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Open Letter to Messrs. Foxman, Hier, Rudin, Rich re: The Passion  Jim Condit Jr.
 Feb 24, 2004 23:56 PST 

February 24, 2004 NA (Network America) e-wire

Open Letter to Messrs. Foxman, Hier, Rudin, Rich re: The Passion of the

The following Open Letter was sent by overnight Express mail shortly
after midnight EST of February 24, 2004 to Mr. Abraham Foxman of the
ADL, Rabbi Marvin Hier of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Rabbi A. James
Rudin of the American Jewish Committee, and Mr. Frank Rich of the New
York Times. This letter has was also sent to each by email shortly after
2 AM EST on February 25, 2004. And the letter is also being sent to each
by regular mail on February 25, 2004.

This Open Letter is meant to preempt any attacks against Mel Gibson, his
family, James Caviezel (who portrayed Jesus) and his family, and/or
anyone associated with “The Passion of the Christ” movie. It is also
meant to preempt any contrived violence against Jewish graveyards,
synagogues, or, God forbid, Jewish person, perpetrated by Jewish
Supremists against the movie, with the intention of blaming such
contrived violence on the movie.


This abbreviated Open Letter has been sent on behalf of
www.adlagainstmel.com aka www.deicidedeniers.com to those listed below.
It is the prelude to the entire Open letter which will appear on the
above mentioned website.

Open Letter (abbreviated) to Messrs. Foxman, Hier, Rudin, Rich

Preface: This letter has been timed to arrive to the recipients by
February 25, 2004, -- the opening date in theaters for the movie, The
Passion of the Christ, -- in an attempt to preempt the age old trick of
Jewish leaders to contrive violence against their own cemeteries, their
own synagogues, and even their own people (i.e., the expendable “lesser
brethren”) in order to discredit an opponent (a few examples documented
below). In this case, we are charging that such contrived violence may
be in the works in order to try and smear Mel Gibson’s movie, The
Passion of the Christ. This is the short term danger.

In the long run, this letter seeks to prevent any physical violence
against the person of Mel Gibson, his family, or against Jim Caviezel
(actor who portrayed Jesus) and his family. We are trying to do so by
focusing the eyes of concerned people throughout the world on the one
faction with the motive to retaliate, -- and the one faction with a
consistent history of retaliating, -- against Christian leaders who get
in the way of their agenda. And that one faction includes Jewish
extremists and Jewish Supremists who are aligned with the agenda of the
leaders of the groups to whom this abbreviated Open Letter is addressed.

To be sure, this abbreviated Open letter is addressed specifically to
four leaders who typify the powerful Jewish extremist, Jewish Supremist
establishment in the USA. It is emphatically NOT addressed to moderate
Jewish leaders, such as film critic Michael Medved, or individuals of
Jewish heritage who have distinguished themselves in their chosen field,
such as CNN commentator Robert Novak, Israel Shamir, or Dr. Henry Makow,
PhD, who have been overtly opposing the ADL related agenda to smear The
Passion of the Christ movie.

This letter has been sent by certified mail, by regular mail, and by
email to the individuals named below. (This letter and this website is
completely independent of Mel Gibson, Hutton Gibson, Icon Productions,
or anyone connected with the movie, The Passion of the Christ.
Everything published on the above named website or in this abbreviated
Open Letter is without the knowledge or permission of any of these
persons or entities.)
End of Preface

To: Mr. Abraham Foxman, Director of the ADL (Anti-Defamation League),
823 United Nations Plaza, New York, New York 10017;
        Rabbi Marvin Hier, Director, Simon Wiesenthal Center, 1299 South
Roxbury Drive, Los Angeles, California, 90035;
        Rabbi A. James Rudin, Senior inter-religious advisor, American
Jewish Committee, PO Box 705, New York, New York 10150;
Mr. Frank Rich, columnist, The New York Times, 229 West 43rd St., 10th
Floor, New York, New York 10036;

From: Jim Condit Jr., Director, Cincinnatus Action Committee, PO Box
11339, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211 on behalf of alert Americans concerned
about the subjects covered, and a broad-based cross section of
occasional movie ticket buyers everywhere. (Other names will appear on
the website in support of this letter in due time.)

Re: Concern for the physical safety of Mel Gibson, his family, as well
as James Caviezel, and his family. Also, concern that factions of Jewish
Supremists ideologically aligned with yourselves will contrive acts of
violence against Jewish graveyards, synagogues, and (God forbid) other
Jewish persons, during the run of the movie, The Passion of the Christ;
and, furthermore, concern that Jewish Supremist leaders such as
yourselves will use these contrived acts of violence as a pretext to cry
“persecution!” and “anti-semitism!”, as well as try to blame such
contrived acts of violence on Mel Gibson’s movie, The Passion of the

February 23, 2004

We along with many, many others have watched with a growing, righteous
anger as yourselves and others allied with your agenda have revved up
attacks and hate speech against Mel Gibson for simply trying to produce
a movie as faithfully as he possibly could to the literal account of the
ancient Gospels of Sts. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. You and your very
powerful allies in the mass media have attacked Mr. Gibson and his
family so viciously and consistently that it is clear you are trying to
intimidate others from producing positive works about Christianity, or
crossing your faction (Jewish Supremists) in any way.

