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7 Hours in 77 Million Paintings / 7 More Hours in 77 Million Paintings  goati-@goatie.com
 Mar 16, 2008 13:34 PST 

Kaon Koo and Mark Harrop are pleased to announce the 2008.03.16 public
release of a pair of related and non-commercial video productions in
development since early 2008, presented in full screen high definition
HD resolution 1280 x 720P progressive scan format, each about 37 minutes
total running time, hosted at Vimeo.

These productions are, to the best of our knowledge, the first set of
extended length derivative works in high definition quality and all
original music that are based on Brian Eno's 77 Million Paintings, and
made possible by the non-commercial images usage permission as included
/ stated in the 77-MP software for both 1st and 2nd editions, i.e.
versions 1.0 and 1.1. For enthusiasts who have been following Eno's 77
Million Paintings release, this pair of new video works provides an
opportunity to enjoy the original 77-MP concept under somewhat different
moods as provided by the original soundtrack used in these productions.

Some viewing tips below - for full details and content abstract, please
review details at the actual video page URLs.

* Darkened ambient lighting or night time viewing most ideal
* Headphones listening highly recommended for these bass rich
compositions with wide dynamic range
* View in full screen mode for full HD resolution benefits

Recommended viewing sequence

[1] 7 Hours in 77 Million Paintings

[2] 7 More Hours in 77 Million Paintings

If for any reason these URLs above become invalid in the future due to
deletion and re-creation of the Vimeo video pages, these videos should
nevertheless be locatable through this VIDEO DIRECTORY:



Bonus content for ambient music lovers - an expanded and extended
re-interpretation of a Harold Budd composition THE KISS from his album


This re-interpretation is part of a 2-piece performance video that can
be located at the above supplied video directory page.


Kaon Koo
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