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Dean = Bush and Bush= Dean; And They’re Coming to Draft Young Americans  Jim Condit Jr.
 Dec 21, 2003 03:13 PST 

December 21, 2003 NA (Network America) e-wire

Dean = Bush and Bush= Dean; And They’re Coming to Draft Young Americans

If you read this, you will much better be able to interpret the news
about the upcoming Presidential campaign. Why should you care?

Because the powers behind the 5 Big TV Networks, and the national
Republican and Democratic parties are preparing a low grade World War
III in the Mideast, are preparing to draft American young people to go
fight and die there in that evil cause, and are angling to end the
Constitution in the USA along the way. We need to stop them.

***** This Network America is being sent out for the first time through
our own system. It is also being sent out through the Topica system
which we have used since January 10, 2000 – so some of you may get this
twice. Please be patient. Our own system will improve in appearance as
time goes on. *****

***** If you are in a hurry you might scan down to each SECTION HEADING
behind five stars. I assure you, you NEED to read this e-wire.

Here is a message I just posted on a pro Howard Dean website. Begin

Wake up, you Dean-ites! Bush is Dean and Dean is Bush. Both are
creatures of the Israeli Lobby and Eastern Establishment. Hint: (Rival
Democratic Presidential candidate Dennis) Kucinich is for pulling the
troops out of Iraq, stating it was an unjust invasion (true) and we
should not stay there.

Dean? Dean has the Israeli Lobby line: STAY THERE. The only thing Bill
Kristol (editor of the phony Weekly Standard) and the other front men of
the Israeli lobby care about right now is KEEPING massive US troops in

Iraq is to be used as a staging point to attack the other Arab
countries. Such attacks will be feasible ONLY AFTER a SECOND Mossad/CIA
contrived terrorist attack --   a phase II of 9-11 (see
public-action.com and the article “9-11: No Suicide Pilots”) --

At that point, Dean or Bush or whoever is currently installed as US
President will be huffing and puffing, DRAFTING young people, and
attacking the Arab countries for the Israeli Lobby and the Eastern
Establishment (see votefraud.org home page link, "What is the motive . .
. ?").

For W. Bush’s directive that all local draft boards be ready for action
by June 2005, see:


And whoever is President will likely declare martial law. See the trial
balloon floated by retired General Tommy Franks here:


(Both above links are found in the archives of www.realnews247.com which
you all might consider checking regularly. Each days new headlines are
on the top of the left column on the Real News 24/7 home page; in the
right hand column are the latest “Voice Mail” ewires which you can
listen to if you have sound.)

***** Dean is Being Chosen Because He’s a Believable Loser to W. Bush

Relax, anyway: Dean is set up to be to 2004 what Dukakis was to 1988, or
Dole was to 1996. The Cable News networks and ABC, CBS, NBC are already
signaling CLEARLY that W. Bush has been chosen to win in 2004 by those
behind the operators of the computer voting machines. (They are also
signaling just as vigorously that Howard Dean has already “locked up”
the Democratic nomination.)

Only three mega corporations (Sequoia, ES & S, and Diebold) are set to
"count" 96% or so of the vote by easily rigged (by them) computers in
2004. See votefraud.org and blackboxvoting.org --

End of message I just sent to a pro-Howard Dean website.

Let’s continue.


If you are new to all this, you simply cannot understand what’s
happening without realizing that a coalition of Jewish Supremists and
Top Freemasons (Ruling Elite of Judeo-Masonry) took over the
money-issuing power in the USA in 1913 when Congress foolishly and
disastrously delegated the power to issue ALL of our money to the
privately owned Federal Reserve Board. (See White Pages business
section, Federal Reserve Board is in the private company section near
Federal Express – not in the government section.)

With the power to issue money in their criminal hands, the Ruling Elite
of Judeo-Masonry bought up all major media and a lot of other things.
And they have precipitated many crises, such as the “Great Depression”
of 1929. While this was passed off as an inevitable occurrence, all that
happened was that the crooked Banksters at the Fed withdrew billions of
dollars from circulation and called a significant number of loans,
leaving NOT ENOUGH money in circulation, hence, the “Great Depression.”


The top Communist, Freemason, and Jew, Christian Rakovsky (real name,
Chaim Rakeover) said during an interrogation conducted by an agent of
Communist Tyrant Joseph Stalin in 1938 (paraphrase): “When the history
of Revolution is finally written, the Great Depression will be seen as
more important than the Russian Revolution, because through it we stole
the wealth of the American middle class and subjected them to our
financial power.”

Read about Rakovsky and that interrogation here:


At the top of the dollar bill in your wallet or purse, you will find NOT
“United States Treasury Note” but, instead, you will find “Federal
Reserve Note”, i.e. referring to the the privately owned company issuing
our money.

On the back of the dollar, on the left side you will see the spooky,
occult, all-seeing eye of satanic Freemasonry, put there in 1933 by
super-Criminal and top Freemason Franklin Delano Roosevelt, descended
from Dutch Jewish families on both sides, but holding forth as an
Episcopalian (a nothing religion with no requirements which has
therefore been used by many Jewish Supremists as a front to hide their
true identity when they need to blend into Christian society in order to
undermine it).

