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US Troops Slated to Remain in Mideast Forever: Here’s the Reason  Jim Condit Jr.
 Aug 04, 2004 06:55 PDT 

August 04, 2004 NA (Network America) e-wire

US Troops Slated to Remain in Mideast Forever: Here’s the Reason

As a follow up to yesterday’s e-wire, here is a short but very packed
analysis about the reason neither Kerry nor Bush dare breathe a word
about bringing the US troops immediately home from the sands of Arabia.
(Toady John Edwards, Kerry’s VP choice, is even saying that US troops
should now be stationed inside pseudo-Israel !!)

A few points of clarification: We are passing along this article which
was sent out by the meticulous researcher and commentator from Texas,
Mr. Gary Giuffre, whose columns we have carried once or twice before in
our 3 ½ year history. This article encapsulates about 80 years of
history into a few paragraphs, so it is very intense, and well worth

The author is himself a Catholic who would be referred to as
“pre-Vatican II.” When he refers to the Vatican now being 100% under
Judeo-Masonic control, he is referring to the buildings in the Vatican,
out of which is operating the strange institution which issues the type
of decrees which he refers to. I know from reading his other writings
that Mr. Giuffre still believes the Catholic Church continues in those
faithful and clergy scattered throughout the world, who are maintaining
the “pre-Vatican II” Faith practiced in the Church up to the time when a
most anti-Christian revolution culminated against the Church in the late
1950s and 1960s. (This above explanation is about only one line in the
article, but it seemed good to clarify its meaning.)

Here begins the article sent out by Mr. Giuffre:

Reply to Christopher A. Ferrara’s article, “Catholic Zionists?”

(See: http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/remnant/zion.htm)


Christopher Ferrara’s article, “Catholic Zionists?,” addresses the
seeming contradiction of “Traditionalist Catholics” who still support
the bloody war on Iraq demanded by the Zionists and dutifully carried
out by their toady, George W. Bush.   

Even now that the war has been discredited as an unmitigated disaster
and criminal enterprise by the Bush administration, it will continue to
be expanded after the election, either by Bush, or presidential wannabe
and fellow Zionist, John Kerry.

However, Mr. Ferrara does not mention what is actually driving America’s
headlong plunge into a pan-Arabian war at the behest of Zionism. What
is the ultimate goal of such a misguided American foreign policy that is
clearly not in the interests of anyone except the Zionists?   

To answer that question, we pick up the thread which deals with a news
item that was nationally televised last weekend. On the website,
http://portland.indymedia.org/, an article appeared on 1 August 2004,
concerning a 31 July, ABC News report:

“… Marines [are] ‘training’ on the streets of a West Virginia town for
crowd control and urban combat … The official ‘explanation’ for these
exercises is that the Marine participants will soon be deployed to Iraq,
where they will use their training to quell street protests … What sort
of large-scale ‘street protests’ is the U.S. anticipating in Iraq - and
why? Haven’t they been insisting that only a few ‘foreign insurgents’
and diehard ‘Saddam supporters’ were causing all the trouble? … People
usually don’t protest in significant ways or numbers unless there’s
something … important to protest against. What does the U.S. know that
it isn’t saying about what they have in store for the long-suffering
Iraqi people? …”

The training of U.S. Marines for crowd control on a massive scale in
Middle Eastern countries makes sense only to those few who are clued-in
to the ultimate agenda of the Zionists and their allies among American
Evangelical “Christian” fanatics.

The destruction of all the Islamic nations that surround Israel and
their occupation by US forces is crucial to the Zionist plan to raze the
al-Aksa mosque, also known as the Dome of the Rock, the third most
revered shrine in Islam, because it is the last barrier standing in the
way of the construction of the “The Temple of the Eternal,” on Temple
Mount in Jerusalem. This desired future Jewish religious center would
become Jerusalem’s “Third Temple,” following after the great temples of
Solomon and Herod. The new temple would be built so that animal
sacrifices may be re-instituted – but, most importantly, so that a
proper stage may be provided for the unveiling of the “Jewish King” to
the world.

“Christian” Evangelicals, like their Zionist mentors believe this will
coincide with the appearance of the “Messiah,” and the “return of
Jesus,” but the leader who emerges from the Zionist Temple will not be
Jesus Christ returned in glory and majesty, but His anticipated, satanic
counterpart, the “man of sin,” often referred to as the “Antichrist.”

Once under the direction of their “Jewish King,” Zionist leaders believe
they will become the undisputed masters of the world. The Seven
(Talmudic) “Noahide Laws” (already adopted in 1991 by a joint
declaration of both houses of the U.S. Congress, as the basis of all law
in America), will then become the supreme law throughout the world.
Under the terms of their enforcement, anyone who opposes the “Noahide
Laws” merits death by decapitation.

For many decades, influential individuals high up in the government of
the USA have had a hidden agenda to facilitate the process of rebuilding
the Jewish Temple. American-Jewish finance successfully obtained a
public endorsement from the British Crown in 1917, known as the “Balfour
Declaration,” for the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine,
in return for a guaranty of America’s entry into World War I, on the
side of Britain.

