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Update - Bin Laden, and the book you need for your health  Jim Condit Jr.
 May 31, 2011 06:13 PDT 

May 31, 2011 NA (Network America) e-wire

Update – Bin Laden, and the book you need for your

I know some of you are wondering what happened to
the Network America ewires and me during these
last few months.

Answer: like a mushroom plant, we are “growing”
the new initiatives underground – preparing for
the next round, which may be the final round (I’m
speaking of the period between now and election
day 2012) – preparing for the next round in which
we must plant the right “seeds” all around the
nation and the world for effective prayer and

I don’t want to tip off too much of the specifics
until we launch – but it has to do with the action
that needs to be done. Veteran readers know what
these key steps are. The leadership of the Tea
Parties is now exposed as manipulated and
misdirected – which is why we must succeed this

* * * * *        

The “killing of Bin Laden” was one of the
clumsiest made-up stories yet by the evil Ruling
Elite. Here are some facts and thoughts:

1. Bin Laden was “killed” at about 10 PM EST on a
Sunday night on the Communist (Talmudic-Khazar
“Jewish”) May Day, May 1, -- year 2011.

2. Within three or four hours – at about 2 AM EST,
when most of the USA wasn’t watching because
people were sleeping or getting ready for bed –
the Big News Media announces Bin Laden’s body has
been “destroyed at sea” according to “Islamic
burial laws.” (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Ha!
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

(I happened to be up at this time, as I am a bit
of night owl most of the time; it’s easier to do
research, writing, and planning – when the phone
calls aren’t coming in.)

3. As the Big News Media (100% under control of
the Talmudic Jewish Crime and Treason Syndicate)
announced the “destruction of Bin Laden’s body at
sea according to Islamic burial laws” – Coast to
Coast AM Talk Show Host, George Noory, heard on
over 600 major AM stations around the country and
the world, -- is incredulous. Noory does
everything but say that he believes it is an
outright lie. (Since then Noory treats
respectfully both those who don’t believe the
official mainstream story about Bin Laden, and
those who do. Of course, Noory wouldn’t be on
these stations if he wasn’t part of the approved
propaganda, but no time to go into that too much
now. As far as mainstream hosts go, Noory is one
of the best because he lets more info out on his
show. However, he either willingly, or is forced,
to pepper his programs with plenty of UFO garbage,
which signals to most people that ALL his shows
should be taken with a grain of salt, thus
negating the good info he gets out. He thus
contaminates the good information in the minds of
80% plus of the American people whom the Ruling
Elite is concerned about continuously
brainwashing. The Top Info-Crooks know that 5 to
20% of us see through their made-up stories, but
don’t care.)

4. It is announced that Obummer and his crew watch
the killing on closed circuit TV, thanks to
“helmet cameras” on the Navy seals, or special
forces people, who “killed Bin Laden.” (The Mossad
probably did make up a Hollywood production for
Obummer to watch. Once he announced the “killing
of Bin Laden” – he was stuck, no matter how much
he noticed the contradictions of the story in the
next few hours and days. I don’t think either Bush
or Obummer are high enough up to be trusted with
the real information on such hoaxes as 9-11 and
the “assassination of Bin Laden”.)

5. It was said at first that one of Bin Laden’s
wives was also killed. It was initially said Bin
Laden was armed and tried to fight back.

6. Within a few days the story changes so many
times it becomes a comedy monologue on the Michael
(Weiner) Savage talk show. The White House
announces all kinds of versions, such as Bin Laden
was armed, then unarmed. His wife who was present
tried to shoot back, then merely lunged at one of
the assassins with a knife. MOST significantly, it
is claimed that ALL of the helmet cameras went
down during the five minutes of the killing of Bin
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!)

7. And no pictures will be released. All kinds of
explanations are given for this – but the bottom
line is that there is no evidence AT ALL that Bin
Laden was found, seen, or killed. After about 48
to 72 hours, the White House info-thugs say they
will make no further comments. (Wonder why?)