You, through your faction’s tremendous influence in the major media,
have activated your smear machine as brazenly as you dare, against this
movie, The Passion of the Christ. Most modern day Americans are not yet
aware that there is a coalition of Jewish Supremists who form an
anti-Christian network, which militates against the interests of
Christian civilization. In your spiteful and malicious attacks against
Mel Gibson, his movie, and his family, you have revealed your hand in a
way that the average American can finally understand -- especially if
someone “connects the dots” for him.

Your Selective Outrage

Let’s provide some historical perspective on YOUR selective outrage with
regards to entertainment: Regarding the blasphemous and (by Gospel
standards) horribly inaccurate movie, The Last Temptation of Christ? You
did not raise a peep, but in fact some of you openly supported it,
pleading for tolerance and artistic freedom. Natural Born Killers with
its wanton violence? You were silent as far as the average American
could tell. Showgirls, with its promiscuous immorality? Not a peep from
any of you. American Beauty, a movie not so subtly urging adult men to
lust after their 15 year old daughters’ friends? Approval by silence. In
the face of thousands of Hollywood movies including blatant immodesty,
immoral themes, and horrible blasphemy against the Holy Name of Jesus
Christ, you have sat by in approving silence. (You didn’t ask any of
THOSE producers to put a tag line at the end of their movies, stating
that no one should use the name of Jesus Christ in vain in daily life!)
And if any of you have ever written a line against pornography, I would
be glad to have it pointed out to me. In fact, quite the opposite seems
to be in evidence:

When Abe Foxman’s group, the ADL, presented pornographer Hugh Hefner
with its first “Torch of Freedom” Award in 1980 – I don’t recall any of
the rest of you mounting your high horse of righteous indignation, or
protesting at all. (See September 19, 1980, St. Louis-Globe Democrat,
“ADL Defames Itself by Honoring Hefner”, William F. Buckley, Jr., among
many available sources.) The ADL gushed undiluted praise for Hefner in
the following words: “[Hugh Hefner] began with little more than a unique
idea for a magazine and a philosophy of social change .... The empire he
founded has had a far-reaching impact, not only on the publishing
industry, but on the mores of American society as well.”

We have QUITE OPPOSITE mindsets, indeed!

So, according to your organization, Abe Foxman, flesh peddler and women
denigrator Hugh Hefner is worthy of your highest publishing award, while
Mel Gibson, maker of a movie to pay tribute to the sufferings and
ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ – is a threat. We have QUITE OPPOSITE
mindsets, indeed!

So let’s connect the dots and reveal the solution to this apparent
riddle, so incomprehensible still to the average American: Hugh Hefner
and his Playboy magazine have torn down the morals and standards of
Christian civilization – so you are for him. The Passion of the Christ
exalts what is best in Christian civilization, so you have opposed it
and tried to smear it with, as it were, a demonic zeal.

The truth is, Sirs, that you come from an orientation the American
people are only beginning to understand. You come from the anti-Christ
mindset of that book with the dark sounding name, the Talmud, -- an
unwieldy collection of writings developed by rabbis to try and justify
the continued existence of Judaism after the Savior had already come and
after the Temple was destroyed in 70 AD (the Temple genealogy no longer
needed, as the prophesied Savior had come).

The Talmud is a book which embodies a new religion, distinct and
dramatically opposed to the Old Testament on many earth-shaking points.
As you know, but as the great body of Americans do not know, this has
been documented in several impeccably researched sources over the last
century or so, including: The Talmud Unmasked, by Fr. I.B. Pranaitis,
1892; The Plot Against Christianity by Elizabeth Dilling, 1964 (also
published later under the name The Jewish Religion and Its Influence
Today); Israel: Our Duty . . . Our Dilemma, Ted Pike, 1984; Judaism’s
Strange Gods by Michael A. Hoffman II, 2000; and the massive website,
www.come-and-hear.com, by Carol Valentine, 2003.

Another related book is from the recently deceased Jewish Scholar,
Israel Shahak: Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three
Thousand Years.

According to Talmudic Authorities: “The best among the Gentiles deserves
to be killed.”

Let me come to the point:

A great many people are concerned for the physical safety of Mel Gibson,
his family as well as Jim Caviezel and his family – not necessarily
right now, as the controversy over the movie rages in the major media,
but in the years ahead when this movie and controversy is no longer on
the front pages. IF anything happens to any of these key players
surrounding The Passion of the Christ, then we and by that time,
millions of others, will be looking first to YOU and those ideologically
aligned with your agenda – AS THE NUMBER ONE SUSPECTS.

