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BIG, Big Warning on Nukes  Jim Condit Jr.
 May 20, 2002 03:47 PDT 

May 19, 2002 NA (Network America) e-wire

BIG, Big Warning on Nukes

Probably everybody saw it this time. We have been reporting for several
months on the Big Media mind conditioning for the “we’re gonna be
nuked!” campaign -- as addressed to selected segments of the American

Billionaire Buffet’s comments were magnified by the mass media for the
sake of the investing crowd. Reader’s Digest May, 2002 cover was aimed
at the mature reading public. Gear Magazine at the yuppies (Gear yet to
be covered in NA e-wires). That guy with that slick gangster feel –
Benji Netanyahu -- informed our dullard Congressmen. And so on. BUT –

On Saturday Night, May 18, 2002 – by 5:30 PM EST – the Zionist/Masonic
Cable which runs the Big Media – were ready to telegraph the message to
just about everybody. All the cable networks came to a stop. The FBI had
put out an alert to all the apartment complexes in the USA. Al Qaeda!!
Taliban!! Muslims!!! – The Sky is Falling!!!!

One perplexed “info-babe” (pretty for sure, -- but equipped with the
mental background to be one of the 35 or so regular newscasters on TV
out of 280 million Americans? -- doubtful) on MSNBC kept asking the
“terrorism expert” – a guy named Hahn – what the apartment complexes
should do. “Be vigilant.” She tried numerous times for a clarification –
some help other than to be “real scared” – but he could offer no
assurances. “Just be grateful and accept the government rating system,”
he said.

But then this warning also: there was a lot of chatter on the Al Qaeda
cell phones – just like before 9-11. The networks all said that we’re
gonna be attacked – and it could be as bad – OR WORSE – than 9-11.

YOU BET IT’S GONNA BE WORSE! The Zionist Jews and their allies in New
York City, in Washington D.C. and Tel Aviv are going to make sure of
that. And then they are going to tell us that we must go to a World War
against the Muslim world and nuke millions of them – and that we must
give up our sons AND DAUGHTERS to go die for anti-Christ Israel and the
New World Order in the sands of the Middle East.

Hey – had you ever heard that the US was picking up “increased chatter”
on the Al Quada cell phones and other means of voice communication
before the terror attacks 9-11? I never heard that. --- They are making
it up as they go along. In fact, I never even HEARD of Al Qaeda before

Which brings up the Taliban’s visit to Texas in 1997. At some point in
the last few days, Michael Moore (the lightweight, but sometimes
interesting, producer of the movie “Roger and Me”) was interviewed at
the Cannes Movie Festival in France. He was reeling on about a meeting
in Texas in 1997 when G.W. Bush was Governor – reported in the
Washington Post and elsewhere, when the Taliban leadership went there to
discuss putting an oil pipeline line through Afghanistan to get those
billions of barrels of oil out of the Black Sea or Caspean Sea (can’t
remember for sure right now).

Anyway, Moore said the Taliban were meeting with Halburton, the oil
company that was headed by Dick Cheney at that time. And a deal was in
the works. But when later the Taliban pulled out, Moore said some way
had to found to get the Taliban out of power.

Speaking of Dick Cheney, now Vice President of the United States, he was
on Meet the Press on Sunday morning. I taped it, and only watched the
first few minutes – but in that short time, Cheney came very close to
saying that – it’s not IF we are going to be attacked, --- but WHEN. Now
he didn’t quite say it that definitively in what I saw – but the Big
Press is saying it that way.

And then on Sunday morning – another Suicide bombing. Sorry, my
credibility is broken on suicide bombings. When a “suicide bombing”
happened on cue when Sharon was meeting in the Oval Office with W. Bush
– my credibility broke down. (See Carol Valentine’s “Tooth Fairies and
Suicide Bombers”

Some of these are undoubtedly real – but some of them are just TOO
CONVENIENT. Whenever Israel wants to attack the Palestinians with a view
to taking more land – all they have to do is send some drugged
Palestinian out with a strapped on bomb – and blow it up by remote
control when he gets to the right place; just like the rebels from
Chechnya did to the Russians the other day (they had the remote control
bomb minus the suicide guy). And would the Top Zionists kill a few
everyday Jews to have a perfectly timed “suicide bomber” – you bet.
Sharon and the other big wigs have their families living OUT of Israel.
And this is exactly what the top Zionists did in the “Holocaust” – see
“Perfidy” by disillusioned Jewish Hollywood producer Ben Hecht (1961).
Hecht was assistant to David O’Selznick on “Gone with the Wind”, and did
the screen play for “From Here to Eternity.”

Now – let’s get down to business. Even if the CIA/Mossad can find some
Arabs to stick at the scene of the crime as they did in 1993 when they
tried to blow up the World Trade Center the first time – make no mistake
--- if we are nuked or biowarfared, or hit with a similar apocalyptic
tragedy – then it will be the Zionist Jewish Ruling Elite in conjunction
with their top Freemason collaborators – NOT THE MEN SHIVERING IN THE

There is no need for fear. The Zionist Jews and top Freemasons are a
small group – and they are sitting on a house of cards – with even a ton
of opposition within their own natural constituencies. In Israel the
other day there was an anti-Sharon demonstration of 50,000 --- censored
by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and FOX – now THAT’s coordinated censorship. As
we reported awhile back, in New York City in late February 100,000
Orthodox Jews marched against the Sharon government – and it was
similarly blacked out, “not newsworthy.”

If the Rulers of Judeo-Masonry could do it, they would have already shut
down Michael Hoffman, Carol Valentine, Ernst Zundel, Germar Rudolph,
Covenant News, Michael Bray, -- and maybe even yours truly. But they
can’t – in fact, they’re even a little worried about us starting the
ball rolling to shut THEM down. Here’s what to do:

Call or write or email you local TV station, a synagogue in your area, a
church in your area, a city council man, a Sheriff, a policeman, a
fireman – somebody in the opinion making arena. Tell them that if
America is hit with a major attack such as a nuclear or biowarfare
attack as the 5 Big Zionist controlled networks are repeatedly saying –
that a whole lot of us are going to blame the Zionist Jew Ruling Elite
in New York, D.C. and Tel Aviv – and we are not going to blame the
Muslims shivering in the caves in Afghanistan – who had no more to do
with 9-11 than the piano players in Denmark.

This is no time for groundless fear – America is about to be the victim
of a nuclear attack, via “the enemy within.”

Or better yet, call or write the Chabad House in the major city near you
with the above message.

Why the Chabad house? To find out about that, you’ll have to go to
public-action.com – and read Carol Valentine’s new blockbuster; “Merry
Christmas – AND OFF WITH YOUR HEAD.” This is a 39 page piece, but it is
MUST READING for every American. Print it out, and carry it around with
you until you get it all read. You will be very grateful to me for
demanding that you do so!

Also, EVERYONE, exercise your 2nd Amendment. Buy guns, buy ammunition,
and learn to use guns correctly, safely and accurately. (It’s your
constitutional right.)

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Network America Ewire List
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count
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