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911 Families Challenge Collapse of Building 7 with TV Ad  Jim Condit Jr.
 Aug 29, 2010 12:35 PDT 

August 29, 2010 NA (Network America) e-wire

911 Families Challenge Collapse of Building 7 with

Incredibly, many Americans still don’t know that a
third steel framed building collapsed near the
Twin Towers – about 5:30 PM – eight hours AFTER
the Twin Towers collapsed on September 11, 2001.

It was building 7 in the world Trade Tower
complex, and no plane had hit that building.

In the history of the world, there has never been
a collapse of a steel framed building due to fire
– except (supposedly) for the three that collapsed
in New York City on September 11, 2001.

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We interrupt this message briefly – thanks to the
several people who helped us raise $350 so far
towards this months roughly $600 shortfall.
(Another sacrificial supporter sent $300 at my
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For a long time, --- perps, agents, and those in
denial would tauntingly ask, “Where are the 911
families objecting to the official story?”

Well, here they are, at this youtube video:


The 911 families have produced a 30 second TV ad
they want to put on New York TV Stations.

(By the way, thanks to Mr. B, a faithful and much
appreciated reader, supporter, and NEWS FINDER –
for this excellent heads up – one of many he sends
out on a regular basis on every relevant subject
under the sun.)

In the ad, family members of those crushed in the
collapse of the Twin Towers on 911 -- ask for
justice for their loved ones. They cite the 1200
plus Engineers and Architects at
www.ae911truth.org who state flatly that the
official story of jet fuel causing the collapse of
the Twin Towers in the way that it happened – is
physically impossible according to the laws of

It’s physically impossible because jet fuel
doesn’t burn hot enough to make steel collapse –
especially in a 110 story collapse in 10 seconds –
exactly the time that would correspond to such a
collapse if the buildings were wired for a
standard controlled demolition.


As California engineer Eric Hufschmid has stated
(paraphrase): “If it were possible to bring down
steel frame buildings by setting fires, then
companies wouldn’t have to pay big, big bucks to
companies to wire a building for a controlled
demolition. I’m going to start a company that
offers to bring down buildings by setting a fire,
instead of the much more expensive method of
controlled demolition. Anyone want to invest?”

Hufschmid’s point was dramatically made: no one
would invest in such a company – because fires
don’t bring down steel framed buildings. The
documentary 911 mysteries shows numerous examples
of steel framed buildings that have burned in
various parts of the world -- some for as long as
21 hours – without giving even a hint of


In the case of the Twin Towers, there were 7
gigantic and thick steel beams going from top to
bottom of the both buildings that mysteriously
collapsed. The offices hung off these steel beams
-- out to the ends of the buildings.

So, EVEN IF, per the impossible, the offices would
have starting collapsing as the official story
claims – the gigantic steel beams would have still
been standing, even if a few sections of the
gigantic and THICK steel beams at the top were
slightly weakened by the fires. (Again, this does
not make sense, as jet fuel cannot get up to the
temperature to weaken steel of that thickness.)

Also, there were NOT major fires in the Twin
Towers as was testified by the firemen who made it
up to those floors. Audios of those firemen
reporting to base are heard in the documentary,
“911 Mysteries”, available still for free at
video.google.com --

And – the quantity of WHITE smoke emanating from
the towers near the few top floors that were hit –
testify to a fire starved for oxygen, not a raging
fire – as also pointed out in the documentary “911


AND – did you know that the BBC TV station in
London, getting their timing mixed up, reported
that Building 7 collapsed 20 minutes before it
actually collapsed. Somebody must have goofed up
and fed the anchor girl they were talking to in
New York City the prompt for reporting the
collapse of Building 7 20 minutes too early – and
she reported the collapse of building 7 – with
building 7 still standing in plain sight in the
background behind her on the live news feed to
England from New York City. (See YouTube
referenced below.)


There has never been even an attempted official
explanation of the collapse of Building 7.

Seeing that he and his band of criminals and
traitors were in trouble, Michael Chertoff quickly
arranged for Jewish money to buy the long
respected “Popular Mechanics” magazine shortly
after 911.

He put his cousin, Benjamin Chertoff, in charge of
the magazine for one purpose: to write a
ridiculously false article that could trade on the
longstanding magazine’s credibility. Cousin Benjie
Chertoff wrote an article: “911”Debunking the
Myths.” This is one of hundreds of thousands of
lying and murdering aggressions that Michael
Chertoff and his organized crime and treason
syndicate have made against the people of the USA
before and after 9-11-01.