Is this concern far fetched? Not at all. Detective Gareth Wean
(retired), now in his 80s, good friend and body guard to the late famous
war hero and actor Audie Murphy, testifies in his book, There’s a Fish
in the Courthouse, that he was made aware of evidence in the years
following the event that the Israeli Mossad was heavily involved in the
assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963. The subsequent book
by Michael Collins Piper, Final Judgment: The missing link in the JFK
assassination, presents devastating evidence of the Mossad’s involvement
due to JFK’s intention to block Israel from getting nuclear weapons.

On March 16, 2003, Rachel Corrie, the idealistic 23 year old college
student from Washington state, was bulldozed to death by a still unnamed
Israeli soldier before numerous eye-witnesses as she peacefully tried to
prevent the demolition of a Palestinian doctor’s house by standing
between the bulldozer and the house. The Israeli soldiers backed the
bulldozer back over her, just so no one would miss the point. MURDER!
Such murder is a common occurrence by Israeli soldiers against the
Palestinians, so much so that 241 courageous Israeli soldiers have gone
to jail rather than continue the brutal repression of the Palestinian
people being directed by the likes of butcher Arial Sharon and Benjamin
Netanyahu (pronounced Nut and ya’hoo). In 1967, Israeli planes attacked
the USS Liberty with its US Flag clearly flying, killing 34 American
sailors in cold blood, while trying to completely sink the ship. This
unspeakable outrage, covered up by the Jewish-dominated mass media which
has been afflicting the USA since the 1950s, can be studied by concerned
Americans at www.ussliberty.org.

On December 13, 2001, CNN.com carried a story entitled, “Two JDL leaders
charged in bomb plot.” The plot was to bomb the offices of US
Congressman Darrell Issa. Issa, a Christian of Arab-American descent,
had incurred the wrath of the Jewish Defense League when he made a trip
to the Middle East on a fact finding tour. Issa later reached national
prominence by financing the recall of California Governor Gray Davis.
The plot was thankfully foiled when a member of the JDL alerted federal
authorities of what was afoot, resulting in the arrest of two JDL

And let’s not forget when two operations financed by international
Jewish Bankers, Communism and Nazism, simultaneously invaded Christian
Poland and decapitated that brave nation’s leadership in 1939 (see Dana
Alvi’s www.papurac.org). But I digress.

And all of this murder of Christians who get in the way of the Jewish
Supremist agenda is sanctioned in the Talmud, as you know, but as the
American people do not yet know. Here is an example: “Tob shebbe goyyim
harog - Even the best of the Goyim (Gentiles) should be killed."
--Soferim 15, Rule 10. Elizabeth Dilling in Chapter IV of The Plot
Against Christianity tells us that under “Gentiles” in the Jewish
Encyclopedia we will find Simeon Ben Yohai pronouncing the same edict:
“The best among the Gentiles deserves to be killed.” In the same chapter
Dilling tells us: “The same doctrine abides throughout the whole
Talmud.” (Many more choice passages from the Talmud will be highlighted
on the website.)

Now, clearly, there is little danger that the underside of the extremist
Jewish Supremist Network would attempt anything against Mel Gibson, Jim
Caviezel, or their families now – but, we are writing this letter to
say, nothing better happen to them in the future either, when the
publicity dies down, or we will be holding those of you who whipped up
hate-speech against this movie project as RESPONSIBLE. No “accidents” –
get it?

And one last thing on this front. There is some reason to be concerned
for the safety of the main actress, Maia Morgenstern, who portrays
Jesus’ mother Mary in The Passion of the Christ. For there is history of
Jewish Supremists harming or killing other Jewish persons who are
getting in the way of the Jewish Supremist agenda. One prominent example
was the “suicide” of John Demjanjuk’s lawyer, Dov Eitan, who at age 53
was thrown out of the 15th floor of Jerusalem’s tallest building on the
eve of his defending the framed John Demjanjuk, falsely accused of being
Nazi prison guard Ivan the Terrible, in his appeal before the Israeli
Supreme Court (which eventually reversed the lower court’s death
sentence and acquitted Demjanjuk). Problem is, minutes before he
“jumped” to his death in late November 1988, he had told his wife quite
cheerfully that he was going to go that morning to buy a new suit for
his appearance before the Israeli Supreme Court and all the news
cameras. Then, at this courageous man’s funeral, another extremist threw
acid in the face of the lawyer who was going to take his place, one
Yoram Sheftel.

In the case of ANY acts of physical violence – or “personal attack”
smear campaigns -- against any of these people prominently associated
with The Passion of the Christ, we, supporters of those who courageously
made this movie, will be watching YOU.

