the web page. I
know, this will just download a 1Kb .ram file to your hard disk, but
bear with me. When you have the .ram file, right-click on it and choose
"Open With", then select Notepad. You'll find that the .ram file just
contains a reference to the realmedia file. Copy and paste this into
your browser address bar, press Enter and it will start to download the
file rather than streaming it.=20
Bernd also wrote:
 I was able to track down several David Bowie tracks from the Outside=
If anyone of you has some as well maybe you can contact me to trade/
compile them together.
You probably have all that are in wide circulation. Apparently the
situation is that there is one 70+ minute bootleg which is limited to a
very small group of Bowie fans, and another bootleg sub-set of tracks
and clips from this 70+ minute version which is around 35 minutes long.
The original person who acquired the full bootleg put some tracks (some
full, others edited) on the Internet first as RealAudio, then MP3, for
the fans. But he got annoyed and stopped after somebody collected them
and put them for sale on eBay. Details of the 70-minute version can be
found here: http://www.illustrated-db-discography.nl/outside.htm
In addition to those tracks, a grainy RealVideo file exists that was
part of the EPK for 1.Outside when it was released. Running at just
under 14 minutes this has plenty of behind-the-scenes studio footage
 from the days when Brian still grew his hair long at the back!
While I'm answering questions, Matthew Harris wrote:
 Can anyone tell me what Eno/Scwalm live bootlegs exist?
Apart from the Lanzarote radio broadcast, there is the KAH-Bonn concert
mentioned above. Many Eno fans presumably also recorded the performance
at the Fuji Rock Festival. Two concert tracks ("Light A Cigarette" and
"Persis") were also web-cast by the Italian branch of Tiscali without
permission from Opal. Other than that there are some legitimate
Eno/Schwalm tracks on J Peter Schwalm's label. His site has been
"temporarily" offline for a while now but might be contactable by
e-mail... and you can hear a one-note piece...:
Tom Boon

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