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Al-CIA-Duh pukes up “Computer” on Cue  Jim Condit Jr.
 Aug 03, 2004 07:29 PDT 

August 03, 2004 NA (Network America) e-wire

Al-CIA-Duh pukes up “Computer” on Cue

The push for the treasonous 2nd Terrorist Attack on a major US City has
been ramped up by the Ruling Elite of Judeo-Masonry. This cabal runs the
5 Big TV Networks, the W. Bush administration, the John Kerry/Kohn
campaign. They also direct the dark side of US and Israel military
intelligence – the guys who pulled off the 9-11 terror attacks – and
wants to pull off their hoped for “PHASE II” of 9-11 in the near future.


Yesterday’s performance was the latest act written for Bush
administration puppets by Hollywood-type script writers in the deadly
made-for-TV movie known as “The War on Terror.”

And what caused yesterday’s mega-Media-uproar? Before we get to that,
let me pause to remark . . .


. . . that this recent contrived outburst of “terror” makes the
necessity for the effective impact of our upcoming Radio Ads Campaign on
Midwest radio and the worldwide internet – all the more super urgent. In
the current information war, our Radio Ads/Program strategy will be the
ONLY direct public resistance to the NEW WORLD ORDER in the 2004


Do you understand what these moral devils are planning? They are now
preparing the American people via Big Media publicity to expect a
HORRENDOUS attack on a major US city as something inevitable, that “we
knew was coming.”

When this happens – they plan to institute:

a) the draft to throw young American men and women against Arab men and
women in the Mideast in a low grade World War III (better to decrease
the white and Arab birth rate by, my dear);
b) some form of Martial Law here in the USA against primarily white
Americans, although any resisters or “dissidents” are to be targeted as
“enemies” of the “war on terror”, i.e., (to quote Michael Hoffman), “the
war on Israel’s enemies.

Already today, Janissaries and Traitors Bush, Ashcroft and Ridge have
instituted New World Order “check points” in New Jersey and New York and
Washington D.C. areas – which were referred to on MSNBC as “possibly
permanent check points.”

Now, one may ask, why is all the emphasis on check points WITHIN the
United States, while the southern border is left unattended? And if
guarding a country’s territory doesn’t matter, why is pseudo-Israel
building that big wall against the Palestinians? Well, children, our
Handlers think it’s better that we don’t think about these questions too
much or too deeply . . .

Ah, but with domestic checkpoints, -- now we’re getting down to it:
tyranny in America courtesy of the Jewish Supremists and their
contemptible Secret Society allies, just as was implemented against the
poor Russian people in 1917. The USA today is about at the point where
Russia was in 1915.

Will the USA go the way of Russia, or the way of Spain, which threw off
Judeo-Masonic-Communism in the 1930s?


And – back to the action -- what caused the August 2nd, 2004 Media
uproar about the “imminent terrorist attack”?

Answer: the old “we found a computer” trick. The Bush administration
breathlessly announced that a “computer had been found” in Pakistan, we
are told, which has the entire Al Qaeda (Al-CIA-duh) game plane for
attacking financial institutions in New York, New Jersey, and Washington

By this morning, August 3, 2004 – after the moves demanded by the puppet
masters were already done in the face of this new “terror threat” -- the
Bush administration has backed off the idea that this is new
intelligence – they are now saying these computers may contain
information from 3 years ago. No matter, Bush made the main move his
handlers told him to do.


So, -- as we have repeatedly predicted would happen -- Bush announces
that he’s going to appoint some version of the Intelligence Czar
recommended by the contrived 9-11 Commission Report. The Ruling Elite is
not happy, though, with the lack of power invested in this Intelligence
Czar. While driving, I heard an NPR interview where some official at
some Homeland Security approved company said they would not be happy
until this Intelligence Czar was being reported to by all intelligence
agencies, and controlled all the money for intelligence.

This, as we have said repeatedly, is the only goal of the criminally
negligent 9-11 commission – to start the drive for a KGB/Gestapo
National Police Force, just like in every Jewish-controlled country.
Keane and Hamilton didn’t ask the FIRST relevant question in these bogus
hearings, pretended all the treason was due to incompetence – and in
response to “all the incompetence” called for a national intelligence
CZAR, as a first step to giving us the kind of police state the Russian
people enjoyed for so many years.

Also, Homeland Security traitor/buffoon Tom Ridge, who never saw a piece
of dubious intelligence he didn’t love, raised the “terror alert” from
some color to some other color, and the Imus in the Morning crew on
MSNBC concluded that this meant “something”, amidst chuckles. (The real
purpose of this whole “terror alert” color scheme, is to try and keep
the public in a constant state of imbalance, in accordance with the
demands of the script by the Hollywood-type script writers developing
this deadly made for TV movie.)