Because of your wild, sustained, and hysterical attacks upon it,
something has happened which it seems obvious from news reports that Mel
Gibson neither contemplated nor intended when he began filming his
vision for this film: The Passion of the Christ now represents the
greatest, unmitigated cultural defeat for Jewish Supremists like
yourselves in the last 46 years. So, yes, we are concerned for the
safety of Mel Gibson, Jim Caviezel, Maia Morgenstern, and the rest.

Contrived Violence Against Graveyards, Synagogues, or God forbid, Jewish
People – to Smear the Movie

This movie has played before tens of thousands of people in
pre-screenings without a single act of violence. All those of whom I am
aware – with the exception of your Jewish Supremist faction – who have
seen a pre-screening and commented upon it, have said something to the
effect that the movie leaves them with a desire for SELF-examination and
with a desire to be more understanding and forgiving towards others.

Therefore, IF there is suddenly any desecration of Jewish cemeteries, or
swastika paintings on Jewish synagogues, or – God forbid, any violence
against a Jewish person, -- then, again, we and many thousands of others
will be looking to YOU and those ideologically aligned with your agenda

As you know, and as we will document further on the above referenced
website, there is a long history of self-inflicted, contrived acts of
violence by Jews against Jewish targets, so that Jewish Supremist
leaders can play the victim and keep their fund raising machines going.

Such goings on motivated Joseph P. Kamp to pen THE BIGOTS BEHIND THE
SWASTIKA SPREE way back in 1960. This booklet, still available, is
billed as an examination of the role of the Anti-Defamation League and
similar organizations in fanning the flames of inter-group hatred by
exaggerating, distorting, and sometimes even creating anti-semitic
incidents in America and abroad.

And who over 45 years old can forget the famous “Nazi” march through
Skokie, Illinois in 1977 led by one Frank Collins, and dutifully given
saturation coverage by the Jewish operatives running ABC, CBS, and NBC?
Funny, it turned out that Frank Collins, the American Nazi leader, was
Jewish. This wasn’t as strange as it seems, was it gentlemen? You know
that it wasn’t that strange, and I know it wasn’t that strange, but
there is not time or space to get into THAT huge subject in this
abbreviated Open Letter. But we will get into that important subject in
depth on the website. Incidentally, Collins little stunt, in tandem with
publicity obligingly provided by the national media, did provide a more
than excellent fund raising opportunity for organizations, such as those
three of you represent, who make a living out of “fighting

And isn’t it funny the way that it seems only Jewish cemeteries are
attacked and defaced? I never seem to hear of any other cemeteries being
attacked. Not Irish; not Chinese; not Norwegian; not Brazilian. Just
Jewish cemeteries. Problem is, as you know and I know, there is a long
history of Jewish extremists and Supremists creating the vandalism
themselves in order to then allow Jewish Supremist leaders to play the

ITEM: In November of 1985, in the predominantly Jewish neighborhoods of
Borough Park and Flatbush in Brooklyn, New York, someone threw rocks
through the windows of eight Jewish-owned shops. News media across the
nation swung into action, comparing the incidents to "Nazi atrocities"
and calling for increased vigilance against "anti-Semitism." New York
Mayor Ed Koch offered a $10,000 reward for the perpetrator, and the
Jewish Community Relations Council offered a $5,000 reward. Finally, the
arrested a 38 year old Jewish man, Gary Dworkin, who was charged with 14
counts of felonies and misdemeanors relating to this supposed "hate
crime.” At this point, the Jewish leaders who got publicity reversed
themselves and suggested Dworkin was mentally ill and deserved more
sympathy than punishment.

ITEM: In November of 1988, it seemed a clear case of vandalism when
swastikas appeared for a fourth time in the hallway of a Yonkers woman
who supported a controversial desegregation plan, accompanied this time
by death threats. By December 1, however, the culprit turns out to be no
one else but the victim herself, Laurie Recht. (Reported in the New York
Daily News)

ITEM: In December of 1983 a series of arson attacks at four Hartford,
Connecticut synagogues seemed to be the work of Jew-hating racists.
Within a short period of time, arson fires were set at Young Israel
Synagogue, Emmanual Synagogue, the home of Rabbi Solomon Krupa and the
home of State Representative Joan Kemler, who was also Jewish. Enormous
police resources were devoted to solving the crimes, and, meanwhile,
nationwide media attention was focused on the fires, resulting in
several different legislative initiatives being tabled to combat
so-called "bigotry and violence." For a time, police teams staked out a
number of Hartford neighbourhoods, with an idea that a repetition of the
arsonist's crimes would lead to his capture. Barry Dov Schuss, a
17-year-old Jewish student, was an early suspect in the case.
Eventually, he confessed to having set all four fires. While the
combined total for several counts of arson could well have meant that he
would spend the rest of his life in prison (had Schuss turned out to
have been a genuine anti-Semite), the arsonist in this case got a
suspended sentence, was told to undergo psychiatric treatment, and then
put on 5 years' probation. Schuss described himself as an avid reader of
Holocaust literature, and finally confessed to setting several
Jewish-owned properties ablaze in order to enhance public awareness of
anti-Semitism (Thanks to David Irving’s Action Report, website edition,
www.fpp.co.uk, for summarizing this case.)

