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Nuke Warning from Netanyahu  Jim Condit Jr.
 Apr 16, 2002 21:48 PDT 
April 16, 2002 NA (Network America) e-wire

Nuke Warning from Netanyahu

This is NOT our “big e-wire” on the nuclear attack on an American city
that the Big Media has been subtly telegraphing to American living rooms
for 3 months (up until the current Palestinian / Israeli flare up).

After our recent short e-wire on this subject, a perceptive reader sent
this message:

“I just saw Robert Novak's column of April 14. It talks of a briefing
Netanyahu just gave U.S. Senators in which he warned Iraq could be
smuggling satchel nukes into the U.S. and had the ability to detonate
them. That's ominous. Definitely supports your thoughts.”

Thanks to that reader, so I went and found what Robert Novak (of CNN’s
“Evans & Novak”, “Crossfire” and “Capital Gang fame”) said about this
matter, and the following is his entire report on this subject carried
in his Chicago Sun-Times column of April 14, 2002:

“Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in secret briefings
of U.S. senators in Washington this past week, warned that Iraq's Saddam
Hussein not only is acquiring nuclear weapons but may have the means of
delivering them against the United States.

“Netanyahu, who is positioning himself to succeed Ariel Sharon as prime
minister, warned that the Iraqi weapons could enter the United States in
satchels carried by terrorists. U.S. intelligence has minimized the
likelihood of such an approach.” (End of Quote from Novak column.)

This warning of Benje to his adoring fans in the US Senate, goes along
with the warnings coming over the 5 Big TV Networks. Preparing,
preparing, preparing all strata of American society for a possible
nuclear attack from an Moslem or Palestinian faction (1/3rd of all
Palestinians are Christians).

We are supposed to conclude that because of the potential nuclear threat
– that we need to be ONE with the Israeli fight against “terrorism.” Hey
man, we’re next!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or so the Big Media and Netanyahu are
hoping we conclude. The best way to make us feel REALLY “at one” with
Israel is to have us experience “terror attacks” ourselves – like 9-11!

This is one of the aspects of the aftermath of “9-11” that does not make
sense if you try to believe the official Big TV cover story. If the
“worldwide terror network” of Bin laden had decided to make its big push
against the US starting with the more-than-dramatic 9-11 plane attacks
-- to arrange these incredible precision terror attacks that, we are
told, caught the whole US intelligence and air defense apparatus
flatfooted – would not they have followed up with dozens of “suicide
bombings” in malls, sports stadiums, and festivals? Would not this have
been done to possibly demoralize America and cause everyday Americans to
finally get a little bit interested in what “our” government has been
doing to arm Israel in the Middle East against the Palestinians?

Of course, in the real Bin Laden interviews – the ones that were not
conveniently “found” by US/Mossad intelligence operatives (see
public-action.com for an analysis of those suspect videos) – Bin Laden
always made very precise distinctions between the Zionist/Jewish control
of the Media and US Government on the one hand, and the
man-in-the-street in the USA on the other. Bin Laden, in effect, always
said that they (Bin Laden’s groups) were NOT targeting the average
American, because the they realized the average Americans were
brainwashed by the Zionist Jewish control of the media in the USA, -- a
statement which is essentially true. – (Although, and I’m saying this,
-- NOTHING excuses the arrogance and laziness of the average American
adult today.)

Solution to why there were not follow up “suicide bombings” in shopping
malls after 9-11: while the dark side of the CIA/Mossad could use remote
control technology and control of the press to pull off 9-11 – they
could not produce Moslem “suicide bombers” who did not want to bomb
Americans, so there have been no “suicide bombings” in the USA.

So what’s the Sharon/Netanyahu/Big Media/Ruling Elite solution? Bring
Terror to America, like 9-11, so that enraged Americans can be
manipulated to completely embrace Israel’s ill-founded fight – as OUR

But the above brings us to a problem with the Netanyahu briefing to US
Senators. IF --- IF --- Saddam Hussein, or the Palestinians, had the
technology to carry a suitcase bomb into a country – where would they
go? WHERE would they most likely go?

The obvious answer is that the Saddams/Palestinians/Moslems would send
the nuclear suitcase bombs to Israel, where they are already sending the
suicide bombers. Israel is a small country, and one, let alone three,
nuclear suitcase bombs would just about do it in. (This is one of the
reasons the Netanyahu/Bill Kristol/Zionist Ruling Elite appear to be
toying with nuking an American city – because they must garner support
in the USA to devastate the Moslem countries FAST, before the
neighboring Moslem enemies get the suitcase nuclear technology. At least
that’s the way these -- by now – insane, power-mad minds seem to be
“reasoning.”) Of course, any nuking of Israel – an act that would also
be insane – would bring massive radiation fall out to nearby Palestinian
and Arab countries.

The only thing that could be accomplished detonating suitcase nukes in
the USA – would be to enrage Americans to join Israel in an all-out war
against the Moslems. This would not serve the Moslem cause, -- but it
would serve the top Zionist/Sharon/Netanyahu cause.

Perhaps the case could be made that Saddam is insane, and he might
detonate a nuke in the US in order to retaliate for the Zionist-directed
US bombing persecution against Iraqi citizens. And a nuke detonated in
the USA would not mean immediate fallout for the Arab countries near
Israel. Possibly – but –

It doesn’t appear Saddam or the Palestinians have the nuclear technology
– but the US government and the Israeli government definitely do have it
– right now.

It looks to me as if only Israel would benefit greatly if a nuclear bomb
or major biowarfare attack goes off in a US city. The Israeli worldwide
network is so intertwined with the US government agencies that by now
the Mossad and the CIA are all but one and the same. Under Clinton, the
CIA Director and his two topmost assistants were all Zionist Jews. Lost
behind the well publicized Marc Rich pardon – was Clinton’s pardon of
Zionist-Jew former CIA Director Deutsch – thus stopping an inquiry into
how mega-intelligence secrets got to the wrong places under Deutsch’s
watch at the CIA. If the truth be known, Deutsch should be in jail with
Israeli spy and American traitor -- Jonathon Pollard.

Get the picture? Israeli intelligence and the CIA have become virtually
one under the watch of Reagan/Bush Sr./Clinton. That’s why we at Network
America are sounding the alarm that the warnings pouring forth from the
five Big TV networks – and now Ben Netanyahu (pronounced Nut and `yahoo)
– that an American city may be nuked --- are coming from those who are
planning to do the nuking --- so that their very own 5 Big TV Networks
can blame it immediately on the Moslems – and manipulate Americans into
fully supporting an all out war on the Moslem world, with a view to
destroying Israel’s neighboring enemies, -- as a step on the way to
destroying all the enemies of their hoped-for New World Order tyranny.

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count
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