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Tirade on the News, Feb 20, 2002  Jim Condit Jr.
 Feb 21, 2002 01:49 PST 

February 20, 2002 NA (Network America) e-wire

Tirade on the News, Feb 20, 2002

In an e-wire in the near future, I will explain why e-wires have been so
scarce since Christmas, 2001. We’re trying to launch a viable, positive,
organizational program.

This e-wire is a variation on the “How to read the News” series we’ve
run from time to time --- but “tirade” on the news seemed better this


Comment: As we stated in our e-wire on November 20, 2001 -- 3 months
ago – Iraq has been chosen for a long time as the next target. The
war-mongering on FOX Cable News, and all the media – is unbelievable.
The Israeli Lobby, and the Big TV Networks are pushing “War on Iraq” –
as if it’s an already established policy – when in fact there has been
NO DEBATE on it. As Pat Buchanan said in 1992 – the US Congress is
“Israeli occupied territory” – and so there is no debate.


Comment: President W. Bush said in his 2002 State of Union speech that
there is an “Axis of Evil” – Iraq, Iran, and (clear the throat) North
Korea. (Of course, Korea was thrown in just to mask the fact that we’re
implementing Israeli Policy under the mask of United States policy.
Incidentally, President W. Bush said in South Korea this week that the
US was not going to attack North Korea.) A well informed individual out
west told me in 1995 that the Israeli lobby was trying to figure out how
to draw Iran into a war so the USA would have an excuse to attack that
country. Now, under the Orwellian 50 years perpetual war for perpertual
peace (where war is never declared) – the “Isreali Lobby controlled” US
Government plans to simply designate Iran as a “terrorist” country at
some point.


Comment: Now – how do you think the Shadow Government of the New World
Order is going to jack Americans up into being willing to go to war
against Iran after going to war against Iraq? And how do you think this
evil Shadow Gov operating behind the US Government plans to quell the
current opposition in Europe to those planned wars?

On October 9, 2001, in the e-wire entitled, “Who We Need Fear – What is
Global Hawk?” – we first stated, based on Big Newsmedia propaganda, that
the Shadow Government of the New World Order (the top wirepullers of
Judeo-Masonry) were planning a biological warfare, nuclear warfare, or a
similarly devastating attack on US citizens. (You can find that piece at
topica.com on the Network America list, or at sweetliberty.org, click on
the top of the home page, “America at War, or War on America?” and you
will find that items 1 and 3 in that essay deal with the propaganda
trying to prepare us for this planned attack.)

The idea is this: To make Americans willing to back nuclear war – yes,
nuclear war if the Ruling Elite so decides – against an Arab country,
Americans will have to see a terrorist attack on US citizens that kills
10,000 to 50,000 citizens – and believe that one of the Arab “terror
networks” did it.

In RECENT weeks, President Bush, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld,
Attorney General John Ashcroft and others have warned of another terror
attack on the USA in the relatively near future. Rumsfeld recently said:
“The next terrorist attack may make 9-11 look like an office picnic.”
The Big Newsmedia has repeatedly been carrying interviews which are
meant to prepare the American people for this hideous attack engineered
by the New World Order’s intelligence conglomerate – a coalition of the
dark side of the CIA, Mossad, and the former KGB. Col. David Hackworth
(ret), the highly decorated veteran of the Vietnam war. In an interview
on FOX Cable news, said last week that we should use intercontinental
ballistic missiles against Iraq and Iran if necessary. Hackworth is not
the first, by any means, to float the possibility of using nuclear
weapons against the Arab world in the near future. This type of talk has
been going on periodically on the big media since shortly after the 9-11
attacks. ---- All this insane talk just because we’ve let the Israeli
Lobby take over our government through control of our money, our media,
and “our” computerized vote counting system. And just last week a
retired military officer who was serving high up during the Reagan
administration – his name escapes at the moment – said that the next
terrorist attack could kill 30,000 to 300,000 Americans.

IF there is such a biological / nuclear terrorist attack on the USA, you
can bet it’s not going to be done by Bin Laden (remember him?) – it’s
going to be done by the the dark side of the New World Order’s
CIA/Mossad/KGB intelligence operations. Why? To whip Americans up into
supporting vicious attacks on all of the enemies of Judeo-Masonry’s
“Permanent Revolution” – both in the Mideast and here at home.
Now – I would ask all of you to email this to at least one opinion
molder in the establishment – Congressmen, Senators, State Senators,
especially Media people, and big organizations. Why? I’m afraid the only
way to divert this long planned, diabolical attack on American citizens
– is if the Ruling Elite fears that a lot of Americans will blame the
Israeli Lobby and the Bush administration if such an attack actually
happens. If they think they can get away with pinning such an attack on
any Arab country or faction – then it WILL happen, and it will be beyond


COMMENT: This week Congressional hearings on what happened on 9-11 are
(yaaaaawwwwwn) beginning. These hearings are designed to reveal nothing
and to just give the impression to Americans that an investigation is
going on. Also, the Big Media has been running “investigative” shows
about the collapse of the Twin Towers and why the billion dollar US
intelligence agencies were caught “unawares” on 9-11. One on the
collapse of the Twin Towers ran on the Discovery Channel recently ---
and another about the failure of the intelligence agencies was on
“Nightline” the other night. These shows are late in coming, and are
just meant to give the impression to the casual viewer that “real,
serious investigation” has been done and is being done.