ITEM: On November 25, 2003, the New York Journal News at
nyjournalnews.com reported that Sharon Miller, described as a “modern
Orthodox Jew” was caught by police for painting a swastika on her own
door. She said she did it to step of police investigation of other
alleged anti-semitic incidents in the area. “Sometimes you have to do
things,” the website quoted her as saying.

ITEM: Cecily Woolf reported in the Jewish Chronicle (London), March 13,
1993, in an article entitled "ANL Daubing Protest," that a 300 strong
demonstration in London by the Anti-Nazi League to protest a Jewish
cemetery vandalism-desecration – was demonstrating against something
that never happened. The scam came to light after a watchman at the
Brighton and Hove Hebrew Congregation's Florence Road Cemetery grew
suspicious at the march staged by the Anti-Nazi League to protest an
alleged desecration in which it was claimed that many tombstones had
been daubed with swastikas. To account for the lack of such vandalized
tombstones at the graveyard it had been explained that "the gardener"
had removed them. The security officer, however, revealed to the Jewish
Chronicle that there was no gardener at the cemetery, and that the
records showed no gravestone markings and daubings there for at least 30

ITEM: On January 12, 2004, an article appeared in the Harvard Crimson by
student writer Daniel J. Hemel entitled, “Antiwar Group Exposes
undercover activist.” “An outspoken member of Harvard Students for
Israel went undercover in what he says was a quest to gauge
anti-Semitism in a campus anti-war group. Members of the Harvard
Initiative for Peace and Justice (HIPJ) discovered last week that
mysterious anti-Semitic posts on the group’s web log were written by
Eric R. Trager ’05, who posted them under an assumed name. Trager said
yesterday that he was responsible for the posts in question, but said
they were part of his larger effort to monitor anti-Semitism on campus.
Trager, who is secretary of Harvard Students for Israel (HSI), . . . To
determine whether HIPJ would still tolerate anti-Semitism in its midst,
Trager said he created the persona of Fabian Cooper, who identified
himself as a Boston University graduate student who had taken a year off
from his studies . . .”

You get the idea. And so do we.

Criteria for Fake Hate Crimes

On the website www.texashatecrime.com there is listed a number of
criteria by which a fake hate crime can be spotted. Item # 2 warns us:
“An incident that occurs just when it's ‘needed’ to promote awareness or
sensitivity to racism or anti-Semitism, to disarm critics and make them
reluctant to ‘talk back.’ Be particularly alert for hoaxes during
appropriate holidays, birthdays, or on anniversaries of important

Or vandalism incidents which occur during the release of really
effective movies about the last 12 hours before the death on the cross
of Jesus Christ?

Killing the “Lesser Brethern” for Profit and Land

Of course, the “mother of all persecutions of everyday Jewish people by
Jewish Supremist Leaders” is when the soon to be founders of Israel, the
World Zionist Leaders of that time, cooperated with Adolph Hitler and
the Nazis to round up everyday Jewish families in Nazi occupied
territories for the purpose of sending them to concentration camps, or
down to Palestine, to prepare for the takeover of Palestinian territory
in 1948. This was well beyond graffiti and arson --- this was mass
murder combined with peace-breaking social engineering. While the
plethora of documentation will have to wait for the expanded website,
those who can’t wait to investigate this almost hidden corridor of the
World War II era should see: “Holocaust Victims Accuse” by Rabbi
Schonfeld; “Perfidy” by Ben Hecht, 1961, (Ben Hecht was a Jewish
Hollywood screenwriter who wrote the screenplay for “From Here to
Eternity” and was an assistant to David O’Selznick on “Gone with the
Wind”); “Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers” by Brian Mark Rigg, 2002 (read
between the lines a bit in this book); and “Hitler’s Secret Backers” by
Sydney Warburg, 1933 (this book was mentioned by prominent Nazi Franz
von Papen in his MEMOIRS,EP Dutton, Inc. 1953, p.229 when he wrote
"...the most documented account of the National Socialists' sudden
acquisition of funds was contained in a book published in Holland in
1933 by the old established publishing house of Van Hilkema & Warendorf,
... under the name 'Sidney Warburg.'”); finally, “The Transfer
Agreement” by Edwin Black, 1984. This is just a small sampling of the
literature exposing this “secret” of World War II.

