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911 Update, Nov. 20, 2001 – and “about Predictions”  Jim Condit Jr.
 Nov 21, 2001 06:12 PST 
November 20, 2001 NA (Network America) e-wire

911 Update, Nov. 20, 2001 – and “about Predictions”

First, I am late getting you the inside information I received last
Thursday (Nov. 15, 2001) that U.S. military personnel are being secretly
moved en masse over into position for another attack on the Iraqi
people. Those of you who watch Big Media will have already noticed the
beginning of the build up of propaganda against Iraq – but in a few days
to a week the Big Media airwaves will be CLANGOROUS and SCREAMING with
Big Iraq Attack warmongering. More on this later – BUT – note that this
type of inside information does NOT constitute a “prediction” as
referred to in the headline of this e-wire. It is already accomplished
FACT in progress.

Second, about the “predictions” made on this Network America e-wire.

All of them are based on the propaganda signals and mind conditioning
being sent over the major TV networks and their radio and wire service
adjuncts in the major media.

So, such Network America predictions are NOT a claim that I can see the
future – NOT AT ALL! They are merely a REPORT to you on what subtle
signals and conditioning I see coming out of the Big Media – AIMED at
the American public.

Regarding the last “prediction” made on this e-wire – that the Ruling
Elite of the Permanent Revolution (top hierarchy of Judeo-Masonry) was
planning a major bio-warfare type attack that would take the lives of
3000 to 50,000 Americans in a major metropolitan center, college campus,
or sporting event – the Big Media propaganda has died down on that for
now. BUT I still hold to that prediction. Why?

The modus operandi of this Permanent Revolution (Conspiracy) is to send
out mental conditioning through the Big Media on their next moves and
goals, and then relax for a while --- so that the unsuspecting,
not-yet-alert public will say – when the event for which they were
conditioned actually happens, “Well, we were warned this would happen.”
Thus, through this subtle and sophisticated mind-conditioning, every new
“trend” announced by the Big Media – takes on an air of inevitability
for the masses of unsuspecting people. Again, for some reason the masses
of unsuspecting victims feel some kind of satisfaction and
accomplishment when they say in their own minds, “Well, we were warned
this would happen.”

In this case, this conditioning has been massive. Two examples that come
to mind are -- when the government – and especially Judeo-Masonic tool
Attorney General John Ashcroft – announced a few weeks after 9-11 that
there was a 100% chance of an anthrax or other biochemical attack in
America. 100% !!! (An anemic anthrax attack materialized a few weeks
later, with the paw prints of the CIA and FBI all over it, hurting and
killing only a few “little people”, just as the 911 attacks on the Twin
Towers and the Pentagon killed and hurt only the “little people.”)

Later Ashcroft and other government mouthpieces announced that America
would take more casualties at home than in Afghanistan. Get it? Get it?

One internet commentator succinctly put is something like this
(paraphrase): “The Oklahoma City bombing, the 9-11 Twin Towers crash, --
and the coming bio-chemical attack on American civilians – are all parts
of the same program to terrify Americans into accepting a police state
here at home, and permanent presence of American troops in the Middle
East abroad.” Very well said.

I would add the Clinton/Reno fire bombing of the children and adults
left in the Branch-Davidian headquarters in Waco. This military style
attack against Americans on American soil was meant to send this subtle
message to all Americans: “Don’t try to organize with ANY group labeled
by our Big Media as ‘odd’ or ‘extremists’ – or we’ll kill ya!” (More on
this below)

As long as you understand that the shadow government of the Permanent
Revolution is increasingly intertwined with the American government, and
is progressively threatening to replace it altogether – then you will
understand the following paragraph.

We, as Americans, must quit identifying “America” with the actions of
this criminal shadow government that is now occupying the White House,
the halls of the U.S. Government, the offices of the Big Media, and the
buildings of the Federal Reserve Board money issuing monopoly. We are
NOT that shadow government. And that shadow government is NOT America.
We need to identify its agents and front men (not hard if you have a
TV!), break its power, and once again replace it with at least a
constitutional, Ten Commandment based government – based on justice and
truth. (I say AT LEAST, because we should go all the way and declare
this a Christian nation through Constitutional Amendment, if we really
want God’s blessing.)

