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"Underwear Bomer" Revisited and Why We Need A New Inquisition  Jim Condit Jr.
 Feb 28, 2011 05:54 PST 

February 28, 2011 NA (Network America) e-wire

“Underwear Bomber” Revisited and Why We Need a New

Two incredible witnesses have surfaced in the
“Underwear Bomber” case – and as of now you can
see them on YouTube.

Right below is the YouTube link at which you can
see Kurt and Lori Haskell tell how the ticket
agent in Europe refused to let the “Underwear
Bomber” on the plane BECAUSE HE HAD NO PASSPORT,
but that a man in sharp dress, who they took to be
a US government official, insisted that the
“Underwear Bomber” be let on the plane EVEN
WITHOUT A PASSPORT. Here is the link to watch the
2 minute 23 second report on Fox News 2 in
Detroit, Michigan which aired near the beginning
of February 2011:


This is undoubtedly a report that slipped through
due to an honest local reporter and anchorman who
didn’t know this type of real news was NOT
supposed to go on the airwaves and out to the

You will notice that the crooks of the Talmudic
Jewish Crime and Treason Syndicate running ABC,
CBS, NBC, CNN and FOX, as well as Clear Channel
Radio, have suppressed these eye-witnesses from
the view of the people of America (outside of


Notice the contrast between the SATURATION
coverage which the Jewish Criminals running ABC,
CBS, NBC, CNN and FOX gave to the contrived
“Underwear Bomber” incident – as compared to the
TOTAL NEWS BLACKOUT given to Kurt and Lori Haskell
who witnessed the whole staged incident.

In the above report, Attorney Kurt Haskell, -- who
was a passenger on the “Underwear Bomber” plane,
and an eye-witness to the whole affair -- states
that this was obviously a government operation to
get this very young man, whom the Big Media is
calling “Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab”, on board the
plane bound from Europe to Detroit -- with a
defective bomb that smoked a lot, but did not

His wife, Lori Haskell, also an attorney, and also
an eye-witness, stood by his side in agreement as
he spoke to the local reporter.

Haskell then goes on to say further that this was
obviously a ploy by the US government to justify
rushing the invasive body scanners into the
airports, to extend the “Patriot Act” (which
should be called the “Police State Act”), and to
reinforce their phony war on terror (which is
really the Jewish Crime and Treason Syndicate’s
war on the people of the USA and all the rest of
mankind). The same spiritual dynamic is at work as
when St. Paul wrote the following lines in the 2nd
chapter of this 1st letter to the Thessalonians
verses 14 through 16:

“For you, brethren, are become followers of the
churches of God which are in Judea, in Christ
Jesus: for you also have suffered the same things
from your own countrymen, even as they have from
the Jews, who both killed the Lord Jesus, and the
prophets, and have persecuted us, and please not
God, and are adversaries to all men; Prohibiting
us to speak to the Gentiles, that they may be
saved, to fill up their sins always: for the
wrath of God is come upon them to the end.”

(Note: As E. Michael Jones has pointed out in his
tape and book on this subject, after the
Crucifixion the term “Jews” switched from a tribal
connotation to a religious connotation, i.e.,
those who rejected Christ and therefore were
viciously persecuting His followers. St. Paul,
then, a former Pharisee himself, now identified
those persecuting him and the other Christians of
the time as “Jews” without any qualification.)


The “underwear bomber” big media cover story is
that this designated dude without a passport had a
bomb in his underwear that looked a lot like his
male organ. Thus the Media Jews also relished in
calling this guy the “crotch bomber.”

And when did the Media Jews choose to break this
“story”? Why, they filled the airwaves with it on
CHRISTMAS DAY, 2009. Thus all the Mommies and
Daddies driving their kids to Grandma’s on
Christmas day -- were assaulted with this Jewish
Fantasy Story during the radio news and on TV on
one of the two days of the year which Talmudic
Jews hate most: Christmas, the day of the Savior’s
birth. (Easter being the other.)

Now let me stop here to make a point. Since the
Jewish Crime and Treason Syndicate has illicitly
grabbed control of our Money and Media – they have
any number of “Think Tanks”, many of which we do
not know about, who think up these sick scenarios
to further their agenda. They are constantly
running all kinds of contingency scenarios for
whatever situation may develop.

With other monies that effortlessly issue
themselves through their control of the Federal
Reserve Board, they pay as many agents as
necessary to execute these scenarios.

