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How to Read the News – June 2002  Jim Condit Jr.
 Jun 30, 2002 10:28 PDT 

June 29, 2002 NA (Network America) e-wire

How to Read the News – June 2002

Sorry, Dear Readers, that you have not heard from Network America e-wire
in June until now. It is just that we are intensely diverted with
several projects, one of which will be related in this forum as soon as
we can do so.

In a day or two, God aiding, we will release an ewire about “How to
Avoid Nuclear War” – which will be an e-wire of hope.

Herein are some fulminations on “the news” in June 2002 – but first, --

First, since we have been away since May 30,2002, let’s cover the

(If you are a veteran reader, you can skip the basics and go to the
twenty stars below (********************) for the June 2002 news

As veteran readers know, the basic thesis of this e-wire is that the 5
Big TV Networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and FOX) coordinate their news
EVERYDAY. These networks cover the same major stories from the SAME
ANGLE – everyday. They also team up to censor, or de-emphasize to the
point of oblivion, all evidence which does not fit the “official truth”.

These 5 Big TV Networks are the conduits of the Ruling Elite’s
psychological warfare – the most vicious, subtle, professional, and
pervasive psychological warfare that has ever been waged against any
nation in the history of the world.

Furthermore, all of these Big TV Networks are run by Zionist/Jewish
forces, even if some of the main players are not Jewish. (Actually,
pseudo-Zionist is the correct term, as these modern day “Zionists” have
nothing in common with the Old Testament concept of the Promised Land.
Look up “Khazars” on google.com, or go to jewsnotzionists.org for more
information on this.)

The propaganda put forth on these 5 Big TV Networks is for the Permanent
Revolution, i.e. the Revolt against the Divine Plan for Order, which is
in our day a coalition of top Zionist Jews and top Anglo-Freemasons
(Anglo-Freemasons, such as the Bush family, and the top Zionists, such
as computer-generated Senator Charles Schumer and FED Chairman Alan

There is an alliance between these two factions of the Ruling Elite, and
some argue that the Anglo-Freemasonic faction is the senior partner, but
it seems to me the evidence does not support that theory. If the
in-place Anglo-Freemason faction could have the upper hand, they do not
have the spiritual vision or moral will to do so.

It is of paramount importance that Americans understand WHICH FACTION
(Zionist Jews) runs the newsmedia in the USA. If Americans do not
realize and understand this one reality, they will tend to look at the
Big Media as an honest broker covering spontaneously happening news. In
fact, the Big Media is increasingly a vehicle for a succession of
planned news events thought up and scripted in well funded think tanks
such as the Brookings Institute here in the USA, or the Tavistock
Institute in Britain, or maybe some deep cover think tanks we’ve never
heard of yet.

To get the documentation on who runs the media, go to google.com and
punch in “Who Rules America”, which is the only regularly updated study
of who owns the media that we know of. You can also go to
jewishtribalreview.org for another source of documentation, such as that
website’s section on “Jewish Power” near the top on the home page.

The preponderance of the evidence indicates that the 9-11 terror attacks
were accomplished by remote control technology, and perpetrated by the
dark side of Isreali and hi-jacked USA intelligence agencies. As soon as
the planes were crashed into the Twin Towers in New York City, all five
Big TV Networks (the mouthpieces) went into overdrive on two themes: a)
we are in a 50 years war against terror; b) we must begin to trade our
freedoms for security. (See the important articles 9-11 on
public-action.com by Carol Valentine, including her most recent article,
“Pentagon Rescue . . . Open, Bloody, Questions.”)

Phase II of the 9-11 attacks – as this Network America e-wire has been
warning since January, 2002 (based on Big Media psychological warfare
clues) will be a nuclear or biowarfare attack on a major US population
center, probably a coastal city, in which 10,000 to 30,000 Americans
will be murdered in a few hours by the Judeo-Masonic hitmen working for
the establishment of a New World Order tyrannical government. If the
evil forces get that far, the Big Media will immediately blame the new
terror attack on the Muslims, and the Occupation Government behind
President G.W. Bush will launch a massive attack against Iran, Iraq, and
the Moslem world. Here at home in the USA, much more serious steps
towards martial law will begin – or at least that’s what the
Judeo-Masonic Ruling Elite is planning.

Other important independent websites besides public-action.com are
sweetliberty.org, and hoffman-info.com.


Now, with that background, let’s look at some of the news which the Big
Media fed us during June, 2002.

