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Too Much Happening! – Quick Take On Several Items  Jim Condit Jr.
 Aug 06, 2002 04:35 PDT 

August 05, 2002 NA (Network America) e-wire

Too Much Happening! – Quick Take On Several Items

(Before --- look soon for a very informative report on the financial
doings of the Permanent Revolution from Terry Hayfield. Mr. Hayfield
spoke at our Citizens for a Fair Count Convention in August 2000 --- and
he is researching an angle that almost no one else seems to be on to!
Coming soon.)

Item one: War Drums a-beating

We are in the phase of DEBATE THE WAR. What is being debated does not
matter as much as that WAR TALK and the INEVITABILITY of war against
Iraq – permeates the USA airwaves.

The PHASE II terrorist attack (9-11 was Phase I; the upcoming, more
severe nuclear, biowarfare, or similar attack will be Phase II of the
9-11 program) will END all debate -- and the 5 Big TV Networks will be
screaming, “Now we must attack! Nobody can deny us our right to defend
ourselves now that we’ve been attacked!!!”

Only problem is: Judmas (Judeo-Masonry) will have engineered the attacks
through the intertwined CIA/FBI/MOSSAD new secret Super Agency.

Incidentally!!! FBI sent agents off today to help Israel against those
constant bombs going off in Israel. Get it? “I am you and you are me and
we are all together” – USA and Israel are ONE now, see? The FBI -- no
longer a domestic agency? -- is going over to help!

Look at this line from Zionist Neo-Con John Podoretz in New York City
(Podoretz is one of the really inside, inside Zionist Jews):

New York Post’s Podhoretz writes recently to President Bush (taken from
an email from “Free Bears” on the internet, exact date column appeared
not at hand, but it was in the last week or so: “You’re in some domestic
political trouble, Mr President. You need to change the subject. You
have the biggest subject-changer of all at your disposal. Use it.
History will record that you and the US military brought an end to a
barbaric regime on its way to threatening the world. And as for the
American people in 2002: They will rear in horror if you are criticized
for beginning the war. The Republican Party will be able to marshal that
horror, to use the liberal response to the war in Iraq to its great
advantage. Rather than the GOP being on the defensive when it comes to
its Achilles' heel of corporate greed, Democrats will be on the
defensive when it comes to national security, their Achilles' heel.”
------ (continuing from same email) ---- Likewise Washington Post
columnist Lawrence Kudlow: “Decisive shock therapy to revive the
American spirit would surely come with a US invasion of Iraq. Why not
begin with a large-scale special-forces commando raid on the Iraqi oil
fields? This will send an electrifying signal to all terrorist nations.
The message will be the game is up. Surrender now or you will be
crushed. A couple of weeks later the final assault on Baghdad can take
place. A small war led by fast-moving Special Forces and
leather-toughened Marines and assisted by high-tech precision bombs and
air cover can get the job done. All-out war mobilization is unnecessary.
Iraq will fall with much less. In his key war speeches thus far, the
axis of evil designation before Congress and the first-strike speech at
West Point, Bush has kept democracy and a market economy central to
solving this world terrorism crisis. But statements of principle only go
so far. The spirit and security of the United States now require the
instrument of war. The shock therapy of decisive war will elevate the
stock market by a couple thousand points. The world will be righted in
this life-and-death struggle to preserve our values and our
civilization. But to do all this, we must act!” (End of quotes from that
email – see below about war and the Stock Market.)


More FALSE MEMORIES being created by Big Media all the time. New York
Times claims they just got all kinds of tapes regarding 9-11, -- both
video and audio, firemen in the Twin Towers, and more, we are told. The
implication is that NYT has “secured” the tapes. Question: Excuse me –
who was it that had the incentive to keep these tapes secret till now?
Why did the NYT have to “secure” them? Who was holding them back? Did
they forget that we’re supposed to believe that the media and gov’t are
telling all as soon as they can? I suspect these tapes are created or
doctored to create false memories in the public, but don’t know enough
about it yet to say for sure. But – why are such tapes emerging 11
months after the 9-11 event?

Item three: Pakistan President Getting “Warm” . . .

Oops! Pakistan President today says Osama Bin Laden couldn’t have
pulled off 9-11 by himself – didn’t have the expertise as he’s just a
rural type man. But then Pakistan President saves himself with Rumsfeld
et al by adding (paraphrase): “Maybe Bin Laden paid for it.” You’re
getting warm Mr. Pakistan President . . . (See “Did NORAD send the
suicide planes?” Part I and II at public-action.com)

Item four: Stock Market will rise – when Attack on Iraq Begins!

Now hear this: a very astute fellow who has more than average
familiarity with the stock market (more by far than the average
American) and who has way above average political IQ – pointed out to me
6 months ago that – if you look at the ups and downs of the Stock Market
since 1990, here’s what you find:

The TWO GREATEST SPIKES took place in 1998 during the time Clinton was
under threat of impeachment until the threat was passed (after he
acquiesced on attacking Iraq for nothing in late January, 1998) and from
the time we went into Afghanistan after 9-11 – until it was clear we had
won the Afghanistan contest. The message?

