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Re: Digest for nerv-@topica.com, issue 813  Bernd Kretzschmar
 May 29, 2007 03:15 PDT 

maybe the official travis message board is the right place to asK:


best regards, Bernd

Travis/Eno ( 2)
By doormp-@hotmail.com


Date: Sun, 27 May 2007 13:33:32 +0000
From: Peter van Doorm <doormp-@hotmail.com>
Subject: Travis/Eno ( 2)

Travis have released their first single from their new album`The Boy
with no Name`.
I noticed that there are 3 additional,non-`The Boy with no Name` B-sides
on the 3 different formats of this rather succesful first single called
`Closer`. (The video of the song includes actor Ben Stiller)
1- CD single : B-side `The Day today`
2- Vinyl single 1 : B-side `The Great Unknown`
3- Vinyl single 2 : B-side `This Love`
However, I couldn`t find any additional information whether Eno has
anything to do with these 3 tracks at all.(I think there`s a slight
chanche some of the abandonned Eno/Travis material might creep up on
these singles).
Also, the UK release of the album has 2 bonustracks ( `Sailing away` and
`Perfect Heaven Space`)as compared to the European release.
Maybe somebody out there got the details ?

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