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Re: Eno dodges questions  7izf5-@sneakemail.com
 Dec 08, 2006 03:26 PST 

peter-at-vancooten.com |nervenet eno mailing list| wrote:

 This ongoing drone of lecture babbling is getting a bit pathetic, I think.

Wow. Pathetic? That's pretty harsh. In what way? I have read transcripts
of a few of his lectures and listened to radio shows in which he
participated as panelist and I haven't encountered anything 'pathetic'
yet. Quite to the contrary (a botched appearance at a lecture here and
there notwithstanding) Eno is, in general, focused, cogent, and well
able to present/defend his point(s) of view.

That's quite a bit more than you can say for the majority of musicians
these days (or in latter days) I think. How many are wide-ranging
thinking individuals like Eno, specifically those who have had both a
storied musical career and are also capable of making an intelligent
contribution to current debates, political and artistic? I think the
list is rather short...

 wonder what he's up to. Obviously music does not interest him any more. He's
become a musician sitting in a chair, talking and talking and talking and
talking and namedropping and being even more intellectual than he was....

Well, I would suggest that he is up to what he feels like being up to.
Why begrudge the man his past-times as he enters late middle-age? I'm
certainly not hanging on his every word, believe me that, and at times
he can be a windbag (who isn't?). Yet, hasn't he given us enough music?
What would you have him do? Keep producing scintillating, brilliant
music until the day he dies? He may be pompous, overly happy to let you
know how well-read and intellectual he is, and with a weakness for
members of the opposite sex who could be his daughters, but these just
show him to be a fallible human being like the rest of us. At the same
time, he has an interest in the continued well-being of the human race,
which is more than you can say for most people who can hardly conceive
of life beyond their next consumer binge. Give the guy a break.

Mark A.
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