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List Name Network America (Network America)
Purpose: This list is devoted to stopping the literal Communization of the USA by the current felonious theft being perpetrated against the American people by the billionaire Banksters behind the Federal Reserve Central bank -- and their agents in the White House, Congress, and the Big Media. We also seek to break the Big TV Network coverup of the dangers of easily rigged computerized elections -- by informing subscribers about the ongoing struggle for honest elections with citizen checks and balances - as opposed to unverifiable computer-generated election results. We also believe that the greatest enemy ever faced by the American people are the Money-Changers behind the Big TV media -- and we comment on their collective lockstep propaganda regularly. We also cover how citizens can utilize the Precinct System and the Committees of Safety to effectively participate in our constitutional system here in the United States of America. Honest citizens from across the political spectrum will find our information unique and indispensable as we move through and beyond 2009.
Website URL: http://www.networkamerica.org
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Created: Jan 10, 2000
Owners: Ed Wilson, Jim Condit Jr.
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