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Don’t Fall for Non-Recordings! . . . or Non-evidence!  Jim Condit Jr.
 Nov 28, 2001 01:55 PST 

November 28, 2001 NA (Network America) e-wire

Don’t Fall for Non-Recordings! . . . or Non-evidence!

At the bottom of this shorter e-wire is more dynamic evidence on the
Flight 93 crash – and a plea for help (advice) from your writer on the
computer cyber attack we’re suffering.

On MSNBC’s Hardball on November 27, 2001, Chris Matthews had on Evan
Thomas, whose article in Newsweek this week covers the released
TRANSCRIPT of what the FBI’s SAYS it transcribed from the black box of
Flight 93, the doomed flight which was downed in Pennsylvania on
September 11, 2001.

Why won’t the FBI release the ACTUAL RECORDING to the public? Evan
Thomas of Newsweek says because there are some pretty grim things on it,
such as a woman pleading for mercy – that she didn’t want to die -- at
the beginning of the recording.

Matthews asked Newsweek’s Evan Thomas if he heard the recording. Thomas
answered NO – that he was writing the article from a transcript provided
to him by the FBI. But then Evan Thomas said (paraphrase): “But nothing
was held back; nothing was held back.” Under further questioning, it
became clear that HE, the reporter, had held nothing back from what he
received from the FBI in the alleged transcript. Of course, Thomas was
taking his source on BLIND FAITH. What a reporter, huh?

This is NON-EVIDENCE. The FBI is not even letting the family members of
the deceased flight 93 passengers hear the recording!

I don’t believe the FBI, and I hope you won’t either. I say let us hear
the tapes. (Read on, and you will see the FBI is on a real streak of
suppressing relevant audio tapes.

The charges are on the table that this flight 93 was shot down because
the pilots had regained control of the plane, somehow neutralizing the
remote control technology which (some say) was used to crash the other
planes into the World Trade Towers and the Pentagon.

The last thing the perpetrators of 9-11 from the dark side of our
intelligence agencies wanted – was airline pilots landing somewhere, and
stating to the world that some mysterious remote control power had taken
over the plane for awhile – that they had managed somehow to regain
control -- and, finally, that there were no Arab hi-jackers on the
plane. (We believe there MAY have been Arab hi-jackers on the plane – as
“Movie Extras”, to borrow a phrase from internet analyst Henry Ayre –
but the fact remains that out of 257 published passengers on the four
9-11 doomed flights – not one of the names listed is Arab sounding.

Even establishment pet host Chris Matthews announced at the end of his
show that there was no reason for the FBI to hold back these tapes from
the loved ones. Matthews was clearly disturbed by this throughout his
entire questioning of Thomas. We would add – there is no GOOD reason to
hold back release of these tapes to the public.

Of course, when you are constructing a crime and then covering up what
really happened – you want to put as FEW verifiable facts into the
public arena as possible. It is a tactic of accomplished liars to give
as FEW DETAILS as possible, to minimize the possibility of being proven

The FBI produced ONLY a printed transcript of one of the most important
events in this new millennium -- and the “reporters (read shadow
government agents)” at Newsweek buy the unverified transcript hook,
line, and sinker. Hey, Newsweek Hacks, I could make up a very moving
transcript in 10 or 20 minutes! So could you! Where are your reporter
instincts? (Ha, ha, ha.)

Which brings us to another very relevant tape that the FBI is
suppressing from public scrutiny. This is a veritable bombshell. The
original website was ordered shutdown by the FBI – but intrepid
historian David Irving mirrored the website before it vanished. Here is
a quote from that suppressed website:

Begin quote:

“But there is one fact that makes me wonder whether the real reason
Flight 93 crashed was because of the heroic struggle of the passengers

“The fact is this: the 911 call that one passenger made from a bathroom.
On September 11, and for a couple of days afterwards, there were several
newspaper stories that mentioned a statement made by Glenn Cramer, a
local emergency dispatcher. He said that a passenger on Flight 93 had
called 911, with the frantic message that the plane had been hijacked.
In Cramer's words, "He heard some sort of explosion and saw white smoke
coming from the plane, and we lost contact with him."

“This, of course, was before the plane crashed.

“Not long afterwards, the FBI began to stifle the story of the 911 call.
As the Washington Post reported:

“FBI agents quickly took possession of the tape of that 911 call, which
constitutes the only public evidence so far of what went on during the
doomed plane's last moments. The FBI declined to provide any information
about the tape's contents or the identity of the caller.

“Nor did the FBI allow the dispatcher who took the call to talk any
further to the media. A story on September 11 said this: "[Westmoreland
County spokesman] Stephens said the passenger gave the dispatcher
information about the situation on the plane, but said the FBI has
ordered details not to be released." (Mike Wagner & Ken McCall,
"Pennsylvania Crash Might Yield Important Evidence," Cox News Service).

“The FBI's attempt to quash the explosion/911 story seems to have
worked. The story has completely vanished from the American media.
Completely. In a LEXIS search of all newspapers and magazines, I could
find only one story after September 15 that mentioned the 911 call and
the explosion (and that story was on September 17). No one -- literally
no one has mentioned that 911 call and the explosion in an American
newspaper since. (Neither does any news story mention Glenn Cramer --
the emergency dispatcher who took the 911 call -- after September 17.)

“Isn't that odd? I know that the stories of the other phone calls from
Flight 93 were much more heroic and inspiring. But isn't it strange that
we have heard simply nothing whatsoever about what could have caused the
explosion that the 911 caller heard? Nothing?”

End of quote

For the full story on David Irving’s website, go to:


Don’t fail to go to www.flight93crash.com and check out the sections,
especially the very excellent on entitled “Debris Field” on the left
hand side of the top of the home page. In my mind, this “Debris Field”
section proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that United flight 93 was SHOT
DOWN, and did not simply crash in the mist of an on board struggle.
Which lead us to . . .

Let’s see the evidence that Bin Laden had anything to do with 9-11. In
the credible interviews, as opposed to the highly questionable “Taliban
Home Videos” (see public-action.com) – Bin Laden has denied having
anything to do with it. Furthermore, there have been no ultimatums, no
group claiming credit. Significantly, there have been no suicide bombers
showing up in malls and pizzerias in the USA. If this was really an
Arab/Moslem organized deal, that’s the least I would have expected to
see happen.

The queer-promoting Prime Minister Tony Blair of Great Britain (he’s for
lowing the age of consent between a homosexual man and a boy to 14 years
of age for the boy!) says he has this video and that video incriminating
Bin Laden. Let’s see these videos and the rest of the evidence so they
can be analyzed!

No more non-evidence! Let’s see the evidence!

(Plea for help: I sit here the victim of hateful cyber attacks meant to
shut me down and shut me up – for the third time since July of this year
of 2001. Right now, as I was attempting to back up my information at the
suggestion of a kind reader – whatever entered my computer last night
via hate cyber-attack emails – wiped out my back up disc – which had
many backed up files on it. Unfortunately for the hateful cyber
attackers --- all our files are backed up on another computer. Now …
Dear Techies – what should I do to avoid future attacks? I have a
firewall – but what type of virus software should I have installed? What
type of firewall? Anything else? If you know, please help. Speak as
Techie as you want, I’ll pass it on to our local computer helpers.
Thanks much in advance.)

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count
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