Here are some other pressing thoughts – pressing on my mind at least:

Pressing thought one:

Pat Buchanan’s column out today, “Mideast Peace an Illusion?” (available
in full at WorldNetDaily.com under “commentary”, then pick Pat Buchanan)
– reveals something I’ll bet you HAVEN’T heard on your Big News Media.
Here’s the first paragraph:

(Begin quote from PJB -- )

"Israel controls the Senate," said J. William Fulbright, chairman of
the Foreign Relations Committee, in 1973. "We should be more
concerned about the United States' interests." That nothing has
changed was evident this weekend. Secretary of State Powell
received a letter, instigated by the Israeli lobby and signed by 89
U.S. senators, directing him not to interfere with Israel's crushing of
the Palestinian uprising.

(End of quote from PJB)

Incidentally, the crushing of Senator Fulbright himself – after that
truthful 1973 comment about the evil and treasonous Israeli Lobby -- at
HIS next election – is told in the book, “They Dared to Speak Out,” by
former Illinois Congressman Paul Findlay – who himself was defeated over
a decade ago by the same anti-Americans in the Israeli Lobby – because
he dared to disagree on ONE THING with that lobby after years of support
on everything else. Next –

Pressing thought #2:

The vicious Lobby spokesman William Kristol (Jewish) of the Weekly
Standard was on “Neil Cavuto” on Fox Cable News on 11-20-01 smirking the
Israeli Lobby’s victory over President Bush and Colin Powell by
announcing his support of Bush’s new policy -- now that he is stepping
up the bombing and (unspoken in this interview) ready to go after Iraq –
on his way to Iran, Syria, and who knows what other country – all at the
demand of the anti-American Israeli Lobby. (Kristol had been
out-of-his-mind frantic in the last few months in his editorials fearing
that W. Bush wasn’t going to go for the “Full WarMongering” gameplan.)

The Big Media have been given the word from On HIGH. On “Fox and
Friends” morning program yesterday, the hosts were asking the callers,
“Where should we go next?” (that is, what middle eastern country should
the USA attack next) -- in the same tone of voice that these same
pleasant but shallow people would say, “Where should we go next?” at
about 12:30 AM on a Friday night after they had bar-hopped for about 3
hours – and were trying to decide what alcohol “watering hole” to hit

Back to Bill Kristol: Kristol is the son of a man who was a
self-proclaimed Trotsky-ite Communist in the 1930s, Irving Kristol, who
slinked at that time around New York City college, -- a hot bed for the
Permanent Revolution. Irving Kristol was one of the snakes who “became a
neo-conservative” in the 1970s -- and who by 1992 had --- along with a
cast of thousands of traitors and Israeli firsters – pushed any real
Americans out of the Republican Party, or severely marginalized them.

Pat Buchanan wrote an excellent column in 2000, as he left the GOP for
the Reform Party, in which he addressed the elder Kristol and said the
GOP of 2000 reminded him of returning to his boyhood home to find that
it had been taken over by crack-dealers. PJB, as I recall, said that you
have an impulse to either burn it down, or leave for good --- finishing
by saying he had decided to leave (the GOP).

Kristol was provided with $10 million dollars through Media Magnate
Rupert Murdock of FOX News to start and sustain the “false opposition”
“Weekly Standard.” Of course, the Money Lending Banksters could have
gotten the smirking Kristol that money through any number of sources.
Our job is to break the power of these Super Criminals so that the
Kristols are in jail for treason – and so that real patriots like Joe
Sobran, Michael Hoffman, Jackie Patru, and Carol Valentine – as well as
a host of hundreds of other internet crusaders are not scrambling for
nickels and dimes to keep putting out the truth.