Item: FRITO BANDITO MEETS ALLAH: Jose Padilla, a New York born American
citizen who, we are told, converted to Islam in an Illinois prison some
years ago, was arrested for alleged plans to build a “dirty bomb” and
detonate it somewhere in the USA. Padilla, aka Abdullah al Muhajir, is
being held without bond or charges or trial date, and has been
classified as “an enemy combatant.” Attorney General John Ashcroft
announced Padilla’s capture from Moscow, Russia – and his announcement
on June 10, 2002 at about 10 AM EST, was treated as “breaking news” by
all the TV networks. It turned out Padilla had been arrested at a
Chicago airport, and incarcerated, on May 8th, a full month before
Ashcroft’s announcement.

Comment: The Padilla arrest is meant to establish the precedent that US
citizens can be re-classified as “enemy combatants” and held in prison
indefinitely without charges and without trial. Public Enemy John
Ashcroft, who should be tried for treason as a domestic enemy of the
Constitution, made his breathless announcement from Moscow, Russia to
telegraph the message that we already live under the not-yet-unveiled
New World Order government. Some are contending that the concept of a
“dirty bomb” is a fiction, because the radio active components cannot be
transported after the bomb is built.

Item: NUKE DAMASCUS. Michael Savage, the talented Jewish, New York born
talk show host who is now on 250 plus stations, called numerous times in
this month for the nuclear bombing of some Moslem city, often suggesting
Damascus. At other times he has pleaded on air for President Bush to
“open the silos” – i.e., launch nuclear weapons against Arab or Moslem
countries such as Iraq, Iran, and Syria.

Comment: Michael Savage, originally Michael Weiner, is in the vanguard
of one strand of Jewish psychological warfare. Sincerely or not, he
espouses almost every position that would appeal to white Christian
conservatives, with the punch line that America’s interests are Israel’s
interests, and vice versa. Savage is preparing the way for one of the
key goals of Israel and the New World Order in the near future: get the
USA to nuke the Moslem world into submission. Savage lapses into hate
speech against Arabs and Moslems, including suggestions that millions
must die at the hands of an America nuclear attack. The fact that Savage
gets away with this and is still on the air, is in sharp contrast to the
fact that not one major radio personality can expose even one crime of
the current Israeli government, without getting bounced off the air. In
fact, there has been no need to bounce anyone off the air, because all
the Radio Hosts know better than to even think about trying it, if they
even have the courage to look at the evidence. (Incidentally, Savage
gets Academy Award grade comedy points for often wailing about the
“reality” that the US media is against Israel. Alan Keyes is the other
major media figure who likes to go for a world class comedy award with
this absurdist line.)

San Francisco Judge approaching 80 ruled that “under God” in the Pledge
of Allegiance is unconstitutional.

Comment: In my judgement, this is one of those Ruling Elite Scripted
events which is meant to make Rush Limbaugh, the Republican Congress,
and Sean Hannity, among others -- look like American patriots again,
instead of Israeli servants. You are supposed to “bond” with your
favorite warmonger as he or she waxes eloquent about the virtues of
“under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance. Don’t fall for this one. Yes,
it is absurd that “under God” in the Pledge is unconstitutional. Yes,
make your voice heard on it if you can – BUT – don’t think for a minute
that this ruling was meant to stand. It is meant to make the Warmongers
in the Mass Media look like patriots. It is meant to keep hypnotized or
re-hypnotize the naïve Christians who have no idea as to what is going.
The idea is this: since you are grateful to the Sean Hannity types for
standing up for “under God” in the Pledge, then trust them as they cheer
lead us into World War III in the mideast, and even go the extra mile
and send your son into the pre-arranged death factory over there. Also,
the “victory” we will win when “under God” is upheld – is not victory,
as it just brings us back to where we were before the Judge made the

Item: MARTHA STEWART vs. WORLDCOM CORRUPTION. Martha Stewart is accused
of selling stock based on an “Insider” tip. WORLDCOM folds after it is
exposed that its executive team hid 4 BILLION dollars worth of debt.

Comment: Martha Stewart is to Worldcom as Watergate is to Pol Pot’s
Cambodian Killing Fields (2 million killed in a country of 6 million).
The type of “insider trading” Martha Stewart is accused of, is on the
books so that the Ultimate Insider Traders at the Federal Reserve Board
and on Wall Street can accuse anybody else of crimes at the drop of a
hat. I have never liked Martha Stewart just on general principle, but
I’m in her corner on this one.

With regard to Worldcom, here is another example of overt stealing from
millions of average Americans. Look at what’s happened on Wall Street
since 1992 this way: the goosing of stocks through the inflating of
stocks via means fair and foul, resulted in New World Order insiders
successfully coaxing millions of average Americans to transfer 6
Trillion dollars of their savings from the corner bank – into Wall
Street stocks. This happened between 1992 and May, 2000. From May 2000
till now, that 6 Trillion dollars has been transferred from the pockets
of the middle class into the coffers of the Insiders on Wall Street. A
brilliant piece on the Global Crossing debacle was written by Dr.
William Pierce a few months ago, which really captures the essence of
what has been taking place. Now Worldcom has been exposed as hiding 4
billion dollars in debt from their investors and the world.