In this “underwear bomber” case, allow me to
paraphrase what I believe the wirepullers of the
Big Media and these Think Tanks were saying to

* First, we can stage this incident and break it
on Christmas Day so that we can defile the
airwaves of the USA with talk of the “crotch
bomber”, thus spewing dirt on this Holiday which
we hate so much, in front of all the Christian
parents and their Christian children if they don’t
turn the radio off, or switch the channel -- in

* Next – we’ll use this bogus incident to justify
rushing our “Full Body Naked Scanners”, already
manufactured and waiting, -- into the airports so
that we can make the next assault on Christian
modesty and the Christian people of the USA – as
we continue to destroy their country in all ways,
and as fast as we can.

* We’ll have to send one of our top and most evil
agents, Michael Chertoff, out to the airwaves to
sell the “Full Body Naked Scanners” on our Big
Media airwaves. Even though he looks like the very
face of evil, and like a human skull, we have to
use someone who will push this all the way, and
not do a half-way job like those goy agents Tom
Ridge and John Ashcroft did when we were trying to
get “Homeland Security” and the Patriot (Police
State) Act off the ground.

* Then, once we get those full Body Scanners in
place at the airports, we’ll start violating
Christian modesty in a way that we’ve dreamed of
for centuries. If anyone refuses to let us take a
digital naked picture of them in our Full Body
Naked x-ray scanners -- and be assaulted with a
good dose of radiation -- we’ll demand that our
TSA agents feel up the private parts of the
grandmothers, mothers, sisters, daughters and
wives of the Christian men of America – and we’ll
also demand that these TSA agents grab the
genitals of the Christian men of America. This is
a psychologically devastating blow to the egos and
minds of the Christian men of America, and it
telegraphs the message that they are enslaved and
subjugated people, at least mentally. This is a
win-win-win-win-win situation for us Talmudic
Jews, the natural masters of the world. At the
same time, we’ll let it be known by those who are
watching closely, that there are cases of Hasidic
Jews, and other Jews, who are exempted from the

* If anyone objects that a serious “terrorist”
would just put such a phallic-shaped “bomb” up his
rear body cavity, thus thwarting the entire
system, we’ll just drown that person out and keep
pushing our lies over and over and over on our Big
Media. We’ll also keep out of the news that we
don’t scan most of the luggage that is checked in
to the plane anyway. After all this is about
PEOPLE CONTROL, not about safety. We don’t need to
fool and brainwash 100% of the people, we just
need to fool and brainwash the 90% or 95% that we
consistently succeed in herding towards our
longed-for dictatorship and world government.

* Besides, as we know, and the goyim (human
cattle, not-quite human as our diabolical Talmud
calls non-Jews) in general does not know, -- all
these highly publicized “terror attacks” are
conceived by us in our Think Tanks, funded by us,
planned by us, executed by us, and MOST
IMPORTANTLY, given SATURATION publicity over our
Big Media, -- spewing and belching into every car
that has a radio, and into every home that has a
television set. We’ve come a long way from the
time that Uncle Miltie Berle and George Burns
helped to get us into the homes of the American
people with clean entertainment in the 1950s.

* Finally, we’ll tell the dumb American men that
the naked pictures we get of their women and
children’s bodies will not be destroyed. (We are
clearly violating all the child pornography by
taking naked pictures of their children, but the
conquered American men are too mentally enfeebled
to do anything about it!) HA! We’ll send these
digitalized pictures of their women and children
to our pornography capitals of the world, our very
own New York City, Hollywood, and “Israel” – where
we will preserve the digital pictures we want and
use them however we want. As has been pointed out,
these “through the clothes” naked pictures are not
blurry – they show every detail, ever fold, every
freckle, as numerous of our opponents have
complained about to their small little audiences,
to no effect.

(End of my speaking in the voice that I believe
the top Talmudic Jews speak to each other when
they pull off these subversive incidents and then
implement their subversive programs in the


What attorney Haskell, -- in the YouTube video
referenced at the beginning of this article, --
did not know, or did not choose to say, was that
“our government” that staged the “crotch bomber”
incident in the USA is now run lock, stock and
barrel by the Talmudic Jewish “Crime and Treason
Syndicate”. So is our big media, our money, our
Congress, and our White House. And this is why we
urgently need a new Inquisition.

I can no longer cater to those who won’t do a few
hours of research to undo their brainwashing at
the hands of the Talmudic Jewish Media.