Pressing thought #3:

Incidentally, once Buchanan left the GOP – he was off the reservation.
So – the Big Media censored him almost completely. And why would that

Because – and this is important – and I’ll do more on it – the agents of
Judeo-Masonry own and run the Big Media. To get an – in many ways
excellent – essay on this subject, go to google.com and punch in “Who
Rules America.” You will get a piece by William Pierce’s group. Now
Pierce is the author of “The Turner Diaries” – made famous because Tim
McVeigh allegedly read that book -- and fashions himself some kind of
neo-nazi, I think. I don’t agree with him on that, needless to say, or
with his apparent outlook that mankind is just another species of
animal, devoid of soul or eternal destiny, or with his sometimes
mean-spirited comments about the non-white races. I state these
shortcomings of Pierce because –

They are all extraneous to his excellent insights and research in the
essay which I am here recommending. There is no other place I am aware
of that you can get this research in one place.

And to those who might wonder if it is ever proper to quote some one who
is an outspoken white separatist, as is Pierce – my reply is that it is
part of Big Media brain washing that such a thought even enters one’s
head. Quoting someone because they make available invaluable research –
does not mean you are endorsing everything they say. Also, if I am going
to quote the New York Times on occasion (run by Jewish Supremists), then
I am not going to be intimidated by those same Jewish Supremists into
suppressing valuable research by White Separatists, especially at this
critical hour. (As we have stated on other occasions, our forthcoming
research on Hitler will hopefully have every one dropping the favorable
or near favorable use of the word “nazi” – even Dr. William Pierce.

Nevertheless – in “Who Rules America” you will find a list of the
individuals who own the media, along with their affiliations and
backgrounds. This essay is updated every six months, and in any case, it
is an invaluable source of precise information on who owns and runs the
Big Media. (One area this essay does not cover is the three remaining
Big Radio networks, such as Clear Channel. Clear Channel is run by a
Jewish man about my age who uses the stage name of Randy Michaels, but
who’s real name is Benjamin Hommel – and he lives right across the river
from me in Northern Kentucky.

Clear Channel has been bragging that they own 1200 major radio stations
across America. It is note worthy that the laws preventing such media
monopolies were undone by either Bush the Elder or Clinton in the late
eighties or early nineties. (The barriers for many such
Communist-Monopoly type mergers have been removed from many fields,
including Banking – by the Bush and Clinton administrations.) It is
especially heinous that agents of Judeo-Masonry like Benjamin Hommel own
and run our radio stations here in America – particularly when you
realize that his buddies at the Federal Reserve Board Money Monopoly can
issue billions of dollars in loans, if necessary, so that front men like
Benjamin Hommel can buy up all the radio stations censor patriots while
flooding America with non-stop Ruling Elite, Jewish Supremicist and New
World Order hate propaganda.

Pressing thought #4:

For a number of years now, the Ruling Elite has been trying to condition
the local police and Sheriffs to get ready to make war on anyone who
opposes the New World Order Occupation Government. This week two
“smoking guns” have emerged. One in Phoenix, Arizona where the names of
local sheriffs were used –without permission -- on an FBI flyer that has
now been withdrawn. The second was sent out by Jack McLamb, former
policeman – with this first line: “We officers here have seen the FBI's
Hate Literature you refer to.”

In other words, the Ruling Elite is trying to condition the police to
help them round up or kill law abiding Americans who don’t want tyrants
to complete the subjugation of the USA. Votefraud investigator Brent
Beleskey of Canada showed me a year ago “back door” pages on websites
aimed at law enforcement people – pages that were not supposed to be
discovered by the public. These secret web pages classified patriots,
pro-lifers, and – well, any normal American who was willing to stand up
against tyranny – as extremists and potential terrorists.