On the right side of the 2003 dollar bill you will see a configuration
of stars over the head of the eagle – and that configuration is the
occult six pointed Star of David.


Back to the (true) story line: With the money issuing power in their
hands, the Ruling Elite of Judeo-Masonry went on to buy up all the
communications media as fast as they could, until by 2003 it’s almost
complete – with only the internet and a few independent weekly or
monthly newspapers constituting the honest and free media.

THE BIG TV Networks coordinate the news EVERYDAY. In their news
segments, they cover the EXACT SAME major stories EVERYDAY, from the
EXACT SAME angle – and they suppress the same major stories EVERYDAY.

By monitoring the 5 major TV networks everyday (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and
FOX), it is possible to EASILY discern what the Top Jewish Supremists
are feeding the American public and trying to get us to think. They
present their news on a sixth grade level or so – and on the cable news
networks (CNN, FOX, MSNBC, CNBC) they repeat their “message of the day”
so often that you just can’t miss it.

So here’s what they are pushing with regard to election 2004: that the
obscure and dorky, and not too bright, Howard Dean play Michael Dukakis
in this 2004 upcoming Presidential election year.

For instance, as one example, Bill O’Reilly told rival candidate Senator
John Kerry the other night that (paraphrase): “Dean already has New
Hampshire won.” Kerry responded, “Thank you for declaring that.” (The
primary is 2 months away.)


On Nightline several nights ago, Ted Koppel replayed the 8th and last
Democratic Presidential candidate’s debate which he hosted. Koppel
stunned the other candidates by asking them all if they thought Howard
Dean could be elected President. After a few more ploys by this top
Jewish Supremist operative -- Ted Koppel -- to give the audience that
cue, that Howard Dean is HEAD AND SHOULDERS above the other Democratic
candidates, Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich verbally slapped Koppel
back and basically told him to quit using his position to promote the
Dean candidacy.


Howard Dean is actually Dr. Howard Dean, M.D. He worked at Planned
Parenthood clinic in his medical days. You can read about that and more
about Dean at:


Dean’s 17 year old son, Paul, was recently (June 20, 2003) arrested for
cooperating with three other teenagers in a $500 burglary of wine and
beer from Burlington Country Club in Burlington, Vermont. This happened
THREE DAYS before Dean was to announce his formal candidacy, which went
ahead on schedule. Did this become an OBSESSIVE NATIONAL NEWS issue like
Kobe Bryant, or Robert Blake or OJ Simpson or Lacey Peterson or Paris
Hilton. No. In fact, most of you probably never heard of it. Has Paul
Dean been to trial on this arrest? Don’t know. No major media coverage.

The POINT is that if Dean was scheduled to go down in the Democratic
Presidential race, then this type of thing would have been obsessively
covered non-stop by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and FOX in order to make him
look like a loser, which would be made to come true, if necessary, by
the computer vote “count.” But –

But, since Dean has been currently designated as the Michael Dukakis
fall guy in the Presidential Election of 2004, then this incident
received very, very, very, very scant coverage. (Do a google search for
“Paul Dean arrest” or “Howard Dean son” for verification of this


The way the Big TV Media operate does not change, but no one’s voice is
loud enough yet to tell the casual American news viewer what is going

In 1988 Democratic Presidential Gary Hart made a comment on McNeil
Lehrer News Hour that the USA had to quit doing everything that Israel
wanted. Three weeks later or so, the Big Media came down on Hart like a
ton of bricks and exposed his alleged but never proven affair with Donna
Rice (however improper association was proven when Donna Rice turned up
in a picture sitting on Hart’s lap on a party boat named the “Monkey
Business.”) Hart was targeted to go down in 1988 after he made one
independent comment against the criminals running the state being called
Israel, -- so the big media OBSESSIVELY covered this Donna Rice incident
until Hart’s fund raising dried up and he had to drop out. (This is not
a defense of Hart, I’m just using this example as to how the Jewish
Supremists running the media work.)

However, in 1992, when Bill Clinton had already been tapped to be
“elected” President, -- even ACTUAL AUDIOTAPES produced by his long time
mistress, Gennifer Flowers, -- tapes which proved Clinton’s longstanding
affair with her – were ridiculed to death by this same national media.
The ridiculed it only as a last resort once they couldn’t suppress it
thanks to Flowers’ dramatic press conference on the eve of the 1992 New
Hampshire primary. Don Hewitt of “60 Minutes’ had Bill and Hillary
Clinton on that next weekend to provide a PRETEXT for Clinton’s imminent
“comeback” via computer “counted” elections on Super Tuesday.

Let’s return to the Big Media’s agenda for election 2004:


Another example on what the media is pushing on the election as a whole:
Alan Lichtman, top Washington Pollster and always an entertaining
interview, said to Joe Scarborough on MSNBC on December 15, 2003, that
W. Bush already had the 2004 Election won (!) – that the economy and
such things as the capture of Saddam and the perception that Bush can
fight the War on Terror means that W. Bush can’t be beat. Lichtman
pontificated that the twists and turns on the campaign trail do not
determine an election. This will be news to most people – BUT, whether
he knows it or not, Lichtman is absolutely correct – the SECRET programs
which tell the election computers what to do – are controlled by a few
people serving the Judeo-Masonic Elite.