The Inquisition of the Catholic Church in the
Middle Ages, such as the Spanish Inquisition, was
a wise, patriotic, and even holy institution --
which saved Christian civilization and Europe in
those times by routing out the Jewish traitors who
were in the process of turning the nations of
Europe over to the Moslems in that day. These
Jewish traitors, who were routed out, had
pretended to convert to Christianity in order to
take up eventually powerful positions in both
Church and State.

What really happened in the Inquisition is
summarized pretty well in this article by
Jean-Claude Dupuis, entitled, “Defense of the
Inquisition.” It is found here:


(The one draw back of this article, in my opinion,
is that the author recognizes John Paul II and
Benedict XVI, two of the “Vatican II Popes”, as
true Popes instead of antipopes. I say, as one
still a Catholic, that the Vatican and the visible
structures of the Catholic Church have been
occupied since the conclave of 1958 by the
wirepullers of Judeo-Masonry. It is my firm
opinion that we are living through the “eclipse of
the Church” -- thus explaining the spiritual
darkness now engulfing the world on all sides. See
www.realnews247.com/crisis_in_the_church.htm and
the pdf at this page
-- as well as other articles down the right hand
column of the home page of www.realnews247.com –
for more information on perhaps the greatest
deception of our time. The author of the above
referenced article on the Inquisition has to state
that Benedict XVI and John Paul II had denounced
the Inquisition, as well as did the documents of
Vatican II, 1962-1965 – by implication. This is
because anti-Popes are agents of Talmudic Judaism
and Freemasonry, and are not Christians or
Catholics – the same goes for antipopes John
XXIII, 1958-1963, and Paul VI, 1963-1978.)

The actions of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella,
together with the Cardinals of Spain, with the
approval of the Pope in Rome in that period –
saved Europe for 500 years by routing out and
punishing the Jewish deceivers and traitors. We
have been coasting on their efforts, and the
efforts of our other great ancestors since then –
but now, if we don’t step up to the plate and act
for ourselves, we are in danger of sinking beneath
the Talmudic boot, forever stamping on the human


Contrary to popular misunderstanding, the Jewish
Synagogues operated freely in Spain during the
time of the Spanish Inquisition. The targets were
specific, powerful individuals who were in
important positions in government and Church in
Spain, and who were suspected of being Jews who
were PRETENDING to be loyal Spanish officials and
loyal priests and Bishops of the Church.

The Board of Inquisitors let those under suspicion
write down all of their enemies before the hearing
began – and if the accusations were from any of
the listed enemies, the case was dismissed

There was no indiscriminate cruelty or mass round
up of whole neighborhoods, as the
Zionist-Talmudic-Jew-created Nazi movement did 450
years later (see www.hitlerdvd.com ) Whatever
Hitler’s intentions were, after he accepted
funding from the Rothschilds and the Warburgs in
1929, he implemented a policy of indiscriminate
cruelty against the every day Jews of Europe so as
to allow himself to be used to discredit any
future attempt by native populations to defend
themselves against the Talmudic-Jew invaders. THIS
INQUISITION, which was very careful to target
powerful individuals who were selling out Church
and state.

A book to be consulted on this subject would be:
Letters on the Spanish Inquisition / by Count
Joseph de Maistre ; with notes by the Rev. John
Fletcher, published in 1838, and available for
free in pdf form online.

DEFEND THEMSELVES back in the 1400s

Whatever excesses or mistakes were made in the
Inquisition, that institution is being smeared by
the Jewish Crime and Treason Syndicate because of
its VIRTUES in defending the nation, not because
of its vices.

If the diabolical Talmudic Jews were worried about
excesses, mistakes and crimes, they would be
condemning their Communism of the past, or their
present murderous program against the Iraqis and
the Palestinians. Both of which are ESSENTIALLY
evil programs whose policies are lying and
murdering, NOT good, noble and even holy
institutions like the Inquisition, which made a
few mistakes along the way to effectively
defending Church and State.

Let’s continue:

At first, Queen Isabella of Spain was against
setting up the Inquisition. However, once she was
shown the danger to Spain, and evidence
accumulated against many suspected Jewish traitors
in the Spanish government and in the positions of
authority in the Catholic Church in Spain at that
time – she changed her mind. Her husband, King
Ferdinand, was already won over to the necessity
of the national SELF DEFENSE for Spain. (See the
book, “Isabella, Queen of Spain: The Last
Crusader” by renowned historian William Thomas
Walsh, which is available as a free download if
you can figure out how to work it here:

Then, as a network of everyday Jews tried to rise
in defense of the Jewish traitors who were being
thrown down from powerful positions, -- in
frustration, in 1492, as Columbus was about set
sail for what turned out to be America – the Jews,
on the same day, were starting a mass exodus from
Spain, having been expelled from the country by
King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella.