Pressing thought #5:

I won’t go into it now, but I’m afraid that, as the shock wears off, we
are all going to find that we have witnessed an elaborately concocted
Movie script with the sole purposes of jump starting WW III (towards
establishing world government) and the end to the constitution (to make
America a pliable province of that New World Occupation Government). The
“war on terror” was, I believe, concocted in the Ruling Elite think
tanks, like the Tavistock Institute and the Brookings Institute, -- it
is tremendously elastic and can be re-defined on a monthly basis if
necessary until all the enemies (foreign and domestic) of the ZOG/N.W.O.
Ruling Elite are targeted for punishment or death – if they get their

The 9-11 attacks were engineered and scripted by the same forces, with
Bin Laden as the pre-chosen patsy. Notice the pre-fabricated spin
following the 9-11 attacks, versus the total lack of Big Media
confidence following the recent plane crash in New York. That
explosion/crash has all the earmarks of real terrorism by some fringe
type terrorists – and the Big Media seemed to be caught with its pants
down – except for trying to downplay it, as would almost always be the
case when a happening is not a Ruling Elite operation.

On the emperors-clothes.com website, hit November, 2001 and you will see
an article called “Mr. Cheney’s Cover Story” which is the most
sophisticated article I’ve seen yet indicating that the 9-11 plane
attacks had to have had the support and cooperation of the US government
– or military jets would have been ordered up to intercept the
off-course planes early in the incident.

A new website, flight93crash.com – is doing a fantastic job assembling
information on the demise of flight 93 over Pennsylvania – and, for
instance, for the first time I’ve seen -- produces the article from the
September 13, 2001 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette which states that debris and
human remains were found six miles from the crash site – strongly
indicating the plane was shot down and broke apart up in the sky. There
is much, much more on this investigative site.

And, we’ve just been notified that a new book was published in Paris . .
. well, read for yourself – begin quote:

“SHOCKING New Book – “Bin Laden: The Hidden Truth”

Years Of Efforts To Arrest bin Laden Being Blocked By The US. US efforts
to make peace summed up by "oil"... Ireland.com 11-19-01

A new book alleges years of attempts to arrest Osama bin Laden
being blocked by the US.

The fate of John O'Neill, the Irish-American FBI agent who for
years led US investigations into Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda network, is
most chilling revelation in the book, “Bin Laden: The Hidden Truth,”
published in Paris this week.

O'Neill investigated the bombings of the World Trade Centre in 1993, a
US base in Saudi Arabia in 1996, the US embassies in Nairobi and
Dar-Es-Salaam in 1998, and the USS Cole last year.

Jean-Charles Brisard, who wrote a report on bin Laden's finances
for the French intelligence agency DST and is co-author of “Hidden
met O'Neill several times last summer. He complained bitterly that the
US State Department - and behind it the oil lobby who make up
President Bush's entourage - blocked attempts to prove bin Laden's

The US ambassador to Yemen, Ms Barbara Bodine, forbade O'Neill and his
team from entering Yemen. In August 2001, O'Neill resigned in
frustration and took up a new job as head of security at the World Trade
Centre. He died in the September 11th attack.”

(End of Quote from email received.)

Incidentally, Michael Hoffman in his “Towering Inferno” report
identified O’Neill as one of the two prominent people killed in the 9-11


The action necessary is to organize ourselves along the lines of
precinct, county, and state – for the purpose of communication and in an
attempt to take back the local political systems and restore honest

We must inform our policemen, sheriffs, law enforcement agents, and
military personnel that when and if push comes to shove, they must
uphold their oath to the Constitution and oppose the New World Order

And we must resolve to keep our guns no matter what. If the tyrants push
too far in trying to end the Constitution – they will have to be opposed
with force in the tradition of the Swamp Fox of the War of Independence
in 1776.

This will not be unjust aggression, but fully justified self defense
against deadly usurpers. If any FBI man, CIA man, policeman, or judge
doesn’t understand that – then such a person is already in need of being
dealt with by a modern day Swamp Fox.

It will, if that moment ever comes, be our solemn duty to preserve true
freedom in this country.

End of this e-wire.

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count
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