During the false peace between the two world wars, Zionist leaders
collaborated with the Nazis, and from the 1930’s to early ‘40’s,
thousands of Germans of Jewish ancestry were uprooted for deportation to
Palestine, in order to begin the process of crowding out the indigenous
Arabs from the Holy Lands with displaced European Jews.   

U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt assisted the Zionists in this effort
by preventing German Jews from immigrating to America during this time.
Jewish “assimilationists” who refused to leave Germany voluntarily were
punished with incarceration in Nazi labor camps. After World War II, it
was claimed that millions of Jews had died while captives of the Nazis,
but it was never reported that mass deaths of non-Zionist Jews had been
engineered by the Zionists themselves.

Instead, worldwide sympathy for the establishment of a Jewish haven in
the Middle East was promoted by the pro-Zionist western media. The U.S.
armed and equipped Zionist forces to invade Palestine in May 1948, and
President Harry Solomon Truman “recognized” the State of Israel fifteen
minutes after Zionist insurgents unleashed a bloody reign of terror
against the peaceful Palestinian population and seized their sovereign
nation (then under British occupation) for themselves.

The rebuilding of the “Temple of the Eternal” has been a goal of both
Protestant Freemasons and their Zionist mentors with a religious fervor
that can only be described as fanatical. Not to be outdone by their
Protestant brethren, the present occupant of the Vatican (an institution
now 100% under the control of Judeo-Freemasonry) has condemned
anti-Zionism as “a form of anti-Semitism.” The leaders of the three
religious bodies of Talmudic Judaism, mainstream Protestantism, and
conciliar “Catholicism,” have thus merged into one force for the
implementation of the temple plan, which is now entering into its final

A new terrorist attack will soon be staged in the USA, and it will be
claimed that Iran was behind the attack, thus justifying yet another
invasion and bloody occupation of a Moslem country by U.S. forces.
After Iran, the nation next scheduled for annihilation will be Syria,
then Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and ultimately, Egypt. Even the Kingdom of
Jordan will be swept along into the boiling caldron that US-Israeli
intrigue will have by then created in the Middle East (if all goes as

By this time, the U.S. may still lack the manpower necessary for its
pan-Arabian war, and may opt for the use of “tactical nukes” against
Teheran in order to intimidate the other nations into compliance with
the Zionist program. At some point, while the attention of the American
people is focused on a manufactured terrorist attack on the USA, the
Israelis will collapse the Dome of the Rock, by explosive charges
already put in place within the labyrinth of tunnels that exist under
the al-Aksa mosque.

It was the Israeli excavation of these tunnels in the late-1980’s that
resulted in the original “Intifada,” when Moslem worshipers noticed
damage to the foundation and walls of the mosque that coincided with the
vibration and noise of boring equipment below.

As American voters head to the polls in November, most will likely cast
their votes for either one of the candidates of the two major political
parties, both of whom are 100% percent committed to the covert plan for
the Judeo-Masonic temple. This secret operation is euphemistically
referred to as the “War on Terrorism.”   All those in our national
government, even senators like Robert Byrd, who publicly opposed the
invasion of Iraq, dutifully fall in lockstep behind the “War on

Anyone in the public arena who is against this phony war is denounced
today as a deluded crackpot, but in the near future, may be regarded as
an enemy of the state.   Eventually, dissenters against the “Holy War,”
planned by Judeo-Freemasonry for centuries, will not be tolerated.

Soon after the election, America’s youth, including both its young men
and women, may be conscripted into Zionism’s latest meat grinder of
death and horror that will make Vietnam look like a Sunday school
picnic. Millions of Christians and Moslems will be slaughtered on the
battlefield, to the delight of the Zionists. . . .

The stage is now set for the final showdown over control of Temple
Mount. But, the dumbed-down American people will have no idea what the
next world war will be all about, anymore than they understood the
reasons for the two preceding world wars.   

Any American who calls himself a “Traditional Catholic,” or simply a
“Christian,” who also supports more air-raids over Arab cities (by which
the US has killed thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians since 1991),
should take note of a popular new bumper sticker now seen on cars in
many places around the U.S., and contemplate the question it asks: “Who
would Jesus bomb?”

True Catholics can take heart from the learned opinions of Saint John
Chrysostom, who compared the destruction of the Temple in 70 A.D., with
its opposite event - the founding of the Catholic Church by Jesus
Christ, 37 years earlier:

“Thou seest in both, His great and unspeakable power, in that He
increased and built up them that worshipped Him, and those that stumbled
at him, he abased, destroyed, and plucked them up by the root. Doest
thou see how whatsoever he hath built, no man shall destroy: and
whatsoever he hath destroyed, no man shall build? He builded the Church,
and no man shall be able to destroy it: he destroyed the Temple, and no
man is able to build it, and that in so long time. For they have
endeavored both to destroy that, and could not: and they have attempted
to build up this, and they could not do that neither, etc.” – (This
passage is taken from: The New Testament Of Jesus Christ, Translated
Faithfully Into English In The English College of Rheims, with
unabridged annotations, 1582, page 70.)
Gary Giuffré
Bellville, Texas

End of quote of this article.

End of this E-wire

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Network America Ewire List
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count
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