Any version of 9-11 that varies from the Carol Valentine research on the
matter of the 9-11 attacks should be treated with suspicion. The
conclusions of the Valentine research are: 1) the attack planes were run
into the World Trade Towers by remote control technology – turning the
planes into guided missiles whether those on board liked it or not (do a
search on google.com for “Global Hawk”); 2) 9-11 was an inside job of
the Ruling Elite to further the agenda of the Judeo-Masonic Permanent
Revolution in general, and the Isreali Lobby policy in the middle east
in particular. 9-11 was not a renegade operation of rag tag terrorists.
The idea that ragtag terrorists could have access to all the inside
codes they needed to have – and the idea that ragtag terrorists could
have caused the massive USA response agencies to stand down for a full
40 minutes after the NYC attack, until after the Pentagon was attacked,
--- is preposterous.

In an important development, retired Colonel Donn Grand-Pre, author of
the book, “Barbarians Inside the Gates: The Black Book of Bolshevism”,
and one of America’s top military men supervising arms dealing to the
Middle East under Presidents Ford and Carter, has recently endorsed the
thesis that the 9-11 planes were run into the WTC and the Pentagon by
Global Hawk type remote control technology. Frankly, after all the facts
are scrutinized, the idea that 9-11 was done by a group of intruding
Arab terrorists, without full cooperation of inside elements --- is
totally preposterous. The brainwashing job that has been accomplished on
the American people by the Big TV Networks and other associated Big
Media – is truly frightening.


Comment: The real whistleblower, Cliff Baxter, former Enron executive,
was found shot to death in Texas a few days after he got a subpoena to
testify before Congress. Baxter had left Enron a year ago, amidst noises
that he was not happy with what was going on at Enron. He cashed in his
stock and was worth $45 million. He was only 43 years old. His family is
not buying the “suicide” cover story being peddled by ALL major media.
Here was a guy who had the knowledge to be a real whistleblower, and he
wasn’t kissing the feet of former Enron President Ken Lay.

But guess who was kissing the feet of former Enron President Ken Lay?
Why, it was the “Big Media canonized” Sherron Watkins, still an employee
at Enron. Watkins was a VP and she wrote a very forthright perceptive
memo about how bad accounting practices were at Enron – about a year
ago. Sherron Watkins looked like an honest person who did speak the
truth as she saw it – but she made it clear in the Congressional
hearings that she was security conscious (for her own job) when she
wrote the memo, and she obviously still is security conscious now. Her
repeated assertions that she believed Enron President Ken Lay was in the
dark about what was really going on at Enron, were treated as serious
testimony by the Congressmen present at the hearing.

True to their track records, the Congressmen followed the Big Media lead
and all but canonized Watkins before she testified. One compared Watkins
to St. Peter when he had the faith to step out on the water to meet Our
Lord – Ruling Elite toady Congressman Markey compared her to Pinnochio’s
conscience, Jiminy Cricket. . . . AND YET – these same Congressmen,
again dutifully following the lead of the Big Media, showed NO CURIOSITY
about the untimely death of Cliff Baxter. --- And, of course, all five
Big TV Networks, as always coordinating their daily news in utter
lockstep – show not the slightest interest in investigating the strange
death of former Enron executive Cliff Baxter. Scoundrels!

Item: Traitorous Secretaries of State push for EASILY RIGGED

Comment: These computerized voting machines are already in use in
Columbus, Ohio and Riverside, California – and they are slated to go
into full use in Georgia and Florida in the near future. These machines
have no paper trail and offer no way to do a bona fide recount. We at
Network America have been trying to warn America against these
computerized “voting systems” for 23 years now – and this new type can
be easily rigged by one centralized super computer managed in New York
City, or anywhere else. Despite the bad trend of things – it’s not over
yet – and we will keep fighting with everything we have.


Comment: Just as Christ was horribly disfigured by His enemies as he was
forced to carry the Cross up to Calvary to be crucified, so the Mystical
Body of Christ is being horribly disfigured in this, our day. Since the
counterfeit church took over working control of the Vatican in 1958,
there has been a worldwide effort by infiltrating “Bishops” such as the
late Archbishop Bernardin, to fill the seminaries with homosexuals, and
prevent men with real vocations from staying. One of my family members
knew a seminarian who in the early 1970s took evidence of homosexuality
and blatant immorality in the Cincinnati seminaries to Archbishop
Bernardin - - thinking he would be met with gratitude so that the
situation could be straightened out. Of course, Bernardin did nothing to
stop what he fully supported, and made it known in due time that the
whistleblower seminarian should move on to something else.

