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Re: on selling  mizlist
 Apr 27, 2005 05:24 PDT 

Never convert to mp3 or other lossy formats except for your own private use.
NB .shn, .ape or .flac aren't lossy.

Never sell live music: only trade it or use 'blanks and postage'.

Otherwise ratbags like a main street music store that I went into the other
day, will do things like sell the Eno & Winkies for A$45.00 (silver CD,
"special import"!). First time I've seen a non-vinyl Eno bootleg (the vinyl
one was 2nd-hand and eluded my clutches about 1982).


PS All hail Arnold 113!

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From: "oleg kuptsov" <area-@hotmail.com>
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Sent: Wednesday, April 27, 2005 6:50 AM
Subject: RE: Available: an OPAL evening in Copenhagen

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hi martin,
do you sell this cd...??
if yes i like to get iwrite me please

From: Martin Nilsson <martin.-@creuna.se>
Reply-To: nerv-@topica.com
To: nerv-@topica.com
Subject: Available: an OPAL evening in Copenhagen
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2005 16:13:29 +0200

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 I have a bootleg CD of it right here. The venue is from Faelledparken,
Copenhagen 1988-08-08 according to the CD cover.

Now I've ripped this and listened to it for the first time in maybe 10
A funny thing : About 3 songs into Roger Enos set, someone in the audience
shouts "ARE YOU BRIAN ENO?", and someone else in the audience replies "NO,

I've shared the MP3s of this CD now at SoulSeek (download client
http://www.slsknet.org ) and search for "an Opal evening". good luck!

Sound quality is OK.


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