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Warmonger Watch Update August 6, 2002  Jim Condit Jr.
 Aug 07, 2002 03:36 PDT 
August 06, 2002 NA (Network America) e-wire

Warmonger Watch Update August 6, 2002

Here are today’s developments as the War Mongers of Judmas
(Judeo-Masonry) continue to condition the US population to support their

Item One: Michael Savage, Nationally syndicated Radio Talk Show Host,
decries the release by Big Media of photos of US military building
airstrips in Iraq.

Comment: Michael (real name Weiner) Savage was screaming at the top of
his lungs on his nationally syndicated radio show (almost 300 stations
including WKRC in Cincinnati, Ohio between 7 PM and 10 PM) about some
“traitorous lefty” in the intelligence community releasing photos of US
military men building airstrips in northern Iraq where the US controls
territory. He pointed out that this news appeared on ALL FIVE BIG TV
NETWORKS, including FOX.

Unlike the News Bimbos of both sexes that were asking why the New York
Times was publishing purported war plans against Iraq on its front page,
I believe Savage knows the game that is being played. As a former
sixties lefty, he’s too smart not to. The News Bimbos are truly in the
dark. Here, again, is what’s going on:

All of these “releases” are planned psycho warfare to get America ready
for war. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING – gets on all 5 Big TV Networks in
such a sustained way – without total planning and approval by the
Censors which lurk in the background. The point is to get everybody
talking about “the inevitable.” Then –

. . . when the Phase II of 9-11 happens – the nuclear or biowarfare
terrorist attack – all debate will be swept out of the way, and these
same five Big TV networks will be screeching against Iraq, etc.
Unbeknownst to America -- thanks to the Big 5 TV censorship – nobody is
going along with the planned naked aggression against Iraq by the
Bush/Israeli alliance running the USA. The next “terrorist” attack will
sweep aside all debate, -- if we don’t do our part to alert enough
Americans in time.

Now, as a side comment, Michael Savage is a New York City Jew, very
talented and funny, with true burst of eloquence. He also has great
insights into everyday life. He is also RIGHT – from a conservative
Christian perspective on almost every issue – EXCEPT he is 1000% in
favor of Israel and very effectively dehumanizes the adversaries of
Israel in the mid east, especially the Palestinians. Whatever he really
believes on some of the issues he espouses, Savage is playing the role
of one trying to win the confidence of Christian conservatives – with
the punch line of: support the war against the Arab world. Dr. Laura
Schlesinger plays the same game.

The moral agility of Jews like Savage and Schlesinger is so far removed
from the mind and comprehension of the average American, that it is like
watching adults manipulate children. I’m sorry to but it so bluntly –
but the purpose of this e-wire is to help sincere Americans understand
what is going on. This incredible agility also goes to describe how
articulate the Savages and Schlesingers are, as well as how – note well
LISTENERS THEMSELVES, who agree with the points the Savages and
Schlesingers are making. Let me put that another way:

There are certain types of actors and performers who can give such a
stirring speech that the audience concludes: nobody believes as hard as
that person does. In reality, often, the performer believes it for the
moment he is performing, but next year or next decade can believe the
opposite. Meanwhile, the simple folk who were duped into backing such
performers, are the true believers – often minus the articulate-ness –
and sacrifice year after year for their beliefs, in a quiet, dignified
manner. But “because there is no vision, my people perish” – and the
sincere, unsuspecting believers, time after time in the last 100 years,
have been manipulated by the Performers into killing their kinsmen and
giving up their children – to fight the evil wars for the benefit of the
Performers, and the international banksters who back the Performers.

I believe Savage is a true believer for now in most of the issues he
raves on about – but, like almost all media Jews, he can’t quite keep
his story straight on sodomites and abortion, often switching gears, at
least by implication, within the same show. It’s hard to tell though,
because one in his position working for the agenda of Judmas can afford
to give away everything else now – provided he gets the average American
behind the coming war. My guess-timate is that Savage is a kind of
revisionist Zionist, i.e., for Jewish Supremacy, but also distrustful of
his own leaders. In any case, my guess is that he has high level sources
which brief him on what the program is more or less, as does Dr. Laura
Schlesinger, methinks.