The Founders of Israel in 1948 had been Nazi Collaborators

When the people of the world learn that the predecessors of Foxman,
Hier, Rich and Rudin – were working hand in glove with the Nazis to
round up the everyday Jews to put them in the camps, there to be left to
perish in some cases, or, in other cases, moved out of Europe
(hopefully) down to Palestine in anticipation of the takeover of land
for the founding of Israel in 1948 (only three years after World War II)
– then indignation against the current establishment Jewish leadership
will be unquenchable on all sides. (See books listed a few paragraphs
earlier.) Even Simon Wiesenthal was a Nazi collaborator according to one
time Austrian Chancellor Bruno Kreisky, himself of Jewish ancestry. (For
all the details, please see historian Mark Weber’s well documented
articles at: http://www.vho.org/GB/Journals/JHR/9/4/Weber439-452.html)

Reason for Your Frantic Opposition to The Passion of the Christ

The Mel Gibson movie, The Passion of the Christ, is, by all reports, a
really effective film. One Protestant minister said that he felt like
someone had brought a camera to Calvary, and just recorded what was
happening. A Catholic writer involved with the art of film making,
Barbara Nicolosi, wrote in her short essay, “I Saw the Passion” that she
found herself praying on the way home, saying to herself, “Sorry, Jesus,
I forgot.” (That is, she was accusing herself for her own sins.)

Israel Shamir, a Christian of Jewish ancestry, has suggested that the
real reason you Jewish Supremists are so upset is because you are afraid
that this movie will cause many Jewish people to look into Christianity.
Henry Makow, Phd., also of Jewish ancestry, states that the big problem
modern day Judaism has is this: it has failed to produce a Messiah in
6000 years.

The truth behind your bellicose opposition is surely beyond anything Mel
Gibson or anyone else associated with the movie could have foreseen: the
movie is so effective that you are witnessing the undoing of 60 years of
your faction’s propaganda.

Jewish Supremists have been trying to replace the crucifixion of Christ
as the central event in human history – with the “crucifixion” of the
Jewish race in “the Holocaust.” Gibson’s movie “threatens” to undo all
the work to enshrine “The Holocaust” as the central event in history --
in a few weeks. Rabbi Hier has correctly noted that more people will see
this movie in a few weeks than saw all the Passion Plays put together in
the last 1000 years. THAT’s the answer as to the “why” for all the
outcry your faction has been manufacturing.

Unjust Charges Against the Movie

Many of you have claimed that the movie is unjustly “blaming the Jewish
people.” Actually, it portrays accurately the role of the High Priest
Caiphas and the Sanhedrin. Thankfully, honest Jewish scholars David
Kinghoffer (Scripting the Scriptures
http://www.forward.com/issues/2003/03.05.02/oped3.html ) and Steven
Bayme (Jesus in the Talmud – although this article was hastily pulled
down by the American Jewish Committee website – but we will display the
article on our website) have made clear that the Gibson movie is in
harmony with both the Gospels and the Talmud. One of these scholars made
clear that Maimonides, the greatest Rabbi of the last 1000 years
according to some, stated unambiguously that the Jewish Elders caught
Jesus “seducing the people”, and “meted out just punishment.” You know
this. Informed people know this – but you have gone on TV and brazenly
pretended that Mel Gibson was distorting history in this regard in The
Passion of the Christ. Your deception in this regard will be exposed at
length on our website.

Passion Plays are Holy Productions, Not a “Problem”

Regarding those Passion Plays, you Jewish Supremists have been claiming
that these exercises in devotion and love for Our Lord Jesus Christ have
resulted in “great harm” to Jews. WRONG. William Donahue stated on Imus
in the Morning on MSNBC on Friday, February 20, 2004, that the best he
can get from those clamoring about the danger of Passion Plays is that
NO ONE in America has ever been hurt after a Passion Play – and that
they don’t even claim that anyone was hurt since 1539 – but even then it
was apparently only local church leaders putting guards around the
Jewish community because of possible danger. If any Jewish person had
been killed after a Passion Play, we would know his name as well as we
know the name of Dreyfus or Daniel Pearl.

The Actions and Agenda of You Jewish Supremists Are the reason for what
you call “Anti-Semitism”

No, Sirs, it is not the Gospel or the Passion Plays that account for
“anti-Semitism.” What accounts for what you call “anti-Semitism”, i.e.
anytime anyone gets in the way of your agenda, or anytime you are not
getting your way – IS – listen now – IS THE BEHAVIOR OF YOU JEWISH
SUPREMISTS. You are doing it again, as you have done throughout the last
2000 years. You are giving the Jewish people a bad name. Jews have been
welcomed into the USA as into no other country before. But you and your
fellow Jewish Supremists are repaying America like “the snake taken to
the bosom.” Your network has slowly fastened your tentacles around our
national money (Federal Reserve, 1913), our mass media (1930s and
beyond), and now around our Congress, our White House, and our courts.
This history of wheedling your way into control of all the choke points
of a society is why you have gotten your people kicked out of country
after country after country in the last 1000 years, once the general
population realizes what has happened. The expanded letter on the
website will document this to the point that few will have time to read
the volume of evidence.

