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How To Read the News --- May 29, 2002  Jim Condit Jr.
 May 30, 2002 01:57 PDT 

May 29, 2002 NA (Network America) e-wire

How To Read the News --- May 29, 2002

I don’t have the time to write these e-wires – but it seemingly becomes
necessary to maintain my mental equilibrium on a day with so much lying
and deception going on in the media. At least it makes me feel “better.”


Comment: The “flap” the FBI is being chastised for (ignoring a memo) in
the dishonest Big Media – is like railing on a man for wearing one brown
shoe and one black shoe – two minutes after he’s machine-gunned a
classroom full of 3rd graders.

Here is an un-American FBI that has presided over the WACO massacres
(see public-action.com for the WACO Holocaust Museum), the wanton
assassination of Vicki Weaver because she wanted to live with her
husband and family in a little cabin in the woods – away from the Big
City. Here is an FBI that set up an office in Moscow in the early 90s
under Public Enemy Louis Freeh, former director of the FBI. (What is a
domestic law enforcement agency doing setting up an office in Moscow?
Answer: the merger of the FBI, KGB, MOSSAD, and CIA was already
underway, and is now completed in a New World Order intelligence agency
– whose name we do not know yet.) Which brings us to the reason for this
carping on FBI-memo-ignoring disinformation:

The FBI is beginning to merge with the CIA. Every good police state
needs ONE and ONLY ONE police-terror operation. Shame on Public Enemy
John Ashcroft, occupying the Attorney General’s chair, and Public Enemy
Tom Ridge, occupying the office of Director of Homeland Security – for
their part in making yet another step towards a police state.


Comment: The FBI Memo Flap (ignoring Suzie Snowflakes’ Memo that Mumar
so-and-so was going to take a flying lesson in a suspicious manner) is
TOTAL disinformation and misdirection. So is the Sharon “release” of a
warning he supposedly gave Bush. All of this disinformation and
mis-direction is to try and place further “false memories” in the minds
of the Americans that “those diabolically clever Muslims did it.” – (I’m
not saying there were no memos written as are being reported, but that
the EMPHASIS – and I might add, the SUDDEN emphasis --- given them is
disinformation and mis-direction.)

NO DOUBT – many Muslims had the MOTIVE to pull of 9-11 – but they did
NOT have the means or opportunity (See public-action.com). Without the
US Defenses standing down for two hours after the first planes went off
course on the morning of 9-11 – no amount of cheesy, spotty, erratic
flying lessons could have pulled off the 9-11 Pageant Spectacular.
Sharon’s intelligence operatives and the dark side of our own
intelligence agencies – pulled it off with remote control technology –
that’s where all the evidence points.

The humungous effort which the 5 Big TV Networks are currently engaged
in to plant a whole series of “false memories” in the American public
mind – with all these phony, inconsequential controversies – is proof
someone in the establishment is worried that the American people are
viewing their official cover story for the 9-11 Pageant Spectacular –
with increasing suspicion.


Yes. It may seem unbelievable – but the “abortion” formula, which is the
same as the “homosexual” formula – is being resurrected for the issue of
“pedophila” and “sexual child molestation.” That is, make the absolutely
horrifying --- more acceptable – but having debates where the evil is
given equal place at the table with the good. THIS IS THE FIRST STEP IN
WANTS TO INTRODUCE. (This paragraph is profound – read it again!)

I noticed that after the first round -- when the “priest scandals” were
being thumped night and day by the Big Media – on cue – the Big Media
gave sudden coverage to a Minnesota University group which issued a
conference or an appeal on how pedophilia should be re-classified as
“inter-generational sex” – as well as a lot of other garbage.

Now – tonight – Alan Keyes on his MSNBC show, “Alan Keyes is Making
Sense” – holds a 30 minute forum giving wide publicity and
respectability to a degenerate, criminal book entitled, “Harmful to
Minors, The Perils of Protecting Children from Sex,” – written by Judith
Levine, with a forward by Clinton’s so-called Surgeon General, Joycelyn
Elders. This book advocates pedophilia and child molestation – as Keyes
and Rios demonstrated from quotes from the book itself.

Joycelyn Elders, who wrote the Forward, or, who – better said – signed
the Forward – had clearly not read the book.

The panel members for the Keyes discussion were: Elders and Gloria
Feldt, President of Planned Parenthood, for the Devil; and Sandy Rios of
Concerned Women of America, for God, family, country, the children, and
western civilization.

First, Alan Keyes, despite his usually eloquent statements on the
matter, -- is totally wrong for giving a National Forum to such a
criminal book with such a criminal message. He is helping the Big Media
to follow the program on pedophilia that was used to introduce the
abortion issue and the sodomite issue to the American people. This
“equal footing debate format” is used in order to make such horrifying
sins more familiar to the American people – as a step towards moving
people to more acceptance, and more tolerance for the evils. I am
persuaded that in these cases, dialogue is bad – unless you treat the
evil-doers like criminals who need to be behind bars or worse,
throughout the entire discussion. There is no excuse of the people who
control forums – to give these corrupters a forum in the first place.

Sandy Rios of Concerned Women did an excellent job, with the exception
of the fact that she seemed to be grateful for some small agreement on a
minor point from the she-devil Feltz near the end of the interview.

Dr. Joycelyn Elders is simply too dumb to be allowed to appear on TV. As
usual, she can’t follow the discussion, she avoids every question, she
endorses books without reading them. T-O-O    D-U-M-B – and it indicts
MSNBC, CNN, and FOX that they give air time to this cretin-brain, while
tens of thousands of Americans with normal intelligence and something
constructive and intelligent to say -- are ruthlessly censored from the
Big Media airwaves.

