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George W’s “Monica Lewinsky”  Jim Condit Jr.
 Mar 01, 2002 02:13 PST 
March 01, 2002 NA (Network America) e-wire

George W’s “Monica Lewinsky”

The title of this E-wire is almost unfair – because it will probably get
just about everybody to open it.

President George W. Bush’s “Monica Lewinsky” is the Enron Scandal. Let
me explain.

Monica Lewinsky was used over President Clinton’s head to force him to
attack Iraq out of the blue in 1998. As bad as President Clinton was –
vying with Franklin Roosevelt as the most evil President in US History –
he did not want to attack a country without any at least apparent
provocation. Concern for his legacy, you know.

The Monica Lewinsky scandal forced his hand, if he wanted to avoid
impeachment. Some readers will recall that all the major TV anchors left
Cuba, where John Paul II was meeting with Castro, -- left Cuba in the
middle of the night on January 20 – 21, 1998 -- because of a RUMOR of
the Monica Lewinsky scandal. These ultimate hypocrites who suppressed
the Gennifer Flowers scandal – even though Flowers had audio tapes of
Clinton’s voice to prove her case!

Brokaw and Jennings and Rather all made the decision to get up in the
middle of the night and leave Cuba -- independently? Of course, NOT!
They were ordered by their Zionist Jewish bosses at CBS, NBC, and ABC to
get out of bed and fly back to New York to whip up the Lewinsky Scandal
– and in the next week, January 20-27, Clinton was treated on all five
big TV Networks like President Nixon was treated during Watergate -- as
a danger to the nation. The on screen newmen-actors were given such
attack lines to read against Clinton that on the following Sunday – Sam
Donaldson said, “Dare we say it? President Gore.”

Then on January 27 or 28th, the day of the State of the Union address
before Congress, all five Networks drastically changed tones. Suddenly
Clinton is doing well in the polls! The American people like him!” These
phony, unverifiable, absolutely unscientific polls – where we are
supposed to believe 800 unspecified people are polled who accurately
reflect the opinion of 250 million Americans – were “released” as a
reward for Clinton “deciding” to attack Iraq. And sure enough, that
night in the 1998 State of Union address --- Clinton vowed to attack
Iraq. To the wild bi-partisan applause of the U.S. Congress slaves.

Just to further emphasize the totally planned nature of the Lewinsky
scandal, the movie “Wag the Dog”, copyrighted and made in early 1997 and
released before Christmas day, 1997, 25 days before the actual Lewinsky
scandal broke --- has a picture of the now infamous scene where
President Clinton talks to Monica Lewinsky, wearing her black beret, on
a White House reception line. It’s not the actual picture, but it’s a
picture of a Clinton-type-build President with darker hair, with his
back to the camera, talking to the “fire-fly girl” with whom he is being
accused of having an affair in a room off the oval office. The fire-fly
girl is a Monica Lewinsky look alike with brown hair down to her
shoulders, and wearing the exact type of black beret that Monica
Lewinsky was wearing in that infamous scene.

The “Monica Lewinsky look alike” scene I am referring to comes about 20
or 30 minutes into the movie where the President’s Mr. Fix-it, Conrad
Breen (Robert Deniro), is sitting at the airport hanger waiting to fly
to Hollywood to visit a Hollywood producer about faking some war footage
to divert the press in the 11 days remaining until the Presidential
election. This “Monica Lewinsky in her beret” scene is flashed up on the
CNN-type news show playing at the airport; you may have to pause the
videotape to see it, because it appears very small in the upper left
hand corner of the screen.

“Wag the Dog” has no impure scenes, but does have foul and/or
blasphemous language at points. (Taking the name of God or Jesus Christ
in vain is a staple of most Jewish-made Hollywood movies; I wonder why
no one anywhere in the world ever swears by saying “Buddha!”, or
“Mohammed!”, or “Moses!” – do you think deep down every human being
knows something that many don’t want to admit?)

(Incidentally, how did the Big newsmedia find the real picture of
Clinton/Lewinsky amongt their millions of feet of footage within a day
or two of the breaking of the real Lewinsky scandal? I mean, did they
file that footage under the unknown “Monica Lewinsky”? Yes, they did,
because they knew the scandal was coming. There is no other
explanation. And isn’t it interesting that the footage was immediately
showing on all five TV networks. You mean they all had it? No. They all
work together as one – because they are one. Imagine – if they were
competitors – the advantage that the one network who had that footage
would have had over the others. But they are NOT competitors. They are
partners in treason, dedicated to brainwashing America, and all their
principals should be tried as such at the earliest opportunity.)

We published an entire article on the real reason behind the Lewinsky
Scandal in our on again / off again “All These Things” newspaper in
1998. I may someday reproduce it on this e-wire because it shows the
progression of events from January 1998 (when the Lewinsky scandal
broke) to Dec 17th or 18th, 1998 (when Clinton wantonly attacked Iraq
without provocation on the eve of the House vote on his impeachment).