Your arrogance has now reached the skies here in America, to the point
where now you dare to try and make life “hell on earth” for Mel Gibson
and his family for his making a movie based almost exclusively on the
literal Gospels. I have a message for you which I think millions of
Christians will join me in: Shut Up. We are tired of hearing about how
every manifestation of Christianity from Nativity scenes to this movie
are a “problem” for you.

Fr. Denis Fahey says on page XVII in his book The Mystical Body of
Christ in the Modern World: “The same forces that resisted and
persecuted Our Lord Jesus Christ during His life on earth resist and
persecute Him down the ages in His Mystical Body.”

For those looking for examples of your Jewish Supremist faction
persecuting Christian civilization today, there are plenty of examples
at: http://www.melspassion.com/browse.php?cat=2 – among many other
places which will be detailed on the website.

And how about this from Fr. Denis Fahey (about attacks against Catholic
countries) on page 47 and 48 of The Kingship of Christ and the
Conversion of the Jewish Nation: “When the Jews are powerful, they
openly attack the Supernatural Messias and the Supernatural Life of
Grace which comes from Him. In countries where they are only advancing
to power, they content themselves with desupernaturalizing the
observances and customs which have sprung from acceptance of the
Supernatural Messias. When the latter process has been carried on for a
sufficiently long time and Catholics have grown weak, the open attack
can be begun.”

Obviously, you Jewish Supremists feel very powerful to attack the most
popular movie star (People’s Choice Award 2003) in America over a film
about Jesus Christ. In truth, as Fr. Fahey points out, you are
perverting your talents for persuasion to fight the Supernatural Order
of the world, instead of promoting it. From The Kingship of Christ and
the Conversion of the Jewish Nation: “God came on earth in the Person of
Our Lord Jesus Christ and put before the Jewish Nation, from which he
had taken His Sacred humanity, the divine program for the ordered
organization to the world, asking the at the same time to be its
heralds. The crucifixion of Our Lord was the rejection by the Jewish
Nation of God’s program for order.” In The Rulers of Russia, page
48-49, “On the other hand, the Jewish Nation, by its rejection of
Christ’s message, asserted that its national life was the highest life
in the world and proclaimed that the supreme test of the value of a
course of action was its relation to that national life. ‘But one of
them, named Caiphas, being the high priest that year, said to them: You
know nothing. Neither do you consider that it is expedient for you that
one should die for the people and that the whole nation perish not.’
(St. John, XI, 49-50). Their rejection of the Supernatural Messias is
just as vigorous today as at any time since Calvary.”

And that is the point. While no Romans or Italians are complaining about
The Passion of the Christ (because they are not working against
Christian civilization, nor do they feel threatened that focus on Christ
will expose their agenda), you Jewish Supremists are working ceaselessly
against this movie.

No one need wonder how the Sanhedrin of old pressured Pontius Pilate for
the crucifixion of Christ, all they need do is look NOW at what YOU and
the other Jewish Supremists are trying to do to “crucify” Mel Gibson and
this movie in the courtyard of public opinion!

You Dare to Scream Continuously Through the Public Airwaves
Because Every Line of this Movie was not Submitted to you for

Hatred of anyone, including hatred of one or more Jewish persons, is
wrong and has been consistently condemned by the Church. In this sense
anti-Semitism is wrong, pure and simple. (Anti-Semitism is, of course, a
ridiculous word when you mean to say anti-Judaism, as almost all Arabs
are Semites, whereas many Jews today, as you also know, are not Semites,
being descended from the Khazars from central Russia.

Also, by anti-Semitism, you hope to sneak in the idea that your opponent
is irrational, and hates someone for the way he is born – something no
one chooses or can help. In fact, those you call anti-Semites almost
always are standing up for something that gets in the way of your
agenda, or are on to your agenda, and are opposing it out of good
conscience.) However, you have EXPANDED the definition of anti-Semitism
to include anyone who is opposing your agenda in any way. Let’s here
from Fr. Denis Fahey in The Mystical Body of Christ in the Modern World:

“After all that has been already been said, it will be easy to deal with
the question of Anti-Semitism. What is meant by the term? Anti-Semitism
is the word used by the Jews to designate any form of opposition to
themselves and thy strive persistently to associates irrationality and
want of balance with the term. They evidently want the world to believe
that anyone who opposes Jewish pretensions is more or less mentally

And Fr. Fahey elsewhere makes clear that Christians must stand
positively for Christ the King in this world. This is what Mel Gibson,
according to his own testimony in numerous media outlets, has tried to
do with this movie. And you call this attempt to make a positive stand
for Christianity “anti-Semitism.” If this letter reaches Mr. Gibson, Mr.
Caviezel, or anyone else who has been the target of your media firestorm
– I urge them strongly to read the books of the late, great Irish
priest, Fr. Denis Fahey (1883-1954).