Hey! American, now that Clinton’s succumbed to the Monica blackmail and
agreed to attack Iraq without provocation (note: which he did around Dec
17 or Dec 18, 1998, on the eve of his impeachment vote) -- hey, -- now
Clinton is good for you! Look at the stock market!

And, secondly, Hey! America – we realize it’s kind of a stretch that we
attacked Afghanistan without providing any evidence that Bin Laden was
there, or any evidence that the Taliban was involved in 9-11 (remember,
the official gov’t story is that most of the alleged hijackers were
Saudis) – but look at how the stock market rises once we invade
Afghanistan. It’s good for business! It’s good for you. Also, American,
-- look at those gas prices! They are dropping like a rock --- down to
99 cents a gallon in many areas right after the Afghan attack began.
Don’t ask why the price of gas is dropping when we’re supposed to need a
lot of gas to fight the war in Afghanistan, thus making gas more scarce,
which should make the price of gas rise. Just accept the good fortune --
and don’t think about it.

Now, before the conclusion to this item on the Stock Market, some
general observations:

· My suspicion: Remember, Adam Osborne, the man who developed the first
Personal Computer, said in his 1970s book “Running Wild” that three
areas must never be entrusted completely to computers. One was vote
counting, another was the STOCK MARKET. Why? Too easy for insiders to
manipulate without public knowledge or public checks and balances.

· By 1992 computers were perfected enough to micro-manage the stock
market. For instance, when “non-insider” money comes into an obscure or
temporarily non-active stock – it could be stolen in a few minutes or
over a few hours. On another front, the stock market had to be
artificially propped up quite often in the 1990s, -- to keep things
going the way the Ruling Elite wants. LT Patterson has out a whole
report on this phenomenon, which focuses on how on many afternoons the
Dow Industrial Index (top 30 stocks such as 3M, Walmart, Disney, Proctor
& Gamble, etc.) took an incredible spike between 2 PM and 4 PM -- to
save the market and keep the illusion of the endless rise going. Mr.
Patterson talks about HOW this is done, and why. Basically he fingers
the FED as doing it. Below I take a stab at how the FED does it. This
report is available at criminalpolitics.com – email them for it if it is
not on the Criminal Politics site.

· My suspicion: Enron was a maze of thousands of dummy corporations –
and Enron gives a big clue as to how the FED (i.e., international
banksters) manipulate the stock market. Remember, the FED controls the
issuing of money, and can issue all it wants for its Insiders – as long
as it does not exceed the real goods and services available in America
by too much. (How money really works in relation to goods and services
is explained in “The Money Myth Exploded” by Louis Even, which you can
find by a search on google.com; the only thing that article doesn’t
cover is that the basic unit of exchange, i.e., a dollar, must be tied
to something real such as an ounce of gold, a dozen eggs, a man’s pair
of shoes, etc. Money is a ticket for goods and services.) --- Anyway –
through thousands of dummy corporations run by FED approved insiders ---
money can be pumped into the favored companies to cause a rise, or sold
short to cause a decline or collapse. Since the Fed has never been
audited – who would know. Also, neither companies nor individuals
investors have anyway of knowing why a company’s stock is rising or
falling in most instances.

· Next: As the stock market was pumped up to dizzying heights in the
90s, two things were accomplished. The overwhelming majority of
Americans, including many who should have known better, lost their moral
bearings in light of such prosperity. Millions of Americans transferred
their savings from the insured banks to the stock market. And – then
from May 2001 and into 2002 – the scandals broke, and the banksters
stole about 6 trillion dollars from the average American working family
who had invested during the roaring nineties. The second thing was that
Clinton could hand the country over to Judmas (Judeo-Masonry) evne more
completely -- while the country was wallowing in prosperity. (50% of
Clinton’s key appointments were Zionist Jewish, both his Supreme Court
appointments were Zionist Jewish, and so on. This was the more important
accomplishment for which Clinton was rewarded.)

Conclusion: The Stock Market will continue to plummet until we go to war
against Iraq – if the Judmas Elite can get that far – and then the Stock
Market will again soar. In the first section of this e-wire, you read
where Lawrence Kudlow wrote in the Washington Post that the “shock
therapy” of decisive war would “elevate the stock market by a couple
thousand points.” He, and all the other insiders, should know.

Answer to all this manipulation on the natural level: destroy the
people’s trust in the 5 Big TV Networks by exposing them as
brain-washing, propaganda tools, beef up the internet for real info, and
somehow reinstitute paper ballot, hand counted at the local precinct
elections --- so some honest people start re-taking offices.

So much for now.

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Network America Ewire List
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count
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