. . . was already used in the “Shoe Bomber” case. But in the shoe bomber
case it was so obviously a made up fairy tale – that the low level
“reporter” operatives who tried it, must have been QUICKLY told to drop
it. Here’s what happened:

The quizzical Shoe Bomber, who I believe was an Israeli-directed Actor,
brought – supposedly, -- a bomb in the heel of this shoe (???) on an
airplane. Then, with the flight in progress, despite all his incredible
preparation to make the heel of his shoe into a bomb – he, shoe bomber
Richard Reid, we are told, forgot an appropriate lighter.

So, rather than just postpone his caper till another flight, he tried to
use a regular match – the kind you light birthday candles with -- to
light the alleged sophisticated footwear explosive.

Anyway, shortly after Reid’s “shoe bomb” hit the news, two reporters for
the Jewish-owned Wall Street Journal had a great piece of “luck.” They
bought a second hand computer in Kabul (the capital of Afghanistan)
which – mirabile dictu (wonderful to tell) – had thousands of files
written by Al Qaeda members (that is, Al-CIA-duh members) – and, EVEN
MORE INCREDIBLE – one of the files dealt with the travel itinerary of
Richard Reid, the shoe bomber!

This was reported over MSNBC or FOX on one mid-morning back in early
2002, about a month after Reid’s misadventure, which took place on
December 22, 2001 – a month and ten days after the 9-11 terror attacks.
(Must have Hollywood scripted events every so many weeks to keep the
population in mental turmoil.)

The cable TV news report is why I remembered this “found computer”
precedent. I also noticed that THIS VERY INTERESTING STORY was dropped
from the electronic media immediately – after the first report. Someone
high-up must have called the network editors, and said, “DROP THAT

That’s the way it was reported on Cable TV News – and this link gives
you the way Time magazine reported this “story” a few weeks later.



I mean, does Al-CIA-duh do anything other than make audiotapes,
videotapes, computer files – and then indiscriminately put them in the
way of “our” reporters and intelligence operatives? I mean, Al-CIA-duh
hasn’t pulled off one mall bombing, one roadside bombing, one anything –
in the USA since the 9-11 terror attacks. (And we KNOW that the
technology for these acts are well within the Moslem range, as witness
Iraq.) -- But they sure have time to leave electronic evidence against
themselves everywhere – just the type of evidence that helps the Jewish
Supremists who control the Big Media continue to HYPE the “war on
terror” – and to continue to maneuver our kids towards a military draft
and World War III.


By the way, a few days ago Senator Mark Dayton (D-Minn) stunned his
fellow Senators and the media by charging NORAD with lying about the
time line on 9-1-01. Dayton made these comments when he noticed that the
disgusting Keane-Hamilton 911 Commission Report CONTRADICTED the time
line NORAD had been putting out for almost 3 years. Neither Keane nor
Hamilton felt this was worthy of comment, you understand. So thank God
Senator Dayton did!

Dayton charges that NORAD and the entire US Defense Department left the
American people UNDEFENDED during two of the darkest two hours of our
nation’s history (so right!). While Dayton is deficient in that he is
still parroting the “covering up incompetence” line – his comments make
clear that we are looking at treason. Paul Wolfowitz and Rabbi Dov
Zakheim (money man at the Pentagon then) and their crowd had the ability
to GROUND all air defense planes while they pulled off the 9-11 terror
attacks – Osama Bid Laden did not have that ability. (See “Did Norad
Send the ‘Suicide’ Jets”, Parts 1 & 2, at public-action.com)

You can read the article in the “Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune”
about Senator Dayton’s comments (which has so far been blacked out by
major TV media) -- at this link:


An article accusing Pentagon comptroller Rabbi Dov Zakheim with being
the mastermind of 9-11 (means, motive, opportunity), and therefore
guilty of treason, can be found here:


Next concept: The conspiratorial control exercised over American news by
about 30 Insiders in New York City and Washington DC, is not foolproof.
Every once in a while a story slips through that is not supposed to.
When that happens, the Big Boys simply quietly drop the story, as if it
never happened. (www.thememoryhole.org tries to keep track of some of
these stories)

When Private Jessica Lynch’s father was interviewed in West Virginia on
his front porch steps by local reporters working with MSNBC. In response
to an honest question from the local reporter, Lynch contradicted the
Big Media lie that Jessica had amnesia, stating (paraphrase), “I just
talked to her from her bed in Germany, and she doesn’t have amnesia; her
memory is completely normal.”

Well, I saw this story in mid morning on MSNBC – and it was never
reported again. But it was one of the things that began the demise of
the “Jessica Lynch” myth with Jews at the Big Media were trying to
create as a move towards drafting women for combat.

