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Millions could Die – Brookings Institute Report; and more  Jim Condit Jr.
 May 11, 2002 23:11 PDT 

May 12, 2002 NA (Network America) e-wire

Millions could Die – Brookings Institute Report; and more

In the continuing aggressive release of reports, comments, official
statements, unofficial statements, magazine articles, and Big Media
reports --- all preparing Americans for a coming catastrophic nuclear /
biowarfare attack on our shores -----

Enter the Brookings Institute.

The Brookings Institute is one of those spooky “think tanks” with
unlimited funding, provided by various Judeo-Masonic money tricks, all
made possible by the productivity of the American people and modern
technology (See the article “Money Myth Exploded” by searching for it on
google.com). Anyway --

On CNN on April 30, on Crossfire, as well as on many other places in the
Big Media – the viewing audience was informed that a newly released
Brookings Institute Report states that upwards of a million Americans
could die from a coming bio-warfare attack on an American population

Those of you who have been watching this e-wire know that we have been
passing along a steady stream of Big Media mind-conditioning reports
regarding this coming nuclear / biowarfare attack on a major population
center in this country (the USA).

If such an attack occurs, we assert that it will be the work of the dark
side of the New World Order intelligence apparatus, which is a
combination of the worst elements of the CIA/KGB/FBI/MOSSAD. Behind this
evil intelligence Super Agency is the hierarchy of Judeo-Masonry, which
also animates the Federal Reserve Money Swindling Machine -- and the Big
TV Networks.

Such an attack will be phase two of the 9-11 remote control terror
attacks (see public-action.com) and will be for the purpose of launching
United States weapons and boys against the Moslem world on behalf of
Israel and the New World Order.

On the resulting ruins and destruction, the evil Ruling Elite hopes to
construct its hoped for New World Order Tyranny, with anti-Christ Israel
ensconced as de facto World Capital, by that time secure from its
militarily devastated Moslem and Arab neighbors. --- That’s what THEY
hope for. (But God has other plans.)

Here are some other ominous developments that were also run in the
“beneath the screen” headlines on that same Crossfire:

· White House won’t let Tom Ridge testify on Capitol Hill about the
office of Homeland Security. (Bush is Gore, and Gore is Bush.)
· White House seeking 38 billion for Homeland Security. (This is to put
in place the apparatus to eventually round up the dissenters, after
branding them – us -- as “terrorists.”)
· Federal agents have now taken over airport security. (This is a major
piece of a any good police state, now in place.)

The Evil Ones -- (I’m speaking of the Judeo-Masonic agents behind W.
Bush and the 5 Big TV Networks, not the inconsequential Osama/Usama Bin
Laden and the obviously NOT international network of Al Quada) -- are
moving quickly. But do not despair, but rejoice. They are moving closer
to their own destruction. As they make more moves, they are hanging out
in the open where more and more can see what they are doing. Make as
many of your fellow Americans as aware as possible of WHO is behind our
troubles, as identified in this e-wire.

And work. And pray.

End of this e-wire.

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Network America Ewire List
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count
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