Had Clinton refused to attack Iraq, I believe he would have been
impeached the next day – as the all powerful (in our slave Congress)
Isreali Lobby would just have told a few of their Congress-slaves to
vote for Clinton’s impeachment, and turned the tide against him. The
clues to this conclusion are all in the shifts of the coverage of the 5
major TV networks as the manipulation of Boy Clinton progressed in that

Now, in similar fashion, the Enron Scandal/Theft/Bankruptcy – will be
held over the head of W. Bush/Cheney – to make sure that they eventually
start attacking Iraq and Iran in more acts of wanton aggression to
satisfy the Israeli Lobby’s demands. Well, Mommies and Daddies and Boys
and Girls, this is what happens when your country has been conquered by
alien forces – in this case so-called Zionist, Talmudic, Khazar Jews.
Which brings me to – -- -- --

I realize that the “Ruling Elite” or the “Conspiracy” or whatever you
want to call it --- is an alliance between the upper echelons of
Anglo-Freemasonry and the political movement called “Zionism.” However,
as events continue to unfold, I feel ever more certain of my long held
conviction – based on the writings of Fr. Denis Fahey and the work of
Ivor Benson – that “Zionism” is the senior partner in this alliance.
(The late Ivor Benson’s booklet, “This Age of Conflict”, available at
criminialpolitics.com, explains very well the history in the 20th
century of this alliance.

It is the Zionist Jewish controlled Media – the five Big TV Networks
(ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and FOX) that are expertly applying pressure to W.
Bush/Cheney. The Enron scandal – and I’m sure others could be unveiled
if need be – will be held kept in the shadows like a dagger over the
collective head of W. Bush/Cheney – popping up into the Big Media just
often enough to remind them that if they don’t go with the Isreali Lobby
program on attacking Iraq and Iran – that this Enron scandal will be
brought out into the open and topple them.

To repeat our previous predictions based on Big Media propaganda – I
greatly fear that a Shadow Government-engineered nuclear/bio attack on a
major US population center will give W. Bush/Cheney the impetus they
need to launch this attack. I hope to issue a short e-wire soon that you
can save and forward far and wide to try and make this vicious attack
untenable – by putting in the minds of enough Americans that such an
attack would be the work of Zionism/Freemasonry in this country – not
the work of Moslems or Arabs. If we do not succeed in this – I’m afraid
the impending attack being talked about in the Big Media will be more
than horrible.

Two other points before we close.


The shameless warmongering going on across all the big electronic media
– Big TV and big radio – is all pervasive. Talk show hosts and Big Media
personalities are being given free reign to talk about anything –
provided they support making needless war on Arab or Moslem countries
according to the Israeli Lobby agenda.

Last night, February 28, 2002 – FOX Cable news ran an advertisement for
one of their endless, upcoming, pro-war specials that went like this
(paraphrase): “When the United States attacks Iraq – these planes will
go in first” (video showed a powerful, modern looking plane take off).
As is now the norm, the Big Media declares new wars, no need to have
Congress do it.

Is it too much to ask “our” Congress to declare war before going to war
in the 21st century? Yes, it is too much to ask – when your country has
already been conquered by “Judeo-Masonry” or the “Permanent Revolution.”

My apologies to those Jewish individuals who are swimming against the
tide and trying to oppose what the dominant Zionist leadership in the
world today is doing – but you know, as well as I, how few and how
ineffective you are at this point in the face of this juggernaut. In
that, all of his swimming against the tide have a heck of a lot in
common! (See jewsnotzionists.org.)


As I typed this, “Larry King Live” is carrying a vapid interview with
Monica Lewinsky, as her gag order agreement with the Special Counsel has
expired. Listening to this in the background for ten minutes causes me
to conclude that it is like listening to the dumbest, most insincere,
shallow-ist girl in a high school class make evasive comments about her
totally uninteresting, low class, lowbrow, utterly sad affair with a
married man.

So why mention it? Because the fact that a Monica Lewinsky is given an
hour on CNN to spew forth, is indicative of why an old Hungarian refugee
who came to America and settled in Cincinnati after World War II used to
refer to the Television as “the electronic Jew.”

This Lewinsky interview is just more proof of how any Jewish conniver –
from Lewinsky to Boesky to Milkin to Geraldo to Jerry Springer to a cast
of thousands -- can get unlimited, sympathetic time on TV --- the same
TV which ruthlessly censors and excludes countless patriotic Americans
from getting their message to the public – so that these various Zionist
Jews can have an opportunity to try and rehabilitate their image and get
out of all kinds of trouble.

Here we have the Jewish Larry King interviewing the Jewish Monica
Lewinsky in order to give her the chance to rehabilitate herself.
Monica L. has been made a millionaire many times over by the Ruling
Elite for the great service she did for their evil program. Tonight’s
Larry King show is promoting an upcoming HBO special called: “Monica
Lewinsky in Black and White” – where, believe it or not, the disgraceful
Tart sits in front of a college audience and answers questions for an
hour. You can bet that “Mossad agent of influence” Monica Lewinsky – who
had a Top Security clearance under the Clinton administration – got paid
multi-big bucks not only by HBO but by the college speaker’s bureau as

Top Security clearance for the 21 year old Monica Lewinsky? That’s what
happens when your country has already been conquered by so-called
“Zionist”, Talmudic Jews.

Yes, the “Enron Scandal” is W. Bush’s “Monica Lewinsky” – and with it,
and perhaps other scandals, the Israeli Lobby and their five Big TV
Networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and FOX) – will try and engineer W. Bush
and Cheney to take the US into needless wars of aggression against Iraq,
Iran, and then who knows where next.

End of this Network America e-wire

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count
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