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Incredible Proof of Vote Manipulation in Condit-Boehner Race; I was shoc  Jim Condit Jr.
 Nov 03, 2010 06:46 PST 

November 03, 2010 NA (Network America) e-wire

Incredible Proof of Vote Manipulation in
Condit-Boehner Congressional Race; I was shocked!

Oh, boy – this is an email I hope you will help me
pass far and wide to every Tea party type leader
in the country.

I expected the election computers would show me
with 200 or 300 votes total – even though I was on
the ballot as a Constitution Party candidate.

In fact, I was alerted that I was shown on the ABC
news national website as having 24% at about 9 PM
– with John Boehner show as have about 62% of the
vote, the Democrat having 11%, and the Libertarian
having 4% of the vote. Next:

I climbed to 15,600 votes, or 15%, with 55% of the
precincts reporting. Strangely, my totals quit
moving as the Democrat moved steadily upward –
past me. Next:

At the ABC national news website, AND the local
CBS Affiliate website (Channel 12 in Cincinnati),
AND the local NBC affiliate (Channel 5) ON AIR TV
reporting – all reported me at about 15% -- and at
about 15,600 votes – between about 10 PM and 11:15
pm. Strangely, at these outlets, things froze at
55% of the precincts (293 out of 528) during this

THEN – at 11:15 on NBC local affiliate, Channel 5
– my total dropped to about 3,400 votes, and 2% --
in last place behind the Libertarian. Next:

On the websites, at about 12:30 AM – the precincts
reporting went to 100% -- and my vote total was
listed at over 36,000 votes! That’s about 18% of
all votes cast – and I was 7,000 votes ahead of
the Democrat according to these screen shots – and
32,000 votes ahead of the Libertarian.

And then, a few minutes later – the “final” count
switched to about 3,400 votes for me (last place)
and the Democrat skyrocketed to over 66,000 votes
– the roughly 33,000 votes I had lost – were just
added to the Democrat’s totals!!!!! This type of
crass manipulation has been going on for over 30
years, since the inception of the “computer vote
processing” era circa 1973.

And there you will find even more details than I
listed here in this Network America ewire.

We DID get our radio ads and radio show before the
public as promised – in a way that caught the
attention of virtually all talk radio listeners in
the area. AND – with incumbent Boehner viewed by
all as a certain winner – and with “Constitution
Party” next to my name, apparently thousands and
thousands of people decided to “send a message” to
the two major parties. BUT, this type of protest
must not be seen by the public, lest people get
some hope that they can make a difference OUTSIDE
of the two major parties.

(We are at the point where the line from that
“fictional” work, “The Protocols of the Learned
Elders of Zion” applies: paraphrase: “No matter
how the people vote, the policies will remain the

Just go to this page to read what happened, my
best guestimate as to what was going on, and a
link to the actual screen shots:



You may have to cut this long link and paste it
into your webpage. You can also get there by going
to www.TheRestofTheStory2010.com and clicking on
the relevant link (screen shots and incredible
vote manipulation in Condit-Boehner race, etc)
near the very top of the home page.

***** To Subscribe to the Network America Ewire,
go to votefraud.org and scroll to the bottom of
the home page, put in your info, respond to the
confirmation email that will arrive a few moments
later, and you are subscribed; due to spam
problems, we do not add anyone to the subscription
list ourselves, but each person must do it

To read all past ewires back to January 10, 2000,
go to:

To help us keep going, you can help at the links
under the video at the home page of
www.TheRestOfTheStory2010.com –

And thanks for all your prayers as well.

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Network America Ewire List

Mailing Address: Network America, PO Box 11339
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211
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