This was done in frustration, and out of the
self-defense of the nation, because of the grave
danger to Christianity, the nation of Spain, and
Europe as a whole, posed by the traitorous Jews
who had ignominiously feigned loyalty to
Christianity and to Spain – in order to worm their
way into positions of power – with a goal to
destroy both.

(By the way, contrary to what many deceivers like
those who publish “Jack Chick Publications” say,
the Spanish Inquisition was NOT aimed at
Protestants, -- since Luther did not even begin
the Protestant movement until 1517 – 25 yeas after
the Spanish Inquisition ended its work with the
expulsion of the Jews from Spain.)


Since the United States of America is based on the
US Constitution, then that would be the standard
for a new Inquisition. Those high level officials
who were betraying the USA into the hands of the
Banksters, who are in turn orchestrating the
downfall of the USA from Wall Street and
Washington DC --- would be given a fair trial –
and then the guilty would be punished for Treason.
Thus, we would be justly punishing such traitors
for aiding and abetting the enemies of the USA,
both foreign and DOMESTIC. And, of course, the
banksters themselves, such as Alan Greenspan, Ben
Bernanke, and those behind them – should be the
very first to be arrested and jailed, and awaiting
their trial.

In light of the usurpation of so many US offices
and positions of power by traitorous Jews, who are
also citizens of counterfeit “Israel”, we may come
to the point where honest portions of the
military, former military, police, former police,
sheriffs, and former sheriffs -- undertake a mass
arrest of powerful Jewish traitors on Wall Street
and in Washington D.C., at which time it would be
announced over the now-liberated national TV and
radio stations that, in 3 months or 6 months,
honest elections would be held in the USA where
paper ballots would be counted in the open at each
neighborhood precinct, so that we were SURE who
was elected.

Furthermore, the easily-rigged secret computer
programs would be barred from such honest
elections. The traitorous heads of those four big
“election” computer companies would already have
been arrested, on trial, or punished via jail or
capital punishment.

The first chapters of the fictional book by
Michael Collins Piper, “My First Days as
President”, might be well worth reading as to how
such a scenario might unfold. We dare not allow
the Top Talmudic Jews to get into all the
positions of power, as they did in Russia in 1917,
where they were able to hide behind the mask of
Communism to enslave the Russian people -- and
murder them by the millions.

The Jewish Crime and Treason Syndicate don’t want
you to realize that by stealthily imposing their
easily rigged computerized elections on the
American people since the early 1970s in many
areas, and by 1988 in 99% of the nation – they
have made a military/police action to save the
country from such rigged elections – JUSTIFIED.

If America is to survive, the people MUST go on
the offensive AGAINST the Jewish Crime and Treason
Syndicate, and FOR true freedom, and honest money
issuing in the USA.

So let’s begin to hear it, in voice, in bumper
stickers, in public, and on the internet – for the
arrest of the Jewish traitors at the ADL and
AIPAC, -- and in Congress, and at the local level
– and for a new Inquisition against these
traitors, to save our country.

If we do NOT have a new American Inquisition, then
the Jews who have usurped so many of the key
positions in media, money and in so many other
places, will continue to deceive our people with
contrived and staged incidents, like the
“underwear bomber”, to further enslave our people.
And they will use the Mass Media which they now
control, but which they must NOT continue to
control, to keep from our people the information
they need, and to spew on them corrupting and
distorted “information” which they do not need.


Since we are in the midst of one of the most
terrible spiritual battles in history, I would ask
Protestants to pray the healing prayer of 2
Chronicles 7:14: “If my people, which are called
by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and
seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways;
then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive
their sin, and will heal their land.” – And that
Catholics would pray the Rosary daily as requested
by Our Lady of Fatima.


If anyone wants to help us meet our expenses
through this period, please go to:


or mail in at: Network America, PO Box 11339,
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211 –

Our 2011-2012 video and program will be unveiled
relatively soon – and unlike the other programs I
see out there – it WILL be on target, and will
bring us victory IF enough people quit allowing
themselves to be misled, and finally follow a
program that seeks total victory.

Subscribe to the Network America Ewire by going to the home page of
votefraud.org -- put in your email, hit submit -- and then answer the
confirmation email that will arrive in your inbox a few minutes later.
And you are subscribed.

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Network America Ewire List

Mailing Address: Network America, PO Box 11339
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211
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