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Re: Digest for nerv-@topica.com, issue 512  mizlist
 Sep 17, 2005 17:11 PDT 

 -Personally I'm saying I do not want to be associated with a bunch of red
necks with big guns and small minds.

In reply> I agree with Eno on his anti-war stance. A large majority of
Americans hate
Bush's agenda and his covert imperialism (myself included), but to me
Brian's comments seem decidely anti-American as opposed to anti-Bush. I live
in a redneck community (Manassas, Virginia, 18 miles outside DC), but I can
tell you that Americans, rednecks included, hate this war.

In comment on the reply: alas rednecks are a global phenomenon. It's not
about you or your neighbours Mike. Take a look at the Australian political
scene, where a redneck named Pauline Hansen had her policies stolen by
another political party so they could stay in power. And they have. In
terms of foreign policy, what to make of the comment by one local opposition
politician that Australia is an arse-sniffer of the US, and a year or so
later a US diplomat said 'there is no oxygen between us'? (meaning the
relationship is very close indeed).

In fact it'd be a good thing if rednecks were limited to just one country.
Hey, that's the answer - ship 'em all back to where they came from!

Good on Brian for making a stand.


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