In fact, entire reporters can be dropped from sight in a few days when
they step out of line. Ashleigh Banfield, an MSNBC reporter who was so
popular that fan pages had sprung up for her, killed her on-screen
career when she appeared at the Alf Landon Lecture Series in Kansas –
and stated that the entire big media had not lived up to their calling
in the recent Iraq invasion, and basically were mouthpieces for the
Pentagon during the invasion. She also had done a news segment where she
traveled with an Arab resistance group for a few hours. Michael Savage
called her an “info slut” – and nobody, not NOW, not anybody, came to
her aid (of course not, NOW is a Jewish strike force against Christian
Society, not a pro-woman’s group).

On that note she was called into some Jewish mogul’s office at MSNBC,
chastised, and phased out completely from on screen appearances, and
according to one website has decided to discontinue her career at NBC.
However, even the internet google search seems to attest that she has
become a non-person.

Next concept: If you go to google.com, click on images, and search for
“Richard Reid”, you will find one picture where he is wearing a hood,
and squinting like a sinister villain. A picture like this, but worse,
was played thousands of times on the Big TV Networks. The camera would
do a slow pan, closer and closer, on the hideous face being made, as if
on purpose, by Shoebomber Richard Reid.

The same technique was used on the bald Mousaoui (the man being held
since 9-11 as the so-called 19th hijacker) with a picture that makes him
looking menacing (it was probably taken after the Judge in his case made
one of his crooked rulings, stifling Mousaoui’s attempt to call
witnesses to try and clear himself).

Some early articles say that investigators were looking for “Richard
Reid’s” true identity. NOW we’re getting close. People on the plane said
Reid came looking unkept, unshaven, and dirty, -- as if he was doing
everything in his power to draw attention to himself.

I say “Reid, the shoebomber” – is an actor directed by Israel, or
perhaps from Israel, and that he is not in prison anywhere, but is out
on a well paid holiday for his service to the push to World War III.
He’ll show up for parole hearings to make it look good. Where would one
go to visit “Richard Reid” in prison?

Likewise, I believe that “Arthur Bremer”, who shot George Wallace in
1972 – was an intelligence operative who is not in prison, but is simply
brought back once a decade or so to show up for “parole hearings.” Can
anybody prove me wrong on this? Where would one go to visit “Arthur

Reporter Alan Stang and the late Congressman John G. Schmitz proved a
few days after the assassination that “Bremer” was part of a team. When
Congress called one of those identified as part of the support network
for Bremer to testify as a witness – the man was found dead a few days
later in the trunk of a car in Canada. (See, if you can find it, Alan
Stang, American Opinion magazine, October 1972. “The Wallace Shooting”;
there is another book which I believe is called, “Watergate and the
Wallace Connection” by Si Ross which goes into the events right after
Wallace was shot.

I say “Richard Reid” posed for the horrible pictures used by the Big TV
Networks ad nauseam, and the pictures were used to telegraph to
especially American women that the “Moslem enemy” was really bad, and
really menacing. They use such pictures to say, “Lay aside your doubts
or questions, now you see why you must support our war on terror, and
support it in exactly the way we tell you to support it.”

Big Media has been preparing the USA to accept a 2nd Terrorist Attack
from “Al Qaeda” (Al-CIA-duh) for years.


You will find an impressive list of warnings about a 2nd terrorist
attack given the public in 2002 (from Warren Buffet to the Ben Afleck
movie, “The Sum of All Fears”), if you go to this link at our Network
America e-wire page at topica.com:



For better or for worse, I do “enemy research” by checking in for at
least a few minutes everyday with some or all of the five big TV
Networks, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and FOX.

A little 1970s black and white TV sits to the left of me, often with
sound muted, as I work at my computer many hours a day. But here is
where you can read what the Ruling Elite is trying to condition the
American people to do and to believe.

I believe this Big Media watching -- is “for better.” The Judeo-Masonic
Ruling Elite telegraph their punches over these 5 Big TV Networks
EVERYDAY. They gear they’re propaganda with the idea that 99.9 per cent
of Americans are casual news viewers, and will not pick up the crass
mind manipulation that is their modus operandi.

Of the intensely interested news viewers, only a fraction of a fraction
seem to be able to interpret what they are seeing. And that’s where the
Network America e-wire tries to fill the gap. The conditioning to expect
a second terrorist attack – “worse than 9-11” – is intense, and the
implication is that those bad “Muslim Extremists” will do it, of course.

I believe that the only way to avert this impending 2nd terrorist attack
is to make enough noise in public that the direction to look is the
organized Jewish Lobby in this country, and the shadow government
military intelligence under their control both here in the USA and in

That’s why we are in the “sprint” phase of raising money for our radio
ads in August, 2004. Thanks to all of you who have helped, and please,
everyone, do all you can. If you want to strike back against the “Evil
Empire” of Big Media, we can reach millions in the Midwest via AM radio,
and potentially millions more over the internet worldwide with the hour
long program we envision for September and October, 2004, which will be
on a major AM station which simulcasts worldwide on the internet.

We are having another round of conference calls soon, and we will begin
giving progress reports for this 2004 campaign. Thank you.

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Network America Ewire List
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count
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