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RE: Muslimgauze( 2)  doormp-@hotmail.com
 Feb 09, 2008 02:40 PST 

doormp-@hotmail.com wrote:

Andrew Bishop wrote:

I`ve read the article on Muslimgauze over at Pitchfork,know his music,
but I wonder if it has got anything to do with the subject of our
NerveNet list; namely one `Brian Eno`.
I don`t mean, I object to people pointing out links to other musical
topics they obviously find interesting themselves whatsoever, but I
think they should at least point out what the Eno connection consists of

in this particular case.
I happen to come across quite some interesting music, books and art etc.

myself and would take the opportunity myself to introduce a German
artist I now have been following some 20 years and who`ve got nothing to

do with Eno whatsoever.( although his first album `Inland`from around
1980 is sometimes mentioned as an early ambient masterpiece in it`s own
The man is called `Pyrolator`( Kurt Dahlke)and you may know him from
the German `Neue Welle` band `Der Plan` with whom he made some 7, 8
albums. (The only band you could compare them to are `The Residents`;(
Der Plan also turned their concerts into arty multi media shows and
dressed up in all kinds of really odd and over the top costumes)). This
didn`t prevent them to even score a big hit with their `Fred from
( you can still watch the video at YouTube).
He`s also a co-founder of the `Atatak` label which has released about a
hundred albums up till now.(Pyrolator himself is involved on most of
them; often as a producer). In my opinion he is a true genius of
electronics with a complete unique sound of his own and one who
changes from really very light hearted atmospheric commercial like
ditties to very deep and profound serious music.
I can only but strongly recommend nearly all of his music, but try to
get his 4 solo albums ( especially his 3.thd one called `Pyrolator`s
Wunderland`,with the beautiful magical Milan Kunc cover of zoo-animals
on the run;this is maybe his best one and I don`t hesitate to call it
Kurt`s Another Green World,for it contains various small electronical
compositions ranging from songs you could `use` to lure your baby into
sleep to all kinds of exotical moods.
He also made 4 albums under the name of `A Certain Frank` of which the
3thd one called `Nothing` is the best and which you probably will like
if you like Slop Shop as well.
So, please check out the ATATAK website for more information.

Peter van Doorm
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