(Thankfully, Benjie’s ridiculous article in
Popular Mechanics was answered and soundly refuted
in David Ray Griffin’s book, “Debunking 911
Debunking: An Answer to Popular Mechanics and
Other Defenders of the Official Conspiracy

The organized Jewish lobbies, who monitor every
major talk show, have fed this bogus article by
Benjie Chertoff in Popular Mechanics to all their
major talk show hosts on Clear Channel. Example:

One time I had “beat the brains” out of morning
WLW talk show host Mike McConnell in one of our
periodic phone confrontations (I was just a
caller, so he could cut me off at any time; but he
did usually debate me for a few minutes). This
phone joust was precisely on the question of the
unexplained collapse of Building 7 on 9-11-01.
AFTER THE COMMERCIAL BREAK, McConnell came back on
referring everybody to Benjie Chertoff’s article
in Popular Mechanics --- in an attempt to make
people doubt the logic of what they had just
heard. This scenario has been repeated thousands
of times in the last decade.

My impression was that McConnell was called during
the commercial break by the Jewish operative
assigned to monitor WLW that morning – to remind
him to bring up the Popular Mechanics article in
an attempt to refute my call. If this didn’t
happen – why did McConnell fail to bring it up
DURING our phone battle?


And this “Chertoff” connection brings us close to
the truth about the collapse of Building 7 at 5:30
PM on September 11, 2001.

As we have stated repeatedly on this Network
America ewire and through many of our public
political ads since 2002 – the “911 Terror
Attacks” was not an inside job – it was an attack
on the USA by the dark side of the Mossad of
Israel – and key agents from amongst the tens of
thousands of anti-Christ, anti-American Jews who
have infiltrated and taken over our money (Fed),
our media (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, AP, Clear
Channel radio), our Congress and White House (via
AIPAC, ADL, etc.), and our elections (via Diebold,
Hart, Sequoia, ES & S).

It was these anti-American, Russian-descended
“Khazar” Jews, hypocritically clutching their
American citizenship (along with their Israeli
citizenship), such as Michael Chertoff, Richard
Perle, Douglas Feith, Rabbi Dov Zakeim, and others
who yet remain nameless and faceless to the public
– who pulled off 911 against the USA, with the
connivance of such as current Israeli Prime
Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, his friend, Larry
Silverstein who bought the Twin Towers 5 months
before the attack and allowed the Mossad to wire
the buildings, -- and FOX Cable mogul Rupert
Murdoch (crypto Jew posing as a new-fangled

The “911 Terror Attacks” engineered by Israel and
its agents at the top of government in this
country was the opening shot of their WW III
against the rest of the world. The immediate
purpose was to trick us into sending our sons to
the Middle East for the next 50 years to fight
Israel’s wars against the Arabs, and to initiate
serious police state legislation in the USA.

The Patriot Act, which should be called the
“Police State Act” – appeared on September 13,
2001 (two days after the attacks!!) – fully 2000
pages already written – and in finished form!

And Congress was pressured into rushing it through
by the treasonous anti-American group which
controls Congress with an Iron Fist, namely, AIPAC
(the misnamed American Israeli Public Affairs
Committee, every one of whose officers since its
inception to this day should be arrested for
treason, tried, and hung on national TV – yes,
they would ALL be convicted of treason with no
trouble if there was a truly American prosecutor.)


Regarding the engineering of the Iraq and
Afghanistan Wars in 2003, see “High Priests of
War” by Michael Collins Piper for this cast of

And see, “911 Evil”, a book by Victor Thorn, about
the preponderance of evidence implicating the
organized Jewish Crime and Treason Syndicate for

And the film, “911 Missing Links”, free to watch
at 911MissingLinks.com –

And Christopher Bollyn’s book, “911 Solved” – at
www.bollyn.com --


911 Clips Dan Rather would rather not show you,
with over 1.9 million views – is here:


Next: This clip shows Netanyahu and Rupert Murdoch
buddy, Larry Silverstein, slipping up on a PBS
special and stating that he decided to “pull”
building 7 – standard controlled demolition
building lingo for bringing the building down
after the building had been wired with explosives.
Many attempts have been made by the establishment
to explain this away, but without success. Here is
the clip that says it all:


Next: BBC TV Reports Collapse of Building 7 --
twenty minutes early:


And if you look to the left of these videos on
youtube, you can find dozens if not hundreds more
debunking the official story of 911.


In any case, some of the families are finally
speaking out. This is a major development.

Watch for announcement of my new video for this
2010 campaign.

See below for how to help us meet this month’s
shortfall, which stands at now $250 – if you are
able. Thanks.

End of this Network America Ewire.

* * * * * *
If we are fighting your fight –

Fastest way to help right now is to use PayPal to
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Our addresses are:

Network America, PO Box 11339, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Jim Condit Jr. for Congress 2010, PO Box 11555,
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exciting campaign developments, and the POSITIVE
solution to our economic problems.

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Cincinnati, Ohio 45211
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