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Nuclear Attack Warning from MSNBC  Jim Condit Jr.
 Apr 24, 2002 02:17 PDT 

April 24, 2002 NA (Network America) e-wire

Nuclear Attack Warning from MSNBC

MSNBC absurdly interrupted “The Abrams Report” on April 23, 2002 with a
“breaking news story” that Abu Zubaydah, reportedly the 3rd top guy in
Alcada, and recently captured by the US military, had just told US
interrogators that Alcada was working on getting the components for a
nuclear radiation bomb that could be brought into the US, assembled, and
detonated within our borders. (This is a breaking news release? No – it
is another telegraphing of what the top Ruling Elite of Judeo-Masonry is
planning to do to the USA – and BLAME it on the Moslem countries.)

There was also a similar story from another source on “The Brian
Williams Show” on CNBC and MSNBC. (And these are just two stories I
caught on the fly.) What’s the lesson??

As we at the Network America e-wire have been warning since April 12
overtly – for the last three months the 5 Big TV Networks have been
warning that a nuclear terrorist attack has been coming. There was a
brief hiatus while Sharon was destroying the infrastructure of the
Palestinians in Jenin and elsewhere – but now these incessant warnings
of a nuclear terrorist attack are back.

This is psychological warfare to build up pressure on the minds of the
American people. Another part of the psycho-warfare is the absurd “color
warning” system of Public Enemy Tom Ridge and the Orwellian office of
Homeland Security. We’re supposed to get up in the morning wondering if
we’re under a “yellow”, “green”, or “red” terrorist alert, as issued by
the Office of Homeland Security. More on this totally absurd system --
which is nothing but raw psychological warfare against the American
people – another time.

If the nuclear attack which the 5 Big TV Networks are always warning us
about takes place --- look not to the Moslems shivering in the caves of
Afghanistan – look to front man Bill Kristol of the False Opposition
“Weekly Standard”, and his fellow Top Zionist Jews in New York,
Washington D.C., and Tel Aviv. That’s who should be watched, and that’s
who should be blamed if any nuclear attack on US shores takes place. As
we said in another e-wire – if the Moslems -- those who would be willing
and eager to do this type of terrorist attack -- get a hold of a nuclear
weapon that can fit in a suitcase – they’ll use it against Israel. There
is no Arab country or leader that does not realize such a nuclear attack
on American shores would be blamed on the Arab countries by the
Zionist-Jewish controlled 5 Big TV Networks – and would result in all
out attacks by the USA on Arab countries. Of course, this is EXACTLY
what the top Zionist Fanatics want – and it is they and only they who
have the motive and means to effect a nuclear attack on US shores ---
and it is only they who have control of the Big 5 TV Networks that can
immediately blame it on the Arabs – no matter who does it.

We always like to recommend books for those who like to get more
documentation. In “Joseph of Nasi” (written circa 1930) – which you may
have to get from the lending library system – you will see that in the
Middle Ages the Jewish Network tried incessantly to launch the Moslems
against Christian Europe. In that book, written by Jews for Jews, they
talk about the “disaster of Lepanto” – in which naval battle a Europe
united by Pope St. Pius V and Don Juan of Austria defeated the
Mohammendans with some Divine aid, -- which victory resulted in the
Feast of the Most Holy Rosary celebrated on October 7th every year.

NOW, today in the last half of the 20th century and the beginning of the
21st, the dominant Jewish network is trying to launch the Christians in
the USA against the Moslem world. This is the explanation of the sudden
frantic efforts by the Zionist-Jew controlled Media in the USA to
associate anti-Israel sentiment with the pro-abortion, socialist left
wing. The dumb goyim who still trust the Big Media are supposed to
think: “Hey, if that pro-abort, lesbian, commie I just heard on Michael
Savage’s radio program is against Israel’s genocide of the Palestinians,
then I guess I should support Israel.” Don’t fall for it. The same
Jewish Supremists who have been fanatically warring against Christian
civilization in the USA for the last 40 years – are suddenly putting on
their “socially conservative” mask in order to fool the Christian
Evangelicals following Pat Robertson, and the Catholic laymen who still
trust the men sitting in the Bishop’s chairs, into supporting the next
move on the Israeli-New World Order chess board.

Also, on April 24, 2002 the Big Media stepped up their propaganda to
prepare the way for the planned USA aggression against Iraq, at the
service of Sharon and Israel.

I will continue to monitor and report what the Big Media is doing to
prepare the American people for a nuclear attack on our shores, and to
manipulate us into another attack on Iraq, Iran, and beyond. Please
forward these messages to some opinion maker or news person, even if
they are hostile. The more the Ruling Elite and their hirelings see that
many Americans are on to WHO will be behind any coming nuclear attack on
America, and WHAT their networks are doing right now to administer
psycho-warfare to the American people – the more chance we have to
disrupt their plans.

I will close today be reminding everyone that 20,000 Orthodox Jews
marched in New York City at the end of March, 2002 to protest modern
Zionism in general and the Sharon policies in particular. There are also
many courageous Jews who are speaking out across the world and in Israel
for sane policies -- as the world edges towards circumstances which
could ignite World War III.

Tomorrow we will make some further distinctions on what frame of mind we
should adopt in the current circumstances.

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count
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