Gloria Feldt, current President of Planned Parenthood, like all her
predecessors in the last half century – is a liar and an accomplice to
murder through the abortions Planned Parenthood perpetrates.

Feldt had the chutzpah to claim that the highest rate of teen
pregnancies in the USA happened in the late 1950s (there’s a trick here,
but hold on.). Sandy Rios of Concerned Women, (who went to high school
in the mid sixties as did Feldt), immediately called her on this. Rios
stated that where she grew up almost no girls in her high school were
pregnant – and she asked Feldt to state how many girls were pregnant in
her high school class. Of course, this is a fact that could have been
checked – and Feldt refused to commit to a number even though Rios asked
her to do so several times.

Feldt was hoping the audience would infer that there were more
out-of-marriage, illegitimate teen pregnancies in the 1950s – before
Planned Parenthood “sex initiation” rituals began in schools. In fact,
in the late 50s, so many guys and gals got married right out of high
school – at age 18 and 19 – and had their first child before the woman
turned 20, that there WERE a formidable number of teen pregnancies –
married teen pregnancies – in the late 50s – but they were proper and
within the context of marriage, stability, and “husband providing for
young wife and child” with one of those jobs that High Finance has sent

Back to Feldt’s subtle promotion of this book and pedophilia in this
Alan Keyes interview. First, excuse me for mentioning that I notice once
again that the really articulate evil-promotors, Feldt and Levine (the
author of the book) are Jewesses. Levine actually WROTE the sordid stuff
– this book which epitomizesthe newest Talmudic offensive against
Christian society (remember, pedophilia is OK’d by the Talmud, see
Michael Hoffman’s “Judaism’s Strange Gods” at hoffman-info.com, and
“Merry Christmas – AND OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!” at public-action.com).

And Feldt not only comes off as TOTALLY COMFORTABLE with the perversion
she is subtly promoting – but seems to be very well tuned into a long
term game plan. She comes off as a corrupter who is probing for how to
make at least one point with most of the horrified viewers, to try to
begin softening them up to her Talmudic (and satanic) point of view.

Is Gloria Feldt, current President of Planned Parenthood, a witch (I
mean a real, formal one as in “Wicca” – I’m not asking a rhetorical
question here)? Is she a satanist? These are serious questions. I would
like Feldt to go on the record and answer them. Her moral software seems
to have been inserted backwards. She’s comfortable with evil. She
promotes evil WITH A SMILE,

Feldt is in the tradition of the Talmudic Jews and Jewesses, then going
under the name Communist, who took over Budapest, Hungary, in 1919 for a
brief time. One of the first things they did was to introduce “sex
initiation” into the schools and force feed it to the Catholic school
children all the way down to the earliest grades. Well, -- and this is a
story in itself – this takeover of Budapest, Munich, and a few other
cities – was in anticipation of the Soviet army’s arrival -- which was
advancing in an attempt to try and takeover all of Europe. Europe then
lay exhausted by World War I.

The Poles, -- in a miraculous, or near-miraculous event – broke the
Soviet advance, allowing the Russian peasants to turn on the NKVD
Communist Secret Police, take their machines guns away (which the Secret
Police were using to force the Peasants to march forward). The Russian
peasants then headed back home to their families in Russia.

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, this ended the hope of the
Communists to take over Europe in that generation (circa 1920). The
Katyn Forrest Massacre -- where a generation later at the beginning of
World War II circa 1940 -- 15,000 Polish officers were shot in the back
of the head by the Communist invaders – was the Communist pay back to
the sons of the men who had thwarted their attempt to conquer Europe
after World War I.

Furthermore, I have a suspicion that, if it can be traced, “Polish”
jokes were started by the worldwide Zionist-Communist-Jewish network
after World War I -- because of their outrage that the Poles had
effectively postponed their evil plans for the subjugation of Christian
Europe. Anyway –

With the Communist advance broken by Poland, the Communist army never
reached Hungary. So the Hungarian Freedom Fighters threw the usurpers
off. And guess what? The moral devils who had introduced “sex
initiation” to the Catholic Hungarian children – were seized and hung. I
have read this in several places – and I would greatly appreciate it if
anyone can help me re-identify an exact source for this information (it
may be either in the works of William Guy Carr – “Pawns in the Game” or
“Red Fog Over America”, or in one of the books of Count
Cherep-Spiridovich, such as the “The Hidden Hand”).

In a related matter, there was an interesting case in Northern Kentucky
a few months back. A man had molested the minor girl of a certain
mother. The courts weren’t getting around to doing justice fast enough
for her – so the good Mom got a gun and shot the Child Molester in the
groin – bullseye, as I understand the case. And, the Jury refused to
convict her of anything – they found her innocent, to the consternation
of some local liberal media.

If I’m ever on a Jury considering the fate of someone who brought “some
justice” to any guilty child molester – OR any PROMOTER of child
molesting – then I will certainly find the Vigilante Purveyor of Justice
--- “not guilty.” I suggest you do the same.


Comment: The movie written by CIA-approved agent of influence Tom Clancy
– THE SUM OF ALL FEARS – deals with a nuclear attack on Baltimore,
Maryland – perpetrated by neo-Nazis. (The original script had those bad,
bad Arabs doing it, but 9-11 forced a change in the script, we are

This is another item in the long line of Big Media “mind-conditioning”
of the American public -- to get us used to the idea of a major nuclear
/ biowarfare attack on a major US population center. This Movie needs
more comment, so it will be the subject of our next Network America

End of this e-wire.

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Network America Ewire List
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count
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