8. Of course, the whole thing was a hoax. Islamic
law does NOT require someone who was killed on the
land to be buried at sea. (But the “buried at sea”
story does give a “reason” why there can be no
checking on this “made for TV Hollywood movie.”)

9. In fact, numerous credible reports (outside the
USA) stated that Bin Laden had died circa 2003,
probably of kidney failure, although some say he
was murdered. There is a video of the now
assassinated Pakistan leader, Mrs. Benizar Bhutto,
from November 2,, 2007 on a David Frost show in
Great Britain. Bhutto matter-of-factly states in
explaining something else that Bin Laden is dead –
and, furthermore, mentions his funeral. The Big
Media “Lady of the Evening” David Frost IGNORES
the comment and goes on to something else as if
Bhutto had said nothing astounding. Frost thus
reveals that that this was not to be spoken of on
the western media, and he didn’t even want to ask
Bhutto anything about her earth-shaking statement,
lest she provide more details that could be
checked out. Here is the video clip, followed by
an article from Lew Rockwell’s website.


And an article about it here on Lew Rockwell’s


10. First reports said that Bin laden was in a
lavish and well protected mansion. Now it’s out
that the building is kind of run down dump – a few
blocks from Pakistan’s equivalent of West Point.
(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) What a good place for Bin
Laden to hide!

11, in cases like 9-11-01 and the “killing of Bin
Laden” on Communist May Day 2011 – this is the Big
Media modus operandi. The Traitor-Big-Media just
quits commenting on all the absurdities and
contradictions of the story, knowing (such as in
the Bin Laden “killing”) that the initial reports
announced by non-Citizen Obummer himself at 10 PM
EST on Sunday Night – in Prime Time – is what will
stick with 80% plus of the people. (Like Robert De
Niro said in the movie “Wag the Dog” when
challenged by a CIA operative about the totally
phony war he had manipulated the Media into
carrying, “Sure it’s true. I just saw it on TV.”
That’s how the Hollywood-Washington-Bankster axis
of evil really works when it comes to totally
made-up fairy tale propaganda.

12. You can learn more about the many “deaths” of
Bin Laden by doing a google search.

13. This giving Obummer credit for the
“assassination of Bin Laden” has several real
purposes for the Ruling Elite. He has already been
helpful in getting our deplorable and traitorous
Congress to extend the absolutely unconstitutional
provisions of the Police State Act, -- uh, or – I
mean “The Patriot Act.” And they are going to try
to convince us that “retaliation” from Al-CIA-duh,
- uh, or – I mean Al Qauda – means we must “ramp
up” “the war on terror” – which means the war on
you and me and all decent people worldwide by the
orchestraters of the “war on terror”, the
Talmudic-Jewish Crime and Treason Syndicate.

14. The Media production of Bin Laden’s
“assassination” signals that the Rothschild
Banksters around the FED, the IMF, and Goldman
Sachs – want Obummer in for a second term. IF – IF
– IF our prescription for action is not followed
by a few millions of concerned US citizens, they
will get away with such a selection-election AGAIN
– as they have every presidential election since
at least as far back as 1988. (When the media
propaganda failed, the secret computer-count fraud
kicks in.) And they will get away with such
Communist, anti-American, secretly counted
elections -- without significant harm to their
attempts to usher in their hoped-for New World
Order Tyranny. – But –

But -- It’s not over yet!

Intelligent action, backed by prayer, can still
save the day.

* * * * * * * *    

The book I recommend everyone get and read
carefully is Dr. Robert O. Young’s “The pH

I believe this book solves and explains the base
goal that everyone is trying to reach once a
health problem develops.

In a nutshell, our blood must remain within a
narrow pH balance. It has to be balanced between
acid and alkalinity. When it gets too acid, health
problems start. WHY? Because the blood starts
pulling (cannibalizing) from other part(s) of the
body in order to keep you or me from killing
ourselves by making the blood too acid.

