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Two Talk Radio Stations Accept Ads for Sept 15 Traficant Speech  Jim Condit Jr.
 Sep 08, 2011 11:21 PDT 

September 08, 2011 NA (Network America) e-wire

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Two Talk Radio Stations accept ads for Sept 15 Traficant

(Below are the details for the Traficant speech
and how you can help. If you are within driving
distance of the Cincinnati, Ohio area – please try
to come. You can call me at 513-741-2095 if you

We will be able to run ads on two talk stations in
the days leading up to the Jim Traficant
appearance in Cincinnati, Ohio on Thursday
September 15, 2011.

The stations are 55krc which
carries Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, and 1160
AM where local personality Eric Deters has an
intense if smaller following. Running these ads
will cost just under $1700.

This will help alert the many who already know who
Traficant is in Greater Cincinnati -- and that he
is appearing in the area.

AGAIN, we are filming
this event for upload to Youtube where many tens
of thousands or even millions will eventually see
it – so I have to pull out “all the stops” to try
and get a good turnout. WHY IS THAT IMPORTANT?

Here is the hoped for progression of events:

* Successful turn out and Speech, leading to . . .

* internet video for many thousands and beyond to
see, leading to . . .

* Nothing is set in stone by any means – but -- if
several things fall in place, Traficant may run
for President as an independent so that he has a
voice up to the November 2012 election, -- or – he
may run again for Congress and lead a coterie of
congressional candidates across the country to
stand up for America and mobilize several million
American into the right action avenues.
------------------- (The Precinct Plan to take
back the county parties, the Congress, and the
nation – is detailed in the 13 minute video, “The
Strangest Political Secret” at
www.wagthedog2010.com )


* Ron Paul will be knocked out of the Presidential
race, if necessary by computer election fraud, by
Super Tuesday, or March of 2011. Part of the
reason that Ron Paul will be out of the race by
then is that the Ron Paul Campaign has a policy of
not challenging the nationwide secret, easily
rigged computer counts run by News Election Pool
(NEP) out of New York City (see Wikipedia on News
Election Pool, and notice that they are owned by
the 5 Big TV Networks and AP)

* -- and the Ron Paul campaign has made it known
it will not demand an open count of paper ballots
at each neighborhood precinct – a process
impossible to rig from a central location.

* The Ron Paul campaign also will not tell the
public that ALL 5 Big TV Networks are run by the
FED/Goldman Sachs crowd – and that this is why Ron
Paul is censored and de-emphasized, while Barry
Obummer was given BILLIONS of dollars of free
publicity by these same five bankster controlled
TV networks in 2008.

* -- So – if the public doesn’t understand that
the five big TV Networks are really ONE TV station
under 5 names – and controlled by the same
ruthless clique of anti-American traitors, then
they are forever fooled into believing that these
TV networks are even-handed in their coverage of
candidates and news.


* Traficant will and does bring up these issues,
and much more.   

So, this meeting could begin the dominoes falling
that lead to a real AMERICAN battle in 2012
against the anti-American crooks behind the FED,
Goldman-Sachs, and the 5 big TV Networks, who are
systematically ruining our nation.

* * * * *

The next section is how you can help me make this
event a success, followed by the Event Details at
the end of the ewire.


If you live too far away to attend the event, or
want to help us with this event, you can do the

* Make a check to “Jim Traficant” and mark it
“gift” in the left hand bottom “memo” section.
This gift can be from one dollar to $13,000 with
no paper work required on either side. Send the
check made out to Jim Traficant (as a gift), c/o
Network America, PO Box 11339, Cincinnati, Ohio
45211. This will allow us to determine which
donors are specifically trying to help us provide
a speaker’s fee to Jim for this event. Needless to
say, all checks made out to Traficant will be
passed on to him towards his speaker’s fee for
this event.

(There is no way to donate directly to Traficant
online at this time.)

* If you wish to help with the expenses of the
event, then make out the check to “Network
America” and send it to the same address, Network
America, PO Box 11339, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211

* You can also send a PayPal donation using the
email: votef-@fuse.net

* You can also donate online to Network America
for this event by going to this page:



When? – Thursday, September 15, 2011; 7 to 9 PM

Where? – Crown Hotel, Carpenter’s Room, I-71 and
Pfeiffer, 8 miles south of King’s Island, 20 miles
north of Downtown Cincinnati.

What? Talk, live Q & A, Book Signing of his new
book, Americas Last Minute Man, or Mike Piper’s
book, “Target Traficant”

Talk will Cover:

Real Economic Plan for USA; Why Congress can’t do
anything decisive for the citizens; Which interest
groups controls the House and Senate; who sent
Traficant to jail from 2002-2009 because he was
defending America; Traficant’s bill which became
law and a major victory for you and me against the
IRS; 2012 Presidential election year – and more.

Details will be posted at www.NetworkAmerica.org

If you want to help spread the word about the
event, please call 513-741-2095. Thanks.

More soon.

Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Network America Ewire List

Mailing Address: Network America, PO Box 11339
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211
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