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Action Needed in Clean Elections Lawsuit  Jim Condit Jr.
 Oct 03, 2007 00:45 PDT 

October 03, 2007 NA (Network America) e-wire

Action Needed in Clean Elections Lawsuit

As many of you may heard, a National Clean Elections Lawsuit (N-CEL) has
been filed against ten states, including New Hampshire, Iowa, Ohio,
Florida, California, New York, Illinois, Oregon, South Carolina, and

We are now expanding this LANDMARK EFFORT to all 50 states. THIS IS IT!
The Lawsuit aims to establish that all computer systems (or other
systems) which HIDE THE BALLOTS from the people for even a short period
of time before the COUNT is accomplished and the RESULTS are posted –
are unconstitutional, and have been in 1789 !!!

This means we are now looking for 3 Plaintiffs for each state. A
Plaintiff can be a citizen of that state who is registered to vote.


The lawsuit argues persuasively (and I would say conclusively) that the
use of computer and machine election systems violate each citizen’s
right to vote, as defined at least twice by the Supreme Court of the
United States.

Why? Because in all computer and machine systems the ballots disappear
from the sight and custody of the people BEFORE they are counted and
posted in public.

In both 1964 and 1915 the US Supreme Court ruled that a citizen’s right
to vote consists of two parts: 1) the right to cast a ballot; 2) the
right to know that his ballot is counted accurately.

All computer and machine systems HIDE the ballots (if any) from the
people. The ballots, for a short time or forever, leave the SIGHT of the
people in the precinct BEFORE the votes are counted. This breaks the
chain of custody, is illegal, is intolerable, and is unconstitutional.

In Ohio and in 49 of the 50 states, the people are prevented by the
Election establishment from seeing the ballots before the result is
announced. Since 1988, 3132 of the 3142 counties in the USA have
delegated the “counting” process, done in secret, to mega-computer
companies. All 50 secretaries of state have approved these anti-American
systems (in NH, about ½ of the venues use computers, half count by

An article in 2004 by veteran reporter Ronnie Dugger, appearing in the
“Nation” magazine, states that only four mega-computer companies,
Diebold, ES &S, Hart, and Sequoia, “count” 96% of the vote in the USA on
election day. Here is the article by Dugger, who also wrote the
ground-breaking article in the “New Yorker” in November of 1988:



As many of you know, I have been doggedly trodding along the “honest
elections vs. computer votefraud” path since 1981. This history can be
found at www.votefraud.org in the blue box at the right hand side of the
home page called, “VoteFraud 101: Essential Reading.” The article about
some of that history is, “The Greatest Cover-up of all: Votefraud in

In March 1996, thanks to webmaster extraordinaire, Linda Muller, we
erected the first website, votefraud.org, on the internet exposing the
dangers of computer votefraud systems and pushing for honest elections.

In 1996, by the grace of God, a team I assembled in Dubuque, Iowa proved
the votefraud against Presidential candidate Pat Buchanan during the
1996 Iowa Presidential Caucuses, in which the 4 Big TV Networks then in
existence (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN) and AP wire service, their jointly owned
corporation Voter News Service, and the state Republican Party of Iowa
perpetrated the theft of 13% of Buchanan’s vote in Dubuque County.

The article about that appeared in the November, 1996 issue of
“Chronicles” magazine, -- and is also on the home page of votefraud.org.
It is entitled, “A House Without Doors.” In that year of 1996, thanks to
the efforts of many citizens, I appeared on over 60 major radio shows,
-- which were carried on over 750 radio stations -- about this theft
against the Buchanan campaign, and on computerized votefraud and honest
elections in general.

LET THE RECORD SHOW that at that time or since that time – none of the
accused have objected or said a peep about something they hope we all

So, as you can see from the above, I especially appreciate all the
people past, present, and future who will work for the restoration of
open and honest and CONSTITUTIONAL elections in the USA.


Mr. Robert Schulz of “We the People”, who has experience spanning 29
years in litigating for the constitutional right of “redress of
grievances” by the people to the government, --- stepped forward to
become the lead plaintiff in this lawsuit. This was the missing
ingredient which all of us activists have needed.

I (Jim Condit Jr.) am one of the plaintiffs for Ohio. If you would like
to become a plaintiff for your state, here is what to do:

See if you fit the “profile” of the type of voter we need for this
lawsuit. The criteria were compiled by Mr. Douglas Bersaw, the lead
Election Official in Richmond, New Hampshire, and one of our plaintiffs
for New Hampshire. Here are the criteria:

“Four Criteria:
1. Has read and understands the complaint and what we wish to accomplish

2. Is passionate about it and willing to commit some time and energy
3. Is somewhat technologically savvy i.e. Email, Internet, MS Word/PDF
4. Has backbone and will not be sidetracked or forced to back off by
adverse publicity or pressure etc.

. . .   

We need warriors. We have some chance of success.”

End of excerpt from Mr. Douglas Bersaw’s communiqué to some of his
fellow warriors.

I would add that, in a sane world, we would have a 100% chance of
restoring open, honest, paper ballot counts. But in a sane world, a free
people would never have allowed any combination of forces to snatch
their ballots from them at closely time on election night, and then take
them away where they are “counted” ?? behind police guard, IN SECRET.

To READ the lawsuit, go here:


(Cut and paste that into your browser to get there for sure.)

An excellent article by Bob Schulz of “We the People” about this lawsuit
can be found here, complete with a link to video news coverage in Iowa
featuring one of our plaintiffs for Iowa, Troy Reha. Here is that


(Again, cut and paste into your browser to get there for sure.)

IF you have any trouble getting to these links, go to www.votefraud.org
and look near top of home page for N-CEL (National Clean Elections)
Lawsuit, and hit that link.


IF any of you on the Network America list want to be on the lawsuit in
your state – reply to this email – but be sure to put “LAWSUIT” in the
subject line in all caps – so I see it right away.

There will be conference calls about the responsibilities of the
plaintiffs. These responsibilities are not many, but they must be
performed correctly. Thanks.


As you can guess, the adversaries of true freedom have planted false
leaders and false organizations in our midst on all key issues,
including on the issues of honest elections.

Several of these false leaders and false organizations have already
tried to divert our efforts by attacking some of our plaintiffs in
emails. These organizations and leaders, while of relatively recent
appearance, and while pretending to be for honest elections, are
actually quite cozy with the idea of continuing to use computers in

I won’t waste your time with these “false opposition” groups and leaders
now, but, if necessary, I will do a complete expose, as always, naming
names so as not to protect the guilty.

This lawsuit is IT. This is what we have been waiting for lo these many
years. The expertise in the courts of Mr. Robert Schulz of “We the
People”, as well as the dogged efforts of many activists over many years
and decades – have made this lawsuit and the public support it is
already receiving – possible.

If you aren’t able to be a plaintiff, pray. You, who are in a position
to do so, can offer financial support on the
www.wethepeoplefoundation.org website or by emailing at PayPal to:
realne-@fuse.net or by mailing to: Citizens for a Fair Vote Count,
PO Box 11339, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211.

Everyone into the battle!

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Network America Ewire List
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count
Mailing Address: PO Box 11339, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211
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