Almost everything all of us like to eat pushes us
to the acid side, such as meat, candy, fried
foods, sweets of all kinds, etc. etc. You can pull
up a table of alkaline and acid forming foods to
take a look. Here’s one posted at the Jeff Rense


(There seems to be a debate over the acid or
alkaline forming nature of such important foods as
eggs and potatoes, so keep your eyes open and your
mind working while deciding about shifting your

The basic idea seems to be to eat about 80%
alkaline forming foods and 20% acid forming foods
when you hit adulthood. If you don’t, then most of
us start developing serious or at least
semi-serious health problems by the early 50s.
This means eating 80% green foods/fruit/vegetables
– and about 20% of the things most of us like to
eat. (That’s a bit of an over-simplification, but
almost correct.)

If you are already very sick, you might need to go
about 100% alkaline for awhile; if you are really
sick, check into Dr. Richard Schultze’s
“Incurables” program at herbdoc.com – it costs
about $460 and takes about 4 months. The program
was made for people who are told by mainstream
doctors to go home and die, that there is nothing
more that can be done for them. If you are very
sick and have some money, consider going to the
Gerson Institute, or a similar operation, where
they will help you stay on the right diet until
your body is acid-alkaline balanced again.

A place where you can find out about such places
is on the DVD, “Healing Cancer” at ravediet.com –
and they also have a video called, “Eating.”)

A note of caution, -- almost all these operations
are strict, and sometimes fanatical, vegetarian.
While I’m convinced that the very sick MUST go on
a strict vegetarian diet in order to help their
body re-balance – I do not believe most healthy
people should go without some meat and fish. So
don’t ignore your body and your critical thinking
completely when researching this. (Avocado is a
good meat substitute, for instance.)

If your body is too acid, you may find that your
body is cannibalizing other parts of your body and
that you develop cancer, diabetes, overweight, and
heart disease on the serious side, -- crooked
fingers on the way to arthritis and osteoporosis
in the middle – to athlete’s feet and acne on the
less serious side of the health scale.

Overweight and obesity: if you are constantly
overloading your body with acid-forming foods, the
body thinks you’re trying to kill yourself and
tried to protect you by storing the acids in solid
form in your fat cells. When you shift your diet
to the proper acid-alkaline balance – then your
body will slowing release the solid-acids from
your fat cells, and you’ll start going back to
your proper weight.

But, as Ron Keller (who is the subject, along with
his recently deceased brother, Jimmy, of the book,
“Forbidden Medicine: by Ellen Brown) told me
regarding most people, “Health goes away slowly,
and comes back slowly.” It will help the will
power and resolve if we each understanding what we
are doing, and why, with regard to shifting our
eating habits to return to the proper pH balance
in our blood.

The fastest way to jump-start towards alkalizing
your body quickly is juicing primarily green
vegetables with a Jack Lalanne or Champion juicer
(the expensive Norfolk juicer is the best, and
doesn’t kill any of the live enzymes sick people
need so badly). A Vita-Mix makes the juice with
the whole pulp and fiber – if you can afford a
$400 Vita-Mix, which I have not been able to do as
of yet. But those who use them praise them to the

The Gerson anti-cancer juicing drink is celery,
carrots, cucumber, granny smith apples, and lemon.
And also, it’s a great idea to take a good green
powder drink supplement, like Best of Greens or
Scoop of Greens from David Sandoval at Purium
Products at phporder.com – or the Superfood Green
Drinks or tablets offered by Dr. Schultze at
herbdoc.com ---

The four products at ElectricLife.net are top
notch to start moving the body in the right
direction – but cost about $160 per month.

The point is that all of these good things are
pushing me or you in the right direction – of
re-balancing our blood pH, at which point many
conditions, even the most serious ones, often
clear up (whether the FDA and the AMA like it or

You can also watch Dr. Robert O. Young of “The pH
miracle” book on Youtube. He gives a seven part
talk from an Omaha, Nebraska appearance, I
believe. Part one is here:


Dr. Robert O. Young’s main website on re-balancing
your blood pH is here:


That’s all for now – be back soon.

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Network America Ewire List

Mailing Address: Network America, PO Box 11339
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211
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