Let us draw to a close with several short concepts:

We Need A Figurative Flooding of Isengard

As it stands, your corrupting and, quite literally, anti-Christ
influence in public society needs to be washed away like the Orcs were
washed away in The Lord of the Rings, Two Towers in scene 49 on the
original version DVD, “The Flooding of Isengard.”

The American People are the Theoden King

The American people are in the position of the Theoden King in Lord of
the Rings, Two Towers, in scene 16 on the original version DVD, “The
King of the Golden Hall.” You, Sirs, and your Jewish Supremist faction,
are in the position of Grima Wormtongue in that Scene. The American
people, as a whole, like the Theoden King, have had their minds
overthrown by your Jewish Supremist dominated mass media. The American
people, like the Theoden King in that scene, must wake up, and, as
Gandalf says in the film, “Breathe the free air again . . .”

The Lesson of Francis Marion, The Swampfox

While we’re using movie analogies, I suggest that everyone concerned
with Mel Gibson’s safety go out and rent “The Patriot.” In that movie,
there is a lesson to be learned on how the main character, Benjamin
Martin, dealt with tyrants and the enemies of America. The Martin
character was based on Francis Marion, the Swampfox.

We are nearing the time when those working to undermine America are
going to need to be “Swampfoxed”, hopefully by peaceful means, but, if
all other avenues fail, then we will have to emulate our forefathers in
Christendom. As the Theoden King said near the end of the Two Towers
movie, “Let fell deeds awake.”

When I say “we” in this letter, I am doing so for three reasons: 1) It’s
easier on the ear than saying “I”; 2) there have been and will be
numerous researchers and other lending their talents to this Open Letter
and to this website; 3) “we” does not refer to any organized group of
any kind; I know that there are hundreds of thousands and even millions
who are fed up with what is happening, crystallized by what is happening
around this movie; if anything happens to Mel Gibson, his family, Jim
Caviezel, his family, or any one around this movie, then I believe that
God will raise up the proper people to redress the grievance – for such
an physical attack on two of “the best of the gentiles” will signal that
redress must be made.

Hutton Gibson, Patriarch of Truth, Patriarch of Courage

While no one expects those who have devoted themselves to making movies
for the last 20 years to be up on every area of research, those of us
who have researched extensively in these areas are aware that Hutton
Gibson, far from being the names that your faction has called him, is
one of he most perceptive men of our age. We are DISGUSTED with your
attacks on Hutton Gibson and the Gibson family, who, according to those
who know them, are fine and upstanding people of the FIRST ORDER. We
will be addressing the controversy surrounding Hutton Gibson at length
on the website.

The Venerable Anna Catherine Emmerich

Your faction has also attempted to besmirch the name of the 19th century
nun, Anna Catherine Emmerich. Anyone can glean her character and her
devotion to Our Lord Jesus Christ by reading her book, available from
TAN Books, The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

We reject IN TOTO your attacks on Anna Catherine Emmerich. This will
also be addressed at length on the website, www.adlagainstmel aka
www.deicidedeniers.com --

Our Website Will Be a History Lesson for Our Time

Because the American people can understand very clearly the controversy
around this movie, it is a good take off point to explain to the
American people what is being done to their country. Those who study and
absorb the documentation and concepts that will be in the expanded Open
Letter on this website – will understand history and current events
better than those who have graduated from Harvard or Yale with a history
degree. Truth is stranger – and much more interesting – than fiction.

Throughout this Website We Will be Asking You Questions, And We Hope You

Many of you Jewish Leaders attacking Mel Gibson and this film – have
called for dialogue. So let’s dialogue. We can do so on the internet
before the whole world.

Two decades ago, you could have all laughed this Open Letter off and
thrown it into the waste paper bin, confident that your mass media would
have prevented anything herein or on our website from reaching the
public. NOT ANYMORE! We will be posing a series of questions to all of
you on the above named website – questions which you will soon receive
by email and regular mail. We are eager for your answers, which we will
then publish in full on the website. If you do not answer, then that
will also be reflected.

One question which occurs right now is: Would all of you, individually,
be willing to take a public lie detector test that you have not engaged
in any conversation concerning physical attacks on Mel Gibson or his
family, and that you are not aware of any conversation of anyone in the
worldwide Jewish establishment regarding physical attacks on Mel Gibson
or his family?

In case we haven’t made ourselves clear . . .

In case we haven’t made ourselves clear, NOTHING BETTER HAPPEN TO MEL
graveyards, institutions, or, God forbid, Jewish persons, allegedly
because of The Passion of the Christ Movie, will be viewed with the
utmost suspicion.

In either case, we will be looking to YOUR FACTION OF JEWISH SUPREMISTS
as the number one suspects. Please spread the word to the appropriate
people and organizations. (End of communiqué)


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Cincinnatus Action Committee

End of the Open Letter.

End of this e-wire.

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Network America Ewire List
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count
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