Item: HOMELAND VS. NATION. The defense of our Homeland . . . Homeland .
. . Homeland . . . is constantly mentioned by President W. Bush, the
Media, and everybody.

Comment: I object to this subtle shift in language, which is full of
significance. Do not use the term Homeland. Use the term nation. The
sudden, pervasive use of Homeland is meant to subtly prepare Americans
for the hoped for goal of the New World Order: we now have a “homeland”
in the New World Order Government, i.e., we are no longer a sovereign
nation. Maybe the Compromise on the Pledge of Allegiance will be: “. . .
one Homeland, under God . . . .”

Item: NON-STOP “WAR ON TERROR” DEVELOPMENTS. Every day there is some new
“breath taking” development in the “War on Terror.” This day it’s bombs
left in Georgia mailboxes. Next day it’s some Arabic speaking American
citizens who miraculously intercepts a call in Arabic about a terror
attack on Las Vegas on the 4th of July. And so on.

Comment: Most if not all of these developments are scripted “war on
terror” developments to keep the psychological pressure on the
collective American psyche. The Big Media recently published a poll that
80% of Americans expect a second terror attack. Why take such a poll or
publish such a poll?? – unless it is by the Ruling Elite for the
initiated, i.e., a trumpeting to those in the know that enough Americans
are dreading a 2nd terrorist attack that some will welcome it so the
dreadful waiting period will be over, i.e., our TV propaganda is working
beautifully. – Don’t fall for this psychological game. Make known as far
and wide as possible that any 2nd terror attack will be perpetrated by
pro-Israeli, pro-New World Order forces in order to jack us into World
War III, and to begin the initiation of serious marshal law.
Incidentally, there will be no MAJOR terrorist attack on July 4th, 2002,
in my judgement. The Ruling Elite will use this day to whip up
patriotism and flag waving, which they hope to translate into support
for their hoped-for World War III, and their hoped-for marshal law in

Item: WE ARE NOT AT WAR. Constant repetition by newsmedia commentators
and talk show hosts that “we are at war”, “now that we are at war”, etc.
etc. etc.

Comment: We are NOT at war. There has been no constitutionally declared
war against anybody, and the government knows it. That’s why the Taliban
and Al Quada boys down in Cuba have not been classified as “Prisoners of
War”, but rather, as “enemy combatants. This is part of the entire
elastic insult known as the “War on Terror” which can be defined and
redefined everyday or every hour by domestic enemies such as John
Ashcroft and Tom Ridge. “War” is now the constant state which the world
is supposed to be in, which justifies any and every power grab corrupt
gov’t agents may wish to engage in.

Item: IT DOESN’T EXIST. Constance reference in the Big Media to the
“international Al Quada terrorist network.”

Comment: In my opinion, this network does not exist. If there had been 5
or more suicide terror bombings in US public places, then maybe we could
say this Al Quada network exists. But, in fact, there has not been one
incident by Al Quada against any target in the US since 9-11. And, as we
insists, 9-11 was not done by Al Quada either.

suicide bombers keep performing every time the Sharon government wants
to attack the Palestinians and grab some of their land, or destroy some
of their infrastructure.

Comment: I am convinced that many of these “suicide bombings” are
Israeli government remote control attacks on their own citizens.
(Israeli citizens might want to check out the internet rumor that
Sharon, Netanyahu, et al, have moved their families out of Israel to
other countries.)

This is the new formula. Grab power when innocent people are killed in
terrorist attacks. If there is no convenient terrorist to do the killing
– do it yourself! This is apparently a theme of the new Star Wars movie,
for which George Lucas is reportedly taking some heat.

Some will remember the videos about “Iron Mountain” where some of the
world’s Elite allegedly were trying to build a world government around
fervor for the environment, or around a fear of a bogus invasion by
space aliens. Apparently those two methods to grab power have been set
aside for now in favor of the perpetual “war on terror.” The “war on
terror” has this advantage: you can always actually hurt or kill some
innocent people in a pinch, and then grab some power in the wake of the
real fear that results in the general population. . . . This is so much
better than passing laws that people have to put their aluminum cans
into a separate container when they put their garbage out each week.

There are many other news items which surfaced in June and should be
covered, but some of them deserve special ewires.

So long for now. After getting a call of concern from a good Reader in
the South, I thought I better get something out to all of you.

May God Bless you all.

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Network America Ewire List
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count
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