(Incidentally, whenever you see or hear the phrase “War on Terror”,
substitute: “War on Israel’s enemies.” Thanks for Michael Hoffman at
hoffman-info.com for that insight. Incidentally, the war on Israel’s
enemies means a war not only on Palestinians and Arab states, but also a
war on American citizens who oppose the Jewish Lobby’s agenda; a number
of Americans, such as Congressman Jim Traficant, are sitting in jail
RIGHT NOW, -- not for any sins or transgressions they may or may not
have committed -- but for opposing this agenda in one way or another.)

So we are witnessing a repeat of the tactics used in year 2000. From
January 2000 until election day 2000, the 5 Big TV Networks emphasized
day after day after day that it was a “neck and neck” race between Bush
and Gore, Bush and Gore, Bush and Gore, Bush and Gore. The purpose of
that Big Media coordination was to preempt the 3rd party effort of Pat
Buchanan before it could get off the ground (“I’ve got to vote for Bush,
we CAN’T have Gore.”)

Well, as we said in 2000, Bush is Gore and Gore is Bush. And now Bush is
Dean and Dean is Bush.

You see, all these Big Media chosen “contenders” seem real fearless when
they talk about this or that, but they are all very obedient to Israeli
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and the Ruling Elite of Judeo-Masonry behind


Ralph Nader is getting ready to run as a third part candidate for the
Green Party. This year, Nader will be given reasonable coverage. Such
was NOT the case in 1996!

In 1996, Billy Jeff Clinton was anointed to “win” – so Ralph Nader’s 3rd
Party candidacy was given VERY, VERY, VERY scant coverage. Coverage
wouldn’t due that year for Nader. He was NOT to split Clinton’s vote,
who was slated to win in 1996. (Clinton was in that period, for reasons
unbeknownst to him, turning the entire US government over to the Jewish
Supremists who were then setting the stage for the “War on Terror”,
i.e., the Judeo-Masonic push for their New World Order Tyranny.)

In 2000, it was quite a different story. Nader got TONS of coverage in
his 3rd Party run – because in that year he was to SPLIT Al Gore’s vote
in order to make believable the “election” of W. Bush. In sharp contrast

Coverage of Patrick Buchanan’s 3rd Party run was COMPLETELY CENSORED by
ABC, CBS, and NBC nightly news from January 1, 2000 to Election day,
2000 – with the exception of one night in August when their was
pre-arranged Big Media coverage of a very contrived incident acted out
by Ross Perot’s people at the Reform Party Convention -- to make the
Reform Party in which Buchanan was seeking the nomination -- look like
it was in complete disarray.

WHY was Buchanan virtually blacked out of Big Media News coverage in
2000? Because he was NOT to be allowed to split W. Bush’s vote – as W.
Bush was picked to win.


The reason the Ruling Elite wants Bush in from 2004 to 2008 is because
the premier war machine is already in place, and they don’t want any
change in continuity. This turn of events regarding “Dean to be set up
as loser” signals that the power in the White House has made a deal to
continue the war mongering of Paul Wolfowitz and the Israeli Lobby
against more Arab states – and against the freedoms of the American

As stated above, those directing Bush have already had him instruct all
local draft boards in the USA to be ready for action by June 2005.

Meanwhile, as also stated above, dork and modern day Orc, retired
General Tommy Franks has flown a trial balloon for the New World Order:
He said about a month ago that if there is a 2nd terrorist attack using
“weapons of mass destruction” – then the US Constitution would likely be
scrapped for a military government (read: police state).

Well, if THIS MESSAGE doesn’t reach a large enough audience with how to
ACT properly now – then there WILL be a 2nd terrorist attack on a mass
scale involving the deaths of probably tens of thousands of US Citizens
within a few hours, -- perpetrated by CIA-MOSSAD evil-doers.

When this 2nd terrorist attack happens, the bill authorizing the draft
of young men and women will be rushed through our Jewish-owned Congress,
and W. Bush will declare martial law, and the vast majority of Americans
will be duped into believing that “those dirty Arabs did it” – and into
accepting the end of the US Constitution. This is THEIR hope, anyway.


If you want to DO something to stand up for truth and justice behind the
ONLY realistic plan which exists -- be sure to go to www.realnews247.com
and look in the upper left hand column for “Citizens Mobilization 2004”
– and then become one of our 1001 Great Americans for the next 12

“Citizen Mobilization 2004” explains why we need to use the last means
available to reach the masses: radio ads through the congressional
candidate over major stations on popular programs. Why we need to
ORGANIZE quickly, as “enemy agents” inside the precincts of the
Republican and Democratic Parties all across the USA. And, if all else
fails, why we need to get armed in accordance with our 2nd amendment
rights, and learn how to use fire arms effectively and properly.

And, finally, we all need to learn or revisit the true story of the
Swamp Fox, Francis Marion, and how he dealt with an unjust occupying
tyranny and denied the people a free media, and free and fair elections.

End of this email.

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Network America Ewire List
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count
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