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Reader’s Digest Cover Story: Nuclear Attack on US  Jim Condit Jr.
 Apr 30, 2002 08:45 PDT 

April 29, 2002 NA (Network America) e-wire

Reader’s Digest Cover Story: Nuclear Attack on US

The May, 2002 edition of “Reader’s Digest” -- a monthly – screams a
story on its cover: “Nuclear Threat: How Could it Happen. How to Prevent

You can see this cover in grocery stores everywhere right now. What the
story says is not that important. The important aspect is --- this is
another example of the constant barrage of information from the Big
Media which plants in the American mind that a nuclear attack on our
shores, or something like it, is a part of our future.

The finger in these news items is always pointed towards the Moslem/Arab
world – which faction is justifiably furious with us for backing to the
hilt the state terrorist program of the mini-state of Israel implemented
against Moslems and Arabs.

But as we have been insisting for months now – the actual attack on US
shores – as phase two of 9-11 -- will come from the Ruling Elite of the
Zionist faction in New York, Washington D.C., and Tel Aviv --- to jump
start the beginning of the imposing of marshal law and round ups of
Zionist enemies in the USA, to justify an all out attack on Moslem
countries such as Iran and Iraq (probably using nuclear weapons), and to
permit the unveiling of the beginnings of the New World Order
government, now still mainly in the shadows. (Pat Buchanan’s recent
column, “World Government Rising”, dealt with the fact that this New
World Order government is peeping out of the shadows on some fronts.

Today, on April 29, 2002 all the Big Media were pushing hard for: “When
do we attack Iraq? What’s the timetable?” --- NOTICE -- none of them
ask IF we should attack Iraq – only when. It’s brazen. The casual
American is confronted with a false alternative.

On The Michael Savage Radio show, now on almost 300 stations, Savage
called for the nuclear bombing of Baghdad, Iraq --- to save the lives of
200,000 American boys which he estimates would be lost in a ground war
against Iraq, Iran, and the other Moslem countries that may join in.

200,000 primarily Christian boys and girls lost in battle in the middle
east? For the anti-Christ state of Israel and the godless New World
Order? I think not. Let’s start the drum rolling for dealing with the
REAL traitors – not shivering in the caves of Afghanistan, but running
New York and Washington D.C., and putting the interests of Israel and
the New World order ahead of the interests of America.

The top Ruling Elite of Judeo-Masonry is lusting to kill off the flower
of another generation of young Christian men, especially young white
Christian men – as they succeeded in doing in World War I, World War II,
the Korean War, and the Vietnam War – to say nothing of the mysterious
diseases now afflicting thousands of soldiers who were in the Gulf War.
Patriots will now arise against this diabolical Judeo-Masonic elite –
not allow this crowd to manipulate us into an unnecessary “war of
civilizations” with Moslems and Arabs.

Tomorrow’s brief e-wire will be called, “Even Rush isn’t in the Loop” –
and it will analyze what Rush was bellyache-ing about today, and how it
indicates Rush is not in the loop of the uppermost strategy, and how he
does not understand the game plan in progress.

End of this e-wire.

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count
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