Let’s take a moment to profile Joseph Bernardin, the Archbishop of
Cincinnati in the 1970s and the Cardinal of Chicago in the 1980s, as a
perfect example of the type of man who has been appointed by Paul VI
(1963 to 1978) and John Paul II (1978 to present) to occupy the chief
seats in Catholic archdioceses since Vatican Council II, and to strain
every nerve to destroy the Catholic Church. Bernardin was widely
rumored, as reported in E. Michael Jones’ “Fidelity Magazine” to be
slipping into Chicago hospitals in the middle of the night to undergo
periodic dialysis to clean his blood near the end of his life. He died
with the look of an AIDS victim, and at his funeral the homosexual choir
sang, as pre-arranged and pre-approved by Bernardin himself, as well as
with a full Masonic color guard at his funeral. Bernardin spent some of
his last days going to Israel to accuse St. John the Apostle of
anti-Semitism, which is one short step away from accusing Christ Himself
of anti-Semitism. If Bernardin was a faithful Catholic, then I am a
prehistoric flying bird. His background was very suspicious, and my
guess is that he was an eastern European Jew masquerading as an Italian
– his strange accent was anything but Italian. He never went to a
Catholic school till he went to the Seminary at age 19, -- he was a
priest by the age of 23, and a Bishop a mere 8 years later, catapulting
over thousands of more educated and more qualified, and certainly more
Catholic, clerics. Bernadin fit the profile of an infiltrator into the
Church on behalf of Judeo-Masonry – and he is the type of
Luciferian-type “cleric” who sought to get homosexuals into the

Every priest and Bishop who perpetuated exposing children to known
pedophile priests should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law
and jailed. I say this as a Roman Catholic laymen, but as one who
recognizes that the forces of Judeo-Masonry gained working control of
the Vatican in 1958, and as one who grieves to see the disfigurement of
the Church by all of the destroyers and collaborators who are sitting in
the seats of power.


Comment: Just to remove any doubt about the Judeo-Masonic occupation of
the Vatican, committed demolition expert Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger
released a statement saying that there was no theological problem for
Jews to look forward to a future Messiah. This is straight Talmud Jewish
theology, and directly opposed to Catholic theology and, likewise,
Biblical theology. If it is “OK” for today’s Jews, or anyone else, to
look forward to a future Messiah, then it is not proper to believe that
Jesus Christ was the Messiah. St. Thomas Aquinas enunciated the Church’s
unchanging position in the 12th century, that is a mortal sin to take
part in any ceremony or rite which looks forward to a future Messiah as
if Christ had not already come.

This blasphemous statement issued by the occupied Vatican is the latest
and one of the most dramatic proofs that hostile forces occupy the
Vatican. This hostile occupation has been prophesied at many times
throughout history, and it will come to an end at some point. One book
which talks about it is “The Book of Destiny” by Fr. Hermann Kramer, in
-- I believe -- Chapter 12, in which Fr. Kramer relies heavily on the
12th chapter of the Apocalypse.

Item: The sudden use of “HOMELAND” INSTEAD OF “COUNTRY.”

Comment: The sudden use of “HOMELAND” instead of “our country” or “our
nation” – is subtle word warfare. Why are we not talking about
protecting our country or our nation? I’ll tell you why. Because the
world government is already in place as a shadow government,
headquartered in the United Nations. We are no longer to think of
ourselves as a sovereign nation – we are to think of ourselves as having
a “homeland” in the world government.

Those who think this is going to far, or reading something sinister into
an innocuous phrase – have no idea of the heartless, ruthless
psycho-warfare propagandists we are, -- or should be, -- fighting.


Solution? Arrest all those running the news departments at ABC, NBC,
CBS, CNN, and FOX, and put them on trial for treason. Arrest all those
running the entertainment divisions at ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and FOX, and
all the heads of major Hollywood studios – and charge them with
corruption of minors. Arrest all officials in the Congress and in the
Executive branch who are also Israeli citizens, such as Paul Wolfowitz,
second in command to Don Rumsfeld, and Senator Charles Schumer of New
York, and put them on trial for treason, i.e. favoring the interests of
a foreign government (Israel) over the United States of America (hey!
some of them may be found innocent). And, of course, arrest Alan
Greenspan and those who have been running the FED, also for treason, and
for serving a foreign power (the United Nations) over the United States
of America, but also for grand theft against the American people because
of their treasonous manipulation of the money system. This way the
Federal Reserve Board could finally be audited, and, again, Greenspan
and company may be able to prove their innocence -- and get off. Ya
never know.

Much more could be said and many more news items could be covered. Maybe
we’ll do this again soon.

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count
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