Carol Valentine found that Dr. Laura was a Lubavitcher (see “Merry
Christmas, and off with your head!” at public-action.com. Are the
Savages and Schlesingers and Rushes and Sean Hannitys actual Mossad or
CIA agents? Probably not, but they are undoubtedly given ego-boosting
“top level” briefings and told that they are a key part of national
security. Rush heads off for all expense paid trips to Israel a few
times a year to get his “perspective.” How many times has Sean Hannity
been there on such all expense paid trips? Gordon Liddy? Oliver North?
Dr. Laura? I can tell you this:

Our spineless Mayor here in Cincinnati, Charlie Luken, has enjoyed
expense paid excursions to Israel for his brain-briefing. How many,
Mayor Charlie? Gov. Taft of Ohio? Congressman Portman? Congressman
Gephardt? Etc. etc. etc. Whenever I hear a warmongering office holder, I
suspect they’ve been given the all expense paid tour. Now, look at this
. . .

Item two: Michael Savage, Nationally syndicated Radio Talk show host,
again warns that nuclear weapons will be used on Arab countries in near

Comment: Now, veteran readers know, Network America e-wire has been
warning since October 2001 that the Big Media was conditioning us for a
second terrorist attack of the nuclear and biowarfare variety, and
warning since December 2001 that an attack on Iraq was being prepared.
Well . . .

Michael Savage and others are ribaldly warning over and over that we are
going to see nuclear weapons used in the coming Gulf War. A contact in a
position to know says that a week or so ago a ship left the west coast
with tactical nuclear weapons on board. A source inside the Defense
Department sends to us a manual being used for the last many years to
indoctrinate the military that we have an unavoidable war coming, a
“clash of civilizations” between the Moslem world and the western world.

Savage tonight said that nuclear weapons will be used, and perhaps
“sooner than you think.” He’s not the only one by any means.

IN CONTRAST, Senator Lugar of Indiana (a real CFR errand boy) and
Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska were balking against an attack on Iraq
at the recent open Senate hearings, unconvinced that Saddam posed a real
threat. The Joint Chiefs of Staff LEAKED their advice that this war
against Iraq should NOT be undertaken. Liberal Margaret Carlson of the
Capitol Gang on CNN remarked how unusual it was for the Joint Chiefs to
leak such advice to the press. I bring this up because the non-Jews (in
general), no matter how “bought off” they are (Lugar of Indiana) by the
establishment – do not seem to be in the loop, or do not seem to be
buying the War Drum Beat coming from New York-type media and the Bush

All of this is why the PHASE II terrorist attack on US citizens will be
needed to clear away all debate.

Item three: German Chancellor says “No” to Bushie War on Iraq.

German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder said a big NO to allowing US planes
to land or refuel in Germany in the Bushie planned Iraq attack. He also
said there would be no German troops, and “no such adventure” on my
watch. Good for him!

This is the problem – the whole world -- but Tel Aviv and their branch
office in Washington DC --- is AGAINST this wanton aggression against
Iraq. (Everything Iraq is accused of, Israel is guilty of, such as
having “weapons of mass destruction”, some sources say up to 500 nuclear

You can read the Schroeder story, at least at the time of this writing,


All this again is why Phase II of the 9-11 terror attacks is needed by
the Ruling Elite – to quell all objections to their planned Iraq attack.

Item Four: Lead item on Bush on news around 4 PM or so (paraphrase):
“Bush says we must do a better job of protecting the children from
kidnapping” – referring to the Smart case, and all the other cases of
disappearing children.

Comment: This is a bad sign. For the Big Media to be giving Bush such a
fluff piece as lead news – means that Bush is going along with the
pressure to prepare for war. (Incidentally, how does the US get the
right to be occupying part of Iraq territory to build these airstrips
for the planes in the planned coming war on Iraq? Answer: the Shadow
World Government is already here, and feels powerful enough to flaunt
all international law, custom, and understanding.)

This is a sad state of affairs. We Americans must face reality, and deal
with our number one domestic problem: the evil Shadow Government that
operates primarily out of New York City and D.C.

End of this e-wire